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Is only some offensive speech ok?

By jdclyde ·
In this politically correct world we find ourselves in, where you are suppose to pretend you care about hurting someone else's little feelings, who decides what is and what isn't acceptable?

We have discussed flag burning, and it is a hateful and intentionally inflamatory (pun intended) thing to do. Yet groups like the ACL will praise that as a brave and noble thing to do.

"Radio host Don Imus, suspended for two weeks for calling the Rutgers female basketball players "nappy-headed hos.""

Now all the leading racists of the world, including Jackson and Sharpton, are calling for him to be fired, after over 20 years of his being "mean" to EVERYONE he talks to or about.

I personally don't enjoy his show, and didn't even know much about this until the leading racists made sure everyone could get a chance to hear the comment and potentially be offended by it. How many of you knew he said this until the protests started?

He has apologized. Is that good enough?

He says he is not a racist, but if he were, is he entitled to be stupid? If he were a racist, he could always get a job in the future as a Democratic Senator I suppose.

Is everyone just too sensitive?
Is this no big deal?
Is this ground shaking and should shock us to the core?

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Al and Jesse

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Racism in the US MUST be ...

It would be nice if Al, Jesse, etc., worried a little less about what whites are calling blacks, and a little more about what blacks are calling (and doing to) each other. They're still fighting the old battles. I'm opposed to having a Confederate flag on the S.C. state house grounds, but I wish the NAACP would concentrate on issues of substance instead.

Ever notice that Jesse and Al are reactive, not proactive? It's not that this is the only sign of racism left. But the real work remaining doesn't get these two carpetbaggers any time in the spotlight.

Bill Cosby is dead right on this one. If it's not right for outsiders to call your group by a name, then it also isn't right for you to use that name for yourself either. Try the writings of Leonard Pitts of Miami for another sensible viewpoint.

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by jdclyde In reply to Al and Jesse

he is syndicated in the detroit free press, so I have read his editorials.

I rarely agree with anything he has to say.

He rarely stands like Cosby on the issues, calling for blacks to stand up for themselves instead of sit down and cry "i'm a victim".

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Reflection of the mainstream, perhaps?

by TonytheTiger In reply to Al and Jesse

But the real work remaining doesn't get these two carpetbaggers any time in the spotlight.

I alluded to the fact in another thread that more people seem to want to appear to be doing something useful than want to actually do it.

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but jdclyde...that is the crappy double-standard...

by jck In reply to Just using teh "lingo fo ...

Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson will jump all over someone white for saying a black girl is a "ho", even if she's on a team with white girls.

But, they will go to someone like Ice Cube or Chuck D. or 50 Cent and say "Listen, my don't need to be putting the women down like that..." etc etc...

I don't know if it's because of race...or...because rappers would just beat the crap out them, where an old codger like Imus is lucky to beat eggs with a blender...

But, it is a double-standard...anyone who belittles a woman like that...just is sexist. No matter what their race...

Same applies for racially derrogatory terms...

Or at should...

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There could be come good to come from this

by jdclyde In reply to Is only some offensive sp ...

maybe they will BAN from the radio, ALL use of "b1tches and hos", which would eliminate about 90% of all RAP and hip hop from airing every again.

Maybe, just maybe, if this is so wrong, shows will not be allowed to glamorize pimps and hos?

Oh wait, I forgot. That would be freedom of expression and should be covered.....

I hate the ACLU and NAACP more and more every day for the damage they have and continue to do to our society.

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Free speech and responsibity

by JamesRL In reply to Is only some offensive sp ...

Maybe I'm too dense, but I don't get it.

Don Imus, has no protection from being suspended or fired by his bosses for saying something stupid, whether its racist or not. If I defame my employer, they will not even think twice about my rights to free expression.

Sharpton et al, as much as I disagree with them, have every right to protest what Imus said, and if they want to pressure Imus' employer, well thats their right too.

If Imus says something nasty about George W Bush, and you want to lead a drive to pressure his employer to get him fired, thats your right.

Yeah, its racuous and rowdy and not neat and tidy, but democracy isn't neat and tidy.


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Crediblity is not on their side

by jdclyde In reply to Free speech and responsib ...

There are far worse things being said in what passes for songs everyday.

Where is the protest on the top 10 rap/hip hop "songs" that talk about beating and bang'en their hos?

Of course Sharpton CAN cry about this as much as he wants, but to DEMAND anything?

And like I said to Tony, it is a great day in America when the worst thing in race relations is what Imus said.

Oh, and Imus has been against the war and many Bush policies all along.

Imus has done more for charities that help underprivilage kids (including black and hispanic) than Sharpton does.

I am not a fan of his, and if people don't like what he says, they won't listen.

Wasn't that the same argument about Howard Stern? Change the channel if you don't like it?

