Is there any such thing as a 5.25 external USB floppy drive?

By Locrian_Lyric ·
I have a customer who's equipment got destroyed during Hurricane Sandy. All of his software was on 5.25 floppy disks, is there any equipment I can hook up to a 5.25 to make it work with a new (windows computer? I know that once I can get the software setup, I can run DOSbox to run the software, but how do I get around the hardware issue?

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Here's a couple of links on how to build a 5.25 floppy USB device yourself

by Deadly Ernest In reply to Is there any such thing a ...

remember to remove the blank space between the dot and com

http://www.deviceside. com/fc5025.html

http://ascii.textfiles. com/archives/2503

good luck

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use a 3rd party company to transfer them to a more practicle media

by banny33 In reply to Is there any such thing a ...

The easiest would be to source an old pc, or send them to a company like -


A quick search on google brought these up, i have no idea how much they charge, but I would of hoped that it is minimal. As its not a complicated process is it lets be honest.

If i ever startup my own business, I will defo add a check, to make sure i check they arent using obsolete media, so you may have saved me a headache, so thanks for asking the question.

... Good Luck Banny

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Not as easy as plug and play but probably as easy as it will get...

by chuck.patten In reply to Is there any such thing a ...

1. Find your local Computer Surplus / Repair store
2. Have them locate a 3.5/5.25 inch floppy drive.
3. Purchase the dual drive and install it in a computer that is compatible (IDE interface) or buy one from them for probably $100-$250
4. Copy all of the 5.25" source disks to 3.5" Disks
5. Purchase a Dell or Toshiba 3.5" Laptop drive (is should have a USB miniature socket on the side. If it does, it should interface to your laptop through a normal USB1 to USB2 cable just by plugging it in and allowing windows to set it up.

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I have one!

by rpaxman In reply to Is there any such thing a ...

A few years back I purchased a USB to 5.25 floppy drive. It came without a case, but I found an old Sony case that worked. The company seems to still be in business. See their web page at http://www.deviceside.com/fc5025.html

I hope this helps and good luck. Robert.

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I have one, but it's old-school

by LeonBA In reply to Is there any such thing a ...

I have an old computer that can read 5.25" disks (it sits in a corner of the office unused, but it's always there if I should need to read some of those again). If you can't find what you're looking for and still need what's on those, shoot me an email. I can get the data off those for you and send the disks back and email you the data. lordpeyre (at) yahoo.com

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Do you have access to a PC that has a floppy header on the mainboard?

by NickNielsen In reply to Is there any such thing a ...

Locate a replacement drive (eBay has a few: http://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?_trksid=m570.l3201&_nkw=5-1%2F4%22+drive&_sacat=0). Take the drive and the data cable to the PC with a floppy header, connect the data cable between the drive and the header, use one of the Molex connectors for power, and you're in business.

The drive may not be useable, but you should be able to clean up the cable.

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Optical method

by Steve__Jobs In reply to Is there any such thing a ...

If you strip off the shell and hold the disk at just the right angle, you'll be able to call out the 1's and 0's.

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Adding a 5.25" floppy to a newer computer

by Dave503 In reply to Is there any such thing a ...

1) If you have a 3.5" non-usb drive on your computer, it may be possible to add a Teac dual drive (FD 505) that is readily available on eBay at a very modest price. The caveats: many of the current BIOS do not support 5.25" drives at all, and some only support a single floppy (3.5" OR 5.25", but not both at the same time). The FD 505 uses jumpers to configure it as a single 3.5, a single 5.25, or both drives. If this doesn't work for you, you can put out about $60 for an outboard floppy controller card from http://www.deviceside.com/fc5025.html that will work, even under Win8 (but you'll have to get power from your computer or an external supply for the actual drive). The actual card plugs in to a USB 2.0 port and is port powered.

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I know of NO way

by mjd420nova In reply to Is there any such thing a ...

I have an old IBM AT running a home automation/energy monitor system. It has the 5.25. dual DS/DD and a 5.25 1.2 MB floppy. This was the top media density until IBM started the PS2 line and the 3.5 diskette 1.44 MB media. and was accompanied with the new 80386/387 chipsets. Dos was up to 4.01 until the inclusion of the coprocessor on the same substrate as the processor and needed DOS 5.0.

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It's software you want, not data?

by silverfinger In reply to Is there any such thing a ...

I am not sure why you would go through all this trouble for software. There is nothing currently out there to replace what they were using? What are they trying to replace? If the disks had data I could understand.

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