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Is tech republic's user base being watered down?

By jtakiwi ·
Hi all,

Not to be derogatory, but I've been using TR for maybe 6 years off and on. Definately more off than on over the past couple of years. Am I wrong in my perception that the majority of technical questions posted here are less than challenging? I mean, have any of you asking these quite simple questions ever heard of Google? A few years ago, folks didn't even ask simple questions like the one I saw today, from an "IT Department Manager", about how do I start the print spooler? Just wondering is all, i may have missed a memo somewhere. Did all the talent head off to Experts Exchange or TR's paid service? Thanks, just curious.

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Think about it people

by Don Ticulate In reply to Is tech republic's user b ...

There are millions more Internet connected people out there today. Compare this number (if you can get it) to what was around even 8 years ago. The web and computing (by proxy) is no longer a domain for those 'in the know'.

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"no longer a domain for those 'in the know'."...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Think about it people

As your solitary thumb clearly illustrates.

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by Don Ticulate In reply to "no longer a domain for t ...

Don Ticulate - Posts 8, Thumbs 1
Old Mycroft - Posts >800, Thumbs 26

Future...Don Ticulate - 800 posts, 100 Thumbs....on current form.

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Like Bob said....

by nyabdns In reply to Is tech republic's user b ...

The times they are a'changin'. As the workforce is taken over by gen xers you will see the level of expertise go down. I'm not stereotyping anyone, but as anyone can observe, the generation entering the workforce has a different work ethic than yesteryear. A lot of them want everything spoonfed to them without them having to lift a finger (figuratevly speaking) to find the answer themselves. Just the way it is.

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That all depends...

by NaughtyMonkey In reply to Like Bob said....

on how old you consider gen x to be. I don't think it is gen x asking the questions since that could be anyone from around 30 to 45. Those would be the ones most likely answering a lot of the questions if not most. I think you are looking for the me me generation which came after.

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by Oz_Media In reply to Like Bob said....

As most IT staff will agree, it's not what you know but how you use resources to acquire answers.

I don't care if someone knows something or not, but if needed, they better be able to use their resources to find the right answer.

Like a boy scout, be wise in the use of your resources.

Face it, some people thta have been in the industry for decades know pretty much everything about their specific field of work.

This knowledge has been acquired by resources, not just because they knew it all. When the internet was less active, people in IT hung out with fellow IT nerds and computer geeks and shared information. When a problem arose, they had a network of people they could call on.

Nowadays instead of having a peer network of friends you call on regularly, there are online peer groups (such as good ole TR) where people get such information.

You are right in that there are many mroe inexpereienced techs today, that is due to nessessity. A small company that didn't need an IT guy at all, now needs one part time. They hire the most computer savvy person in the organisation to fill these duties. That person may know quite a bit about desktop support or web building or even office use, but may need support for other server related issues.

If someone is trying to learn on their free time, this is a great resource website for them.

Face it, the world isn't full of F/T IT gurus anyomre, they generally aren't needed anymore. The worls does need people with a good working knpowledge or at least a foot in th door to IT.

It has nothing to do with GenXer's, many of whom would run circles around the IT guy of yesteryear. I have seen little kids with more IT knowledge than seasoned techs.

It's simply a matter of business conformig to the new world. If they hire an IT tch with knowledge, that guy isn't going to stay for 30K/yr, but a junior learning on th ejob will seize the opportunity.

It really has nothing to do with lazy people( though they are out there, both old and new) and it certainly has nothing to do with age. A good tech costs big money, a part time tech or multitasker doesn't cost much and can be used in the warehouse or sales team when IT help isn't needed.

Perhaps more techs of the days gone by need to learn another skill, so they too can increase their worth instead.

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Google is being used

by Oz_Media In reply to Is tech republic's user b ...

My theory, take it for what you will...

IT has changed, nowdays everyone has some form of IT department. In a small company, it could be a salesman with a bit of skill or a warehouse worker who once built a website. These people often get lumped with a greater tasks/expectations than they can handle, by others who simply don't know any better. There are also those kids who constantly pop in here, start an ID and ask a simple school question, unfortunately they end up in IT.

I think that less actual KNOWLEDGE is required these days, as opposed to the ability to use resources and solve problems. It's pretty easy to fake IT ability if your shop is under 50 seats. At once time there was an influx of new recruits, when IT actually paid well, now it's just another job and in most cases not a very high paying one.

So how do all these questions end up here and not on Google? Well they DO come from Google, in fact if you search for similar IT topics, you will find all the geek forums on various websites, including TR.

I know when I've Googled problems, I often get TR in the top 10 returned results.

When people need an answer, they'll provide a hotmail address, register and ask away. Once that problem is solved, they often don't return.

Anyhoot, just my 2 cents for free.

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TR gets a lot more traffic from Google lately

by JFPSF In reply to Google is being used

A lot more of TR's traffic comes from Google these days. Just like the rest of the web.

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Used to be.....

by CG IT In reply to Is tech republic's user b ...

the Q&A section was where IT guys could ask questions on II problems and get answers from other IT guys.

More often todays Q&A forum is where consumers come to ask consumer questions on consumer related computer or network problems or those in school asking for answers to homework problems or test questions.

So, the Q&A forum section isn't as appealing as it was, oh, 5 years ago or even 2 years ago.

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