Is the Motherboard Fried?

By mraftice ·
Recently My computer was plugged directly into the wall when lightning struck near our home. The Power flickered, went off and came back on. Since this occurence my computer has the following symptoms.
It will not boot. All I get is a black sceen. There are no error codes, no beeps, and no signal to the monitor. It will not boot to safe mode or from a CD. I have replaced the power supply and there is no difference. I have checked the monitor and it works on another machine. It will not shut of using the power switch and I have to unplug the power cable to shut it off. It ahs power, the fans are running, There CD ROMS. The CD-RW light comes on for a few seconds and then shuts off. The DVD drive light flashes for a few seconds and then goes off. There is a green light on the mother board that stays on. The hard drive has a SATA connector and I have no other SATA drives. However, I hooked a IDE Hard drive to the connectors for the CD-RW CD ROM as this is what the BIOS appears to check first. There was no change in the behavior. I think it is the motherboard. What do you think? Also when I put the new mother board in. Do I simply plug everything back in and install an operating system. Is that all there is to it or is there more. I guess I will need to configure the BIOS?

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Is the Motherboard Fried?

by hostiliothumbo In reply to Is the Motherboard Fried?


Your motherboard is dead. Change it.

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New Motherboard

by Northlite In reply to Is the Motherboard Fried?

Recently I had to do a power box, motherboard and modem on a fried computer, the green lite on the motherboard just means it is getting power, I did one thing at a time like you did first starting with the power box, the motherboard I got had instructions on how to install and will tell if you need to do anything with the BOIS, mine I had to make sure certain jumpers were set right on the motherboard and if it didn't boot up I had to enter BOIS choose optimal settings and save, I did have to reinstall the operating system but it was botched from a previous try to install using the restore media that was defective so I am not sure if Windows will recognize the new motherboard or not. We opted this over buying a new computer because the parts came to around $100 on this low end computer.

Hope this helps,

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Motherboard is toast

by mjd420nova In reply to Is the Motherboard Fried?

I have encountered this many times,it could have been prevented. The power supply should have stopped the surge from getting to the motherboard, but apparently it didn't. I stop these surges with a good surge suppressor on the power line, it can save lots of money and plenty of headaches.

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Yes- The Motherboard is Fried

by mraftice In reply to Motherboard is toast

The Motherboard is indeed fried. I replaced the powersupply and it did not fix the problem. It would not boot from a disk and since there was no resopnse at all I could not boot to safe mode or or allow me to enter Safe mode, ASR, or do a system restore. I did find a replacement motherboard for $199-327 since it was a Intel(Big Lake)board. I decided to pass and instead bought a refurbished Gateway with a 2.0 ghz Dual Core AMD 64 X2 processor. I made sure that it was compatible with my old machine and was able to use the RAM,CD-RW and 250GB hard Drive from the old machine. I bought an external case for it since it was a SATA drive and the new machine was IDE. Thus I know for a fact that the Memory, CD-ROMS, Hard Drive and Power Supply are good. That basically leaves the motherboard.
I am ashamed to admit that it happened because I had the computer plugged into a UPS that acted up and in a apparently mindless moment I plugged the machine directly into the wall outlet. A storm came- lightning struck near the house and the motherboard went bye bye. Thanks, everyone for all of your help.

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