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Is MS Server cheaper thanLinux in RadioShack?

By pchsiu ·
I read from Microsoft that its Server is 20% to 50% cheaper than Linux in Radio Shack. Is this a hoax? I am a professional accountant, I want line for line of cost comparison between the two. Otherwise, it's unbelievable!! Has Mircosoft taken into account the other free softwares that comes with Linux? Even if it's true for the time being, wait till Bill puts a leash on your neck!! Will somebody clarify the cost figures for me?

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by jdmercha In reply to a little more detail

More detail is needed.

I was coming solely from the standpoint that there are fewer Linux Admins than MS admins. Thus the Linix Admin is usually higher paid.

Then you can detail the argument to death if you add things like set up time, compatability issues, custom software needs, training, attending conferences, buying study materials, getting certified.....

That's how one OS comes out cheaper than another. They just include the details that make them look good and ignore the details that make them look bad.

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nowdays in australia

by mjwx In reply to Agreed

In university and TAFE training Linux takes equal part to windows training. Although sometimes the linux training is delivered at the higher qualification levels a graduate (TAFE) generaly walks out with equal training on windows and linux servers.

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by apotheon In reply to nowdays in australia

That's a welcome change.

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