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Is Ron Paul locked out?

By jdclyde ·
With all the hooting and hollering for McCain and his majority wins yesterday, where does that leave the stealth campaign of Ron Paul?

Is he still hoping to get in?

Is he dropping out?

Will he run as an independent?

Looking at some of his websites, they state "Now there are two".

Paul writes to forbes.

What I would like to know from people that are involved in this campaign (you know who you are) is what is next?

Front page of the Detroit Free Press "McCain clinches GOP nod"

I cannot vote for McCain. Give me hope, someone.

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Listen to the way Obama and Rodham-Clinton talk about it

by jdclyde In reply to We had much the same kind ...

and it is jobs and security, and the people that will vote for them will nod quietly, get their torches and pitchforks, and start the mob up.

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It is giving a ******* to the unions

by Oz_Media In reply to It is giving a handjob to ...

I KNEW I should have kept paying my union dues! DAMN, aint that always the case.

as for NAFTA and the Canadian border: '...because it isn't the one that is causing us to flush our economy and security down the drain"

no, but to us it is no different than Mexico to you. Our companies get flushed out by US companies coming here, setting up shop in our woodlands and waters and then helping themselves to whatever they choose and sending it to the US without paying the tarriffs. Our lumber companies that once relied on that export business go out of business, Canadians lose jobs and the USA doesn't even have the ball sack to pay the fees for it? In central and eastern Canada, same thing different product.

When Wyerhauser takes over a large portion of Canada's forests, they don't hire the Canadians in the area who once worked for teh commpany they forced into bankruptcy, they instead hire American citizens and get them here on visas to work.

NAFTA? What a farce, and yet all you see is how the Mexicans are taking over YOUR country? A little blind eyed to that one I think. If it doesn't hurt you, it is okay?

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long as its you oz, I dont care. nt

by DanLM In reply to It is giving a handjob to ...
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That's mature

by Oz_Media In reply to long as its you oz, I don ...

Way to spell it out for everyone to see your incredibly high IQ level! How eloquent!

You may want to remove me from your contacts list then, otherwise you seem a tad hypocritical or could be seen as a troll.

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Maybe im just sick of you and your anti american attitude

by DanLM In reply to That's mature

What goes around comes around oz, now doesn't it. With all your hatefull american bashing, I thought you desereved some of the same.


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Yes, such a retort

by Oz_Media In reply to That's mature

Boy you really stuck it to me. I am not sure I'll get over that one.

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You only have one dimension oz, blame the americans. nt

by DanLM In reply to That's mature
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Reinforcing Ozs' dislike?

by jdclyde In reply to That's mature

So, instead of proving him wrong, you confirm his often negative outlook on Americans? I don't see that helping anything, and actually takes things in the wrong direction.

Did it at least make you feel better?

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It also shows his utter lack of comprehension

by Oz_Media In reply to That's mature

I don't dislike US citizens, I don't think your soldiers are wrong.

I despise your president and the idiotic fools who elected him, not once but twice, despite his BS during his first term. It proves that a great deal of US citizens have been brainwashed into believing that the USA is correct and despite what the rest of the world thinks or says, they will be ignored because the USa is always correct. That entire concept is flawed and ridiculous.

I also think that anyone that STILL sees Bush as the answer to teh USA's problems is a complete and utter moron. If you haven't been able to learn from his constant missteps over the last 8 years then you are seriously in need of medical attention.

The USA as a country? I have lived there (short term), worked there, operated business there and finally decided to leave it all and not make the permanent move or obtain citizenship there due to the government and the people that support it.

I am still in the USA twice if not three times a month (it's less than a half hour frmo my house to the border)despite my reluctance, I have travelled through most of the USA I have met US citizens in nearly all the states, save a half dozen or so.

I don't hate America's military, I salute the people that still go to war for you, despite their knowing the futility of what they are doing.

I simply do not like the US government and what it stands for with the backward mindset it instills in many of its people. I can't believe people would actually follow and stand up for such a circus act, even seeing how detrimental all their moves have been for USA. It is simply blind patriotism without contest.

But US citizens as a whole? Have quite a few friends here that were once US citizens, great people. Have many business associates friends in the US which are great people.
Have worked with some great US artists and helped them escape the corporate machine, have worked with many fair and decent companies in America.

So get your story right, learn to comprehend what you read and instead of trolling like a pi$$ed off three year old who didn't get two slices of apple before nap time. Try understandg someone else for a change, instead of rushing to defend your once mighty country.

So before you think that the world is being hard on the USA and that is is none of thier business, take a deep breath and realize that YOU have made it thier business.

By acting on a world stage, by invading other countries, by ignoring the wishes of allies, you have in turn put yourself in the limelight and are standing on stage all by yourselves, while waving your flag and giving the rest of your oallies the middle finger.

So when those countries start to point out and focus on your inabilities, lies, deceit, flawed government and unethical, poorly executed approach to saving the world (as if ANYONE believe you're not just in it for yoru own benefit), you have no position to take other than to stand on that stage and take it standing up like an American.

If you hang out with idiots and a$$holes, eventually you will also be seen as one.

That's life, if you dont' understand it, learn to deal with it and get on with it.

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Ok oz, that is the very first fully comprehensive post I have seen from you

by DanLM In reply to That's mature

On the US. I have only ever seen your negative side of this nation. And that is where my comment came from.

If that is the truth, then I have no issue with it. None at all. But, from every post I have seen from you I have never seen anything positive said. And I only had that go on. At least till now.

Me disagreeing with you on topics, yea. That won't stop. But I no longer feel you are totally anti american from your posts... No matter how harsh they may seam.

Thank you for the honest response. If nothing else from my negative response to you, I now know where your comeing from. And it is far less harsh then what I had perceived to this point.



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