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Is Microsoft at fault

By jterry ·
Why do I read about so many poeple who say they are not going to update windows to SP2 or install any Microsoft updates and than want to blame Microsoft when there PC gets corrupted? They are not only making their own PC vulnerable but opening themselves to be a Bot to infect others.

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Nah, that's not it.

by apotheon In reply to Or maybe it could be

He just wasn't that funny.


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by jdclyde In reply to Or maybe it could be

Never took the time to see how to do them.

Was always too busy being a smartass I guess.

That is the problem, people are too serious all the time. If IT was supose to be that serious I wouldn't do it! It is FUN people. We get PAID to play with all the cool toys! How can that be so serious?

As for the not quite as nice crowd they can lick my sack!

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by jdclyde In reply to Or maybe it could be

That hurt man, right to the quick.... (sniff sniff)

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That's part of the reason I do not do Domestic

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Or maybe it could be

Computer work.

After all I can walk into any business and ask who's F##ked up my computers? and get a straight answer. They all know exactly what I mean but you do that to a domestic and you'll cop hell for saying it's your computer. :)

The only domestic work that I do now is for people who work for the business that I work for so they know me and appreciate what I do for them. But domestic users are a different story as they seem to think that the world has stopped turning when they break their home computers with no valuable data on them and even worse no loss in downtime involved they just can not get on line and indulge in their favorite passions like Cyber Sex or Porn or whatever.

Business want their computers fixed ASAP and understand that it requires time to get them up and running again and are thankful when you bust a gut to get them out of a mess but the Domestic user seems to think that they are paying for the service so you should kill yourself fixing their computer at least a day before you get it.

They really can not take a joke at all and I just do not like working for them as you never get the full story and you are always wrong no matter what they have done to the computer.

The son of a woman at one of the companies that I work for boasts about his ability to break OS's and is very vocal about the lousy techs that take so long to repair his computer when he breaks it. Thankfully he doesn't get to play with the business computers so I'm safe there but people like that scare the hell out of me as they seem to think that they own you and are doing you a favor when they give you a heap of broken bits and expect you to fix it up. This particular person actually showed me a computer he had brought from a place that I'll not mention and even boasted that it came with no driver CD's or manuals so it would be an easy install as XP had everything required. Of course the next day he was on the phone to me asking where he could get the drivers from. I was of course expected to know exactly what hardware he had so I could point him in the right direction.

Needless to say a couple of days latter I got a phone call from his mother asking me to load it up. So I got him to bring it up to me {Why should I go out of my way to help this kid out?} And he eventually showed up and wanted to know when I would have it working as he had already wasted a week trying to load it. I had to pull the thing apart to find out who made what and then download the drivers and then a clean install as he had messed Windows up something terrible. I burnt the drivers to a CD and Ghosted the HDD to a DVD so he could recover the next time he broke the OS. I did get a call a few weeks latter asking me how to use the Ghosted copy to recover the HDD but I think he has now just settled for reloading it from the Windows CD and the driver CD that I gave him as he did mumble something about not realizing just how much work was involved in restoring the Ghosted copy.

Col ]:)

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Coconut is better

by jmgarvin In reply to And what is so wrong with ...

Vanilla is fine, but a little limited. I'm bigger on coconut.

If I want spicy, I move to green chile.

I do like vanilla been ice cream though ;-)

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by jdclyde In reply to MS is not to blame!

Why would anything that is currently being used on XP sp1 not be compatable with SP2?

Go back to your room young man and think on the errors of your way.

This is like me blaming you for using your crayons and now they are too short.

If MS wrote the software and then later on provides you with an update for that software and it crashes your system, who else is to be to blame?

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by jterry In reply to COMPATABILITY?

All right I have to admit that I built all 158 PC's over a period of time from scratch. Even when we received new PC's I did not accept the factory install I reformatted and reinstalled from scratch with clean machines. I installed Windows XP and than SP2. I than installed all of the software used at our company. I always go to Windows update and download all updates after SP2 is installed before installing other softweare. I reboot after each installation. I have done the same thing with my home PC's (5). In answer to one of the commenmts made here my home PC's are on a wireless network and are networked to a single printer. Maybe I go the extra mile to install everything but it pays off in the long run. I can assure the rest of you that I won't be the Bot that infects you.

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If this is so straight forward

by jdclyde In reply to Recap

If this is so straight forward why is there so much information posted on the Microsoft web site?
Do you still think this is a non-issue or that it is just the rest of us don't know what we are doing? Re-evaluate your position. Things worked out for you. Cool. They didn't for a lot of people. The following are just a FEW of the major problems people have/had with SP2.

Your computer stops responding when you restart

Some programs seem to stop working

Programs that are known to experience a loss of functionality

"The product key used to install Microsoft Windows may not be valid"

You receive an "Access is denied"

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by jmgarvin In reply to If this is so straight fo ...

There are tons of tech forums FILLED with strange SP2 errors that seem either to be one or two boxes with specific hardware or some wonky app that just won't run anymore.

Thanks MS!

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I was trying to keep it from the MS Alter

by jdclyde In reply to Also...

As that is the only thing some people here will accept.

When people here with proven track records say it, it falls on deaf ears.

If they see that MS has dedicated an entire section on their web site to addressing the many problems arising from SP2 then MAYBE the will accept that maybe Col and apotheon are two dudes that are on top of their game. If they said it, you can bet it is right. Garvin, your dead on, though I am not as formiliar with your postings and experience. Will be keeping an eye out. Like to know who to disregard and who to heed what they say.

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