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Is Ron Paul locked out?

By jdclyde ·
With all the hooting and hollering for McCain and his majority wins yesterday, where does that leave the stealth campaign of Ron Paul?

Is he still hoping to get in?

Is he dropping out?

Will he run as an independent?

Looking at some of his websites, they state "Now there are two".

Paul writes to forbes.

What I would like to know from people that are involved in this campaign (you know who you are) is what is next?

Front page of the Detroit Free Press "McCain clinches GOP nod"

I cannot vote for McCain. Give me hope, someone.

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It's getting old now

by Oz_Media In reply to That's mature

...or I am, one of the two.

I have explained that stand to so many people , so many times that it gets tiring that I need to add a disclaimer to present my position before each comment just to appease new readers who don't get the full picture.

When someone comes in with, "America should do this or that and f-k the rest of you". They are never asked to illustrate why they have that feeling, it is just accepted as is, some American shooting his mouth off about being holier than thou (as if that is a given). But if you DISagree with a view, you need to reiterate your entire life story so people don't get offended? Seems a little one-way to me.

I accept that you didn't know where I was coming from though, and once agaig for the record, I don't HATE Americans and I don't HATE America. In fact I used to LOVE hanging out in the US, I used to love working with people in the US and fighting against the big labels that control the US, it WAS fun at one time but now it is all too personal as Americans have thier guard up and get defensive too easily (usually have, but not like it is these days) and it just makes it all intolerable for others.

Fair enough, thanks for your understanding and have a great day... I do mean it.

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oz, for the record. I do appoligize for my statement

by DanLM In reply to That's mature

I don't know what else to say but that.


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No sweat

by Oz_Media In reply to That's mature

One of the biggest issues with this forum, actually THE biggest issue is the lack of tone. Tone of voice and visual queues will usually offer hints as to where someone is coming from. the lack of such clues is usually why these forums result in arguments, even when two people actially agree, it is simple misunderstanding that causes these heated debates most of the time.

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When there are several problems

by jdclyde In reply to It is giving a handjob to ...

you always start with the ones that affect you most.

I never said other issues were ok.

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bang on

by Oz_Media In reply to When there are several pr ...

It's true, but it isn't JUSt teh USA that is being effected ngatively by NAFTA, as just too many people see it to be.

Personally, I would think that Mexicans got a pretty good deal, we got burned and it seems that the master plan backfired on the USA.

NAFTA was a botched idea out of teh gate. While the concept is interesting, it simply doesn't work, unless we take the European lead and become the American Union (looking at your economy and dropping dollar, it wouldn't be so bad for the US, but I can't see Canada being interested, just as the UK isn't interested in the EU).

With over a hundred bucks a barrel I can't see things getting better too soon either. We bring in products from US companies too, which are manufactured overseas, sent to the US then Canada. The price of US manufacturing is soaring too due to the cost of petroleum used in making plastics. BY the time it clears brokerage (yay NAFTA) and ends up in Canada, you'd think OUR dollar was weak. US prices for canadian imports are way up, causing us ot look elsewhere for teh same products.

What a massive mess this has all become now, but at least the Iraqi's are being liberated, or so we are told.

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I'll run then

by Oz_Media In reply to On the bright side

For US president that is, not 'run' with actual physical exertion.

What the ****, I'd let all the 'Kill da Arabs" folk get what they wanted,a free trip to iraq so they can shoot thier mouths off and then get shot by da Arabs who actually know how to fight.

No offshore jobs anymore, all Us corporations would be therefore forced to return to the USA and employ US citizens (or Mexicans, same thing). THey can pack up all the US companies stripping Canadian companies of a fair living too, they can also return home and employ US citizens.

Americans can have a choice in how their tax dollars are spent, seeing as they'd all vote ot make mroe bombs with a shelf life, that economy will simply continue to tumble into nowhereland.

You'd have to get used to teh dark mroe often though, and aluminum mobile homes, as you would lose Canada's power and wood.

One more drawback would be that you'd have to learn to ration food, no more wheats, grains, beans etc from Canada, sorry but I would need to be fair in all this. You would be bored of your seafood choices, with no fishing in Canadian waters. Anyone who really wanted to go to war could do so without hesitation, we will just turn Texas into a paintball state, except starting with real bullets (natural selection, cullign the herd etc.). Texas would be a great state again, considering that's all you would have for oil, again no favoritism here. No means No, not just selective importing and out of country business.