People that are looking to be insulted will find a reason to be. I will bet that not one girl on that team was insulted by him because they weren't listening to his program. When the "gotcha group" started going on and on about it, THEN they got insulted.

It wasn't until yesterday that I even knew what he had said.

I hear "rich white guys" thrown around all the time, intending it as a bad thing.

Sorry, but all the oversensitivity and hypocrisy really urks me.

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Not the words, but the target. - EDITED.

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Is only some offensive sp ...

It's not so much what he said, it's the circumstances under which he said it. The basketball team was verbally dope-smacked for the apparent crime of playing in the NCAA finals. Unlike politicians, entertainers, celebrities, and other spot-light seekers, they did not seek a public forum (other than to play their sport well), and had no bully pulpit to conduct a defense.

If Imus was a licensed boxer, he'd be perfectly justified in climbing in the ring and slugging a contracted opponent. He would not have the right to walk down the street punching people with no warning or provocation. While his conduct was not physical, it was the verbal equivalent: a licensed broadcaster calling out a talented, undeserving group for no reason other than he could.

Someone made a comparison to the language used in popular music. Rarely is that language aimed at specific individuals other than other popular figures in the entertainment industry. This isn't in the same category with one rapper calling out another. The team isn't competing with Imus for an audience; most of them probably didn't know he existed. This isn't like making (stupid, misogynistic) generalizations. Imus was commenting on ten individuals.

Unlike male basketball players, these individuals will probably never make big money off their talent; they actually have to use their scholarships to earn degrees and not to gain experience for a professional sports career. They achieved all they could hope for in their sport, and are denigrated for it by an "entertainer" with an national audience. Who does he pick on next, Special Olympians?

Are there better things to worry about? Sure. But if you ask that question, be prepared to answer why Imus wasn't talking about them. Instead he chose to characterize the personal behavior of a specific group of athletes he'd never met. That's his First Amendment right, it's Al Sharpton's right to call for his firing, and it's his employer's right to sit him out for a couple of weeks for his actions. Imus is not being censored or deprived of his freedom of speech; the network has simply chosen to exercise their right to not provide him with an outlet.

EDITED extensively all afternoon, but I think I'm finished :-)

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Way too sensitive

by AV . In reply to Is only some offensive sp ...

Don Imus' comments were really nasty, but he's a shock jock and thats what he does. Is it fair to the Rutgers female basketball players? No. Its despicable.

His big mistake was being white and insulting blacks. There is a zero-tolerance policy from the likes of Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and others who are just waiting for moments like that to bring up the same old black inequality argument again. God forbid anyone should ever say the "N" word. Just ask Michael Richards.

This is totally blown out of proportion. I've never even listened to Imus, but I think a public apology is enough and everyone should move on. He is going to be suspended for 2 weeks and has lost his deal with MSNBC. Enough. I'm personally sick of hearing how the black girls on the Rutgers team were so demoralized by the comments. Imus is an a**hole, move on.

Obviously, that's not going to happen because Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson have alot of time on their hands looking for white people that say the wrong thing. They should be looking at the black rappers and gangstas. Their song lyrics are disgusting and they are certainly no role models for young black people. I guess thats ok with them because they've never said anything about it.

I think its an opportune overreaction by the likes of Sharpton, et al. Shock jocks shock. I'm a woman. Howard Stern demoralizes women everyday. I don't really care.


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Thank you for speaking up!!!

by djcobp In reply to Way too sensitive

I too believe not only blacks, but everyone right now is waaaaay toooooo sensitive. For God's sake, lighten up! And I am so sick and tired of hearing from Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson. They are both media mongers, and racists themselves. You are right, they are looking for every little thing they can find to jump on a white person, and call them racist.

There is no doubt it was blown way way way out of proportion. He should NEVER had lost his job over this. I think we all agree it was a stupid thing to say. (He Agrees!) So life goes on. I think the Rev Sharpton and Jesse Jackson need to look inside and ask themselves if they have ever made a mistake and/or said anything wrong in their lives. I think we all need to ask ourselves that before we persecute others. We are all human, and we have and always WILL make mistakes. Let's remember that! What happened to being able to joke around? The good old blonde jokes, polish jokes etc. We don't mean them in a mean way, but in a joking way. Let's all lighten up and have some fun!

Furthermore, let's clean up OUR OWN backyard first! Let's get the rappers to stop using those "words" especially if the whites are NOT allowed to use them. Why can blacks joke around using the N word, but if a white says it, he/she is a racist? Why? Black people can't have it both ways. There is a TRUE double standard right now. You can't have a Miss Black America Pagent, if whites can't have a Miss White American Pagent. See what I mean? I see it everyday. In Pontiac, there is a Black Police club.. What if the Whites decided they wanted to have a White Police Club (they would be racist)! So equality means just that, what's good for the goose is good for the gander. PONDER IT!

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