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Is there life after IT?

By Lumbergh77 ·
I have a bachelor's in computers and have been programming and working with databases for nearly 10 years. While I am content at this point, I can't see myself coding for the next 40 years. I feel like I'm starting to burn out and not really excited about CONSTANTLY learning new programming terminology like I used to be. They pay is decent but not great, and it seems there are easier ways to earn the same amount. Also, I'd like to have a life outside of work someday. It seems almost impossible in this field with the long hours and constant study. Programming is a lonely gig and I'd like a little more people contact.

So I'm looking for a possible career change. I would be willing to go back to school. I've considered an MBA but they seem to be a dime a dozen these days. I've also considered a masters in psychology because it is an interesting subject IMO. However, I'm not sure how well I could utilize my IT skills in that field. So my questions are: 1) What is a good degree to pair with an IT degree? What field(s) are good for those with an IT background? I'm looking for a field with some longetivity. 2) Have you or do you know anyone else who has successfully transitioned from a career in IT and how they did it?

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Life Before/After IT

by gsquared In reply to Is there life after IT?

I got into IT because I was in sales in a small company and I needed a system to keep track of my customers. Here I am, 5 years later, and I haven't touched sales/marketing in 4 years and am a full-time Database Analyst. It's working out pretty well for me.

So, the point is, related skill-sets may or may not matter.

If you want to remain connected to IT, but are no longer thrilled by the actual writing of code, and want a more human touch in your job, have you considered IT management?

Sure, in a small shop, IT management also does IT work. But in larger shops, management is more about dealing with people. Your experience in and understanding of the actual skills of IT give you an inside look at what an IT worker needs/wants/can do, while management is more about dealing with people than with computers.

If you want to escape from IT altogether, then maybe something else that's analytical and requires organized thinking. That would mean any of the sciences (go back to school), some other form of engineering (probably back to school for that too), or, again, management (just not in IT).

If you want a complete escape, then anything you're interested in is open. I recently read about a guy who just does part-time, short-lived jobs. He's constantly job-hunting, but he works an average of 30-50 hours per week between multiple part-time jobs, and he's constantly meeting new people and learning new things in new industries. He considered that fun. Might be a way to find something you really like and then you can change that from part-time and temporary to full-time and permanent.

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Is there life after IT

by yemboado In reply to Is there life after IT?

hi,many IT are face on this problem...i'm one of those too. let me share with you my experience. i have been looking for what i'm going to do to change my profile for 2 years now. it will be quit difficult to tell you what degree pairs with IT degree,it depends on what you want to do. but i'm sure now what field(s) are good for an IT background. during these 2 last yeears my analysis and investigations confirm that the best fields are these one:
1. Management(project, public)
2.Economics, finances administration
so i have decided in my case to do a part time courses in Economics and Finances this year. my advice is that you try to analyse these fields and find out what is you convenience.
Best regards.

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Share your learning

by merlin7 In reply to Is there life after IT?

Have you considered lecturing? You have gained a lot of experience in your 10 years which many students would benefit from (as opposed to lecturers who have never been in the real world), there would be people contact and it'd take very little transition time.

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I am just like your case

by ammarcs In reply to Is there life after IT?


i spent now about 7 years in the IT field and i am planning to change, because the market here just looks full with IT and specially development.

my next step is Accounting, its a very good if you are coming from an IT background.

i will start AAT and then ACCA.
and all the doors will open later.

wish you good luck in your move.


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Business Degree served me well

by jkadinger In reply to Is there life after IT?

While MBAs are a dime a dozen, the paper is still valuable. I spent 12 years in IT. During the dot com days I took on a role with a startup as a Technical Marketing Engineer. It allowed me to do what I liked about IT (learn new things) and learn new skills (Marketing). I learned IT on the job and earned a business degree at night. I think the combination has serverd me well. I am now in product management defining what the products should do and how they should look. Solving business problems for customers.
Assess your skills and what you enjoy about your job and look for opportunites that can combine them. The TME (also known as a system/sales engineer) for me was perfect because what I enjoyed about IT, learning new things and then sharing that knowledge, was exactly what was required.

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After nearly 40 yrs of IT, I'm with Jruby ..

by DesD In reply to Is there life after IT?

"Find a job you enjoy and you'll never work another day in your life."
I've tended to flip flop between back office and front office IT jobs every few years. So I'd write assembler exits for database load balancing or whatever for a while (which I enjoy), then start wanting a bit of people contact, and change to project manager or analyst. The best time was a couple of years doing custom reports etc for small businesses running an early ERP package. Clocked up over 30000 miles p.a. just visiting them. Got both the people contact(not just IT types) and some bit fiddling as well.
For you , the question to answer is "What do I enjoy?" Do a Myers-Briggs test, if you haven't already. Possibly even better, check out for the book "Now, Discover Your Strengths"
good luck

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Be the boss... and the CEO

by stepmonster In reply to Is there life after IT?

There are a few good IT franchises available, do a search, or try and investigate them. Maybe you need to be the boss and earn the big bucks. Maybe I should too.

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i'm considering a move as well

I've been working in the IT department of a hospital for the last 4 1/2 years, just kinda fell in to IT, not really a career choice. I've been considering changing my major to Economics. either way i have to get away from the end users.

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i am right with you

by IhateID10T5 In reply to Is there life after IT?

I also get worried about what the **** I am going to do after IT. I am almost 30, and have about 7 years of IT "generalist" experience (jack of all trades). I am pushing to do mcse/mcsa and cisco up to ccnp or hopefully ccie (kind of leaning towards network engineer or sys admin). Either way, I don't see myself doing this when I am 40 or 50, unless I am lucky and land myself a kushy managerial position (hard to find). I was kind of leaning towards Physical Therapy, but it means more schooling just to apply and another 2-3 years to finish, then hopefully starting and reaching comfortable money while enjoying helping people.

Everyone keeps saying to find what we like and work is not work when you enjoy it....who is to say what we do is what we are meant to do? I have no problem with the people I work with (though not too intelligent), and I do enjoy most days of trying to figure out problems and trying to put out fires...but do I thoroughly enjoy coming in everyday when I could be sleeping in or enjoying some hobbies or ACTUALLY getting a damn vacation to travel and not think about work???? Anyone have any thoughts/ideas on this?

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IT Law

by rucinskj In reply to Is there life after IT?

I always thought getting into either cybercrime or Information Technology Law would be interesting.

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