I'd even get Bush to travel with the circus, where he belonge dthe whole time, so he could learn from the other primates, after many years of study he may learn enough English to actually go and apologize to the Iraqi's for his ignorance and the inappropriate offensive actions inflicted upon them (he coul dthen stay a while and get to know the people better, should be fun for them at least).

So yes, while you are wondering how to select someone that actually knows how to run a government, vote for OzMedia and your complaints are served in a nutshell.

America will once again be a country of and within itself, with no outer influences, no alternate agendas and no political struggles with other nations. No more saving teh world, no more handing out everything to ungrateful nations, no more anyone BUT true red, white and blue blooded US citizens.

It wouldn't last long though, having taken the US out of everyones 'face for four years, I would be a God to every nation on Earth.

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Some good ideas ... some bad ... but ...

by PSer In reply to I'll run then

"Texas would be a great state again"?!?!?

It still is my friend! Please do not equate "Country" with "Stupid" or in other words "Texas" with "Bush". He was born wayyyy closer to Canada than Mexico!

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Too close !!

by Oz_Media In reply to Some good ideas ... some ...

I couldn't imagine what he'd have done to our country. mind you, hopefully we would have the common sense to never elect the tool to begin with. Mind you, we have elected our share of morons over the years, it's just that they cant' cause as much damage from within our borders as they can by commanding your military.

Bush's tight connection with Texas has been his oil pals 9don't know why they even give him the time of day after he has failed them so miserably as well) and then when he bailed out before dropping the company in it, he took his escape money to the Rangers.

Didn't see him trying to sink Petro Canada or buy the Blue Jays though (even though the Jay's are mostly American too).

here's one thing you need to recognize though; if you, as an American, travel the world, you will INSTANTLY be tagged as a Yankee, Bush lover no matter where you go, where you are from or what you support.

It's unfortunate that you can't be seen for who you really are ,but that isn't my fault. You'd need to elect someone else and actually look good for a few years before others will accept you. Even then, Americans aren't welcomed with open arms in most places as it is. BIAS? yes, incorrect judgement? Yes. But the same has been shown by Americans towards Easter Indians, Mexicans, Brits, canadians etc. I guess its just par for the course. You will always be lumped into one group, that's just the way it works, like it or not.

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'Fraid there is no hope!

by Dr Dij In reply to Is Ron Paul locked out?

McCain most likely will pick Huckabee as a running partner. If he kicks the bit bucket, then a 'theocrat' will be in power. SOmeone too stupid to believe in evolution.

I have no problem with people whose religious views co-exist with science, but this country is great because we separate church and state. Once you have a religion (you like) in power, it is just a short step to a religion you DON'T like in power.

And Huckabee lied on network TV. He was asked about him speaking about religion in campaign talks on TV and said "I don't bring it up, only answer questions about it" and Daily Show came up with a dozen clips where he was ranting about religion (not asked about it).

As you said, the Democrats want to form a 'Mother Govt Libero-Fascist' economy. - A guy actually wrote a book on this topic, was on Daily SHow. Hillary actually said she'd like propaganda such as on how to raise kids right plastered all over public places such as bus stops, DMV lines, etc.

Combine this with the Feds destroying the economy by printing hundreds of billions in fake money and giving it to banks, and therefore devaluing everyone else's money, and by spending trillions we don't have on programs we can't afford, I think we're at the stage in the Roman empire when they started inflating their currency to support a permanent 'welfare class' in Rome.

Farmers finally stopped sending grain to Rome as they could only get worthless inflated currency that they didn't stop printing for it. I love the US but I'm seriously considering looking for a country that is more stable and less self-destructive. "Death-to-America?" we don't need no stinkin' terrorists, we are destroying ourselves.

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nice bias you have there

by jdclyde In reply to 'Fraid there is no hope!

"SOmeone too stupid to believe in evolution"

There are plenty in this world that do not accept the THEORY of evolution as fact. Yeah, how stupid do you have to be to believe "big bang" and everything out of nothing? E=mc2 anyone?

Intentional insult from you aside, you didn't discuss the only question I asked, and that was about Ron Paul.

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