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Is Ron Paul locked out?

By jdclyde ·
With all the hooting and hollering for McCain and his majority wins yesterday, where does that leave the stealth campaign of Ron Paul?

Is he still hoping to get in?

Is he dropping out?

Will he run as an independent?

Looking at some of his websites, they state "Now there are two".

Paul writes to forbes.

What I would like to know from people that are involved in this campaign (you know who you are) is what is next?

Front page of the Detroit Free Press "McCain clinches GOP nod"

I cannot vote for McCain. Give me hope, someone.

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by dawgit In reply to how many died under carte ...

I got that Dan. I also 'peek' at the FAS web site from time to time. It's book-marked. I just didn't see much data from the Carter years in that particular document. I did look at the years, it started with 1980. (what I saw) That means it only covers 1 year of the Carter Administration, maybe. (the last year being Jan. '80 to Jan. '81) I do know we (the US) lost a lot of good people durning the Reagan Administration through many wild adventures in Global Control. -d

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nick/dawgit. I don't have time till I get home tonight to post how I came

by DanLM In reply to how many died under carte ...

to that conclusion about carter from that report. I just don't have the time.

If you don't mind, I will reply then.


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nick/dawgit. You both are right, I was wrong

by DanLM In reply to how many died under carte ...

I know I seen those statistics, and from that website also... In a report to congress. But, it sure was not in the document I posted.

Your point has been made, and I apologize.

Truth of the matter, I'm embarrassed as ****... I truly thought I read that statistic in the document awhile back when I received it in the newsletter. I should have reread it prior to posting that.

Again, I apologize. This apology goes to the original poster as well. I would have not made that statement if I had not read it from a reliable source, and I can not provide that source anymore.

[edited to add:] Where the left feels that President Bush is the wrose president ever. I feel that President Carter was. I let my feelings drive my post. I feel that man did more harm to this nation then any other president ever.


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Oh well,

by dawgit In reply to how many died under carte ...

Sheet happens. I guess only history will be the judge of the best and worst. And it's not ready to be written yet. The US is in deep trouble <i>Now</i>, and it seems the US populace haven't quite grasped it all. The person at the top is usually the one who catches the blame. It just works that way. -d

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the liberals DID drive the far right to the polls by their own policies

by DanLM In reply to Another skewed view ...

like it or not, its the truth.

The liberals became TOO LIBERAL and the far right said enough. I AM NOT FAR RIGHT, but I do know what caused the voting turn around.

Live with it, because its the truth. The liberals have nobody but themselves to blame. NOBODY


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TOO Liberal ...

by PSer In reply to the liberals DID drive th ...

So, The "Moral Majority" had to put us in our place, no matter the cost ... Human or otherwise?!?!?

Dude, That's f*cked up!

BTW: browsed over your pdf. saw nothing of deaths caused by Carter invading a sovereign nation to line the pockets of his family and business partners.

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We have plenty to blame...

by PSer In reply to the liberals DID drive th ...

Bush and Company (Karl f'n Rove) for starters, as well as people who think like you do. Yeah, you don't claim to "Be far Right" (****, who would right now). But you sure as **** think you are "Right".

I am a liberal and it's my fault, I deserve all of the blame due to the GOP having f'ed up our Nation (and world) in more ways than ever thought possible!

What colour is the sky in your world there, buddy?

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No, if it was more of a centerist policy instead of far left

by DanLM In reply to the liberals DID drive th ...

Then this would have never have happened. I still blame the far left... I could care less what you think of my view, as far as I'm concerned your fked up for not seeing it.

Me, I'll vote for clinton... Because I think she is a ***** and won't take crap from other antions. She tried to fix the health care, and I think she can do it this time.

Long as it isnt some far left liberal to put us back where carter left us.


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I lay the blame for this nation being fked up on the liberals

by DanLM In reply to the liberals DID drive th ...

If it wasn't for them and their b.s. policies.. The nation would have never been fked up to begin with...

it was a liberal that put us in vitnam
it was a liberal that gave us the cuban boat lift
it was a liberal that gave us gas shortages
it was a liberal that gave us the hostage crisis.
it was a liberal that gave us one of the worse recessions we ever had.
remember it was a liberal gave away the panama canal
remember it was a liberal that gave us whitewater
enron started under a liberal.
rember it was a liberal that gave us high social welfare costs that hasn't done anything to help this nation, other then to drive us further into debt
remember it was a liberal that desimated our military to the point that they were dieing without even going into battle.
I could go on.

You think that did not drive the far right to the votiing polls... Your just stupid to think otherwise.

Yea right, you are so great at helping this nation. And you wonder why the far right came about? Yea, do you selectivly read the constitution to? Or remember the rest of the history of this nation? Only what you want to could it be?


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The Blame game

by JamesRL In reply to the liberals DID drive th ...

Who do you blame for Vietnam?

The liberal president who started it but had doubts in the end? (Kennedy) The liberal president who escalated it from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands (LBJ). The right wing hawks who insisted it could be won right up until the end? The republican president who supported the corrupt South Vienamese regime in the first place (Eisenhower) or the president who promised to pull out but took so long to do so (Nixon).

You want to blame liberals for the welfare state. Sure, FDR and LBJ should take some heat. But do you ignore Eisenhower, Nixon, Ford, Reagan Bush and Bush for not changing it?

You going to blame presidents for recessions? Did you blame Bush senior? Reagan had one on his watch too. So did Nixon. Recessions are cyclical, they happen as do booms and presidential policies may have an influence do not think presidents can stop a recession any more than they can create a boom.

First and the biggest gas crisis was under Nixon/Ford.

You wanna blame Carter for everything - why not blame Nixon for creating the conditions under which any democratic nominee would beat any republican.

You want to blame Kennedy for the Bay of pigs? Why not blame the previous president who supported the corrupt fascist Batista who ruled with an iron fist(supported by the American mob) and created the conditions for revolution. Castro didn't always hate the US, until it was clear whose side they were on. Sure Castro was no Santa Claus but life for the average Cuban improved under Castro, because it was pretty wretched before.

Same thing can be said for the Shah of Iran. Do you blame Carter, or do you blame the republican regime who put the Shah in power in the first place, and helped him organize his secret police.

It is all to easy to play the blame game. And politicians of all stripes play it too. But in the end blame and finger pointing do not help you solve problems. In fact they build barriers to solving problems.

Blame is easy. Solutions are hard. I see this in business and in politics. No one "side" has a monopoly on good ideas and common sense. But keep on playing the blame game and you will miss some solid ideas from the other side.

You wanna have a few beers and vent about some liberals, go ahead and fill your boots, but don't think you are changing anything.


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