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Is my company responsible??..

By qhcomputingny ·
I recently started working for a phone company in my area in their IT support department. When I arrived I had half of a half size desk because I was sharing it with a laser printer I had a paper thin mousepad and my chair was a cheap office chair that didn't even have armrests on it. Coming from a company that provided a leather seat for me with a full size wrap around desk (I guess I was spoiled) I felt as though the company wasn't interetsed in taking care of their employees needs as far as comfort goes in the workplace. After dealing with the situation for about a month, mind you my desk is about 5 inches higher than my armrests on my chair, I went and purchased a keyboard wrist rest, an ergonomically correct mousepad that would move with my wrist when using a mouse, and a foot stand for my feet. Although the desk situation still doesn't help I felt that this would greatly improve my comfort level. In doing so I also thought that my company would reimburse me for these items as I did purchase them for WORK, and it wasn't a 5.00 purchase. They told me that I would have to bring in a doctor's note in order to get reimbursed for the items. All along I thought these items were to PREVENT problems. I guess I was wrong. :>
In any event, I wanted to get people's opinion's as far as a workplace providing a user with these tools to work comfortably, and also to get their opinion's on whether or not the majority of people working in IT feel that I should have been reimbursed for these items without a doctors note. I thank you for your time in advance....

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by jimmywren In reply to Is my company responsible ...

You should be greatful for what you have. At least you have the tools that you need to do the job you are being paid to do. I certainly don't mind "out of the pocket" money to make my work area a little more comfortable. I realize the great expense that it takes to keep a company going. Everyone seems to know best on how to spend the company's money. Truth is some companies have little or no money to spend.

It just don't sound that bad to me as long as you are getting a pay check.

If I read your complaint correctly you said you now have a chair with no arm rest yet later you say that your desk is about 5 inches above the arm rest on your chair. Are you just venting some steam because you cannot do the shopping for your company?


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by qhcomputingny In reply to Is my company responsible ...


To answer your question, no I am not angry that I cannot do the shopping for my company. I originally said that I had a chair without armrests because it was true. About a day later I asked someone in the department and they told me they'd take a chair from one of our customer service reps that had armrests, so a day or two later I did have a chair with armrests after originally not having one, and yes it still is 5 inches shorter than my desk. You make it seem like people should deal with ANYTHING because they recieve a paycheck. Anyone can give you a paycheck. Thanks for trying to rip the situation (and my story) apart, detective wren. :)

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