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Is there life after IT?

By Lumbergh77 ·
I have a bachelor's in computers and have been programming and working with databases for nearly 10 years. While I am content at this point, I can't see myself coding for the next 40 years. I feel like I'm starting to burn out and not really excited about CONSTANTLY learning new programming terminology like I used to be. They pay is decent but not great, and it seems there are easier ways to earn the same amount. Also, I'd like to have a life outside of work someday. It seems almost impossible in this field with the long hours and constant study. Programming is a lonely gig and I'd like a little more people contact.

So I'm looking for a possible career change. I would be willing to go back to school. I've considered an MBA but they seem to be a dime a dozen these days. I've also considered a masters in psychology because it is an interesting subject IMO. However, I'm not sure how well I could utilize my IT skills in that field. So my questions are: 1) What is a good degree to pair with an IT degree? What field(s) are good for those with an IT background? I'm looking for a field with some longetivity. 2) Have you or do you know anyone else who has successfully transitioned from a career in IT and how they did it?

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Have you considered becoming an independent consultant?

by lgreene In reply to Is there life after IT?

While it?s not for everyone, you can set your own hours, pick your projects and clients, and maybe reclaim your time a little. In the short run you might need to work harder to get established, but in the long run you?re a free agent.

There are a lot of options for how you can manage your business. Before you give up on the idea because of the complexities of self-incorporation, check out the option of having a Portable Employer of Record. ( One that I?d recommend is MyBizOffice. Here is the URL: Instead of being a 1099 for taxes, using this kind of option means you still get a single W-2 at the end of the year.

Hope this helps. Good Luck!

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I hear you

by jgmsys In reply to Is there life after IT?

I find myself in a similar situation. I am currently stuck in a proprietary IT position, and have been for the past 8 years, despite numerous efforts to escape it. After untold thousands of dollars shot on various education programs taken in an effort to enhance or change my IT skills, it seems that no matter what direction I set my sights on in IT, I'm too late because all they want is senior-level types, or the vast majority of the the positions are being offshored. And I agree. There's only so much constant retraining you can put up with. It's too expensive and requires too much of your life. And for what? A thankless job that nobody understands, and no life to show for it. I would have loved getting involved in video game programming, but mark my words, the vast majority of that will get offshored, too.

Law is not the answer for me. At 40, the possibility of a complete reeducation in law is ludicrous. The only viable IT pathway is to start my own SOHO system integration/repair/network consulting business. Otherwise, it's back to school for something I can get into quickly and cheaply, like mortgage brokering, for example. Will I like it? Who knows? With all due respects to the idea of doing what you like, sometimes what you like is simply impractical for survival. Being married and paying a mortgage forces you to think twice about such things.

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I thought I was "alone"...

by ravenlost2 In reply to Is there life after IT?

Wow! I thought I was really "alone" in this type of situation. Been working in the IT field for nearly 10 years now. Been desktop support, web master / administrator, web programmer and designer. Java programmer / Analyst. Worked for a few years supporting Novell networks and today, a unix administrator. A jack of all trades as someone else called himself!

Seems like it doesn't matter which way in IT I go.. I still end up sick of it. Bores me out. Perhaps it's because I work at the government. Who knows! Private sector... well, you definitely have "no life"; especially in IT. Your job HAS to become you life. At leasts, that how I felt a few years back.

And yes... hard to keep track sometimes! Too many things to keep on learning... to little time.

When you come to point that you have to say to yourself "I just work here", I think it's time to review your career. Especially if you're only 30 like I am... sucks. Hard to do as well, with a car, house, etc to pay...

Sometimes... think you just got to bite the silver bullet and take chance. Like in my case. Sell of everything... move back into an apartment and start over. But also hard to drop all the benefits, and salary