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Is the Opera browser the fastest on the net?

I've decided to put Opera's following claim to the test:

Quote from

We're holding on to our claim: "The Fastest Browser on Earth". In Opera 8, further improvements have been made in the way the browser reads pages to allow you to fly the Web.

end quote

What's a good site to test I wondered? Well I used, that has a lot of stuff to load on the first page. So here's how I tested Opera's claim. I used an ADSL 1.544Mbps downstream/256Kbps upstream from TPG in Australia. My system is an AMD Athlon 2700+, with 1GB DDR333 Ram and only the approriate browser open at the time. I compared the page load times of through the four most used browsers, Opera, Firefox, Netscape and IE. Each browser was the latest release from their companies as of 22/09/2005. I reloaded the page ten times and then calcualted the average loading time for

I have some very interesting results.


* Fastest load time, 6.6 seconds.
* Slowest load time, 8.1 seconds.
* Average load time, 7.5 seconds.


* Fastest load time, 7.4 seconds
* Slowest load time, 9.6 seconds
* Average load time, 8.6 seconds

Internet Explorer

* Fastest load time, 9.8 seconds
* Slowest load time, 15.5 seconds
* Average load time, 12.1 seconds

Netscape 8.0

* Fastest load time, 9.0 seconds
* Slowest load time, 9.6 seconds
* Average load time, 9.3 seconds

It's interesting to note that while Netscape and Firefox use the firefox engine, Netscape is slower than Firefox yet more consistent in its page load time. IE is by far the worst performer.

So Opera's claim to be the fastest browser on the web is busted for me. Firefox was 1.6 seconds faster overall. To trully test this to the limit I would like people on dial-up and broadband in other countries to do the same. Test the load times and post them here. Let's get right down to the nitty gritty of it.

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no-one noticed the date of the OP, then! <nt>

by gadgetgirl In reply to Is the Opera browser the ...
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I noticed :)

by w2ktechman In reply to no-one noticed the date o ...

However there were several new responses and they are relevant!

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I replied because

by jdclyde In reply to I noticed :)

it was a recent thing where I encountered this.

It didn't concern me in 05, but a few months ago it did.

I now use FF3 for the lions share.

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show off! <nt>

by gadgetgirl In reply to I noticed :)
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No. <nt>

by OnTheRopes In reply to no-one noticed the date o ...
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Does it matter?

by normhaga In reply to Is the Opera browser the ...

In this application, does the speed of the browser really matter? You are limited by your bandwidth and not the application execution speed.

If the discussion were about the technical merits of the browser then it would be worth discussing. As it is, why discuss something that does not matter.

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Obviously it DOES matter to some

by The Scummy One In reply to Does it matter?

or nobody would have been posting!
Hmmmm... <img src="" border="0" alt="Thinking2"></a> <p>

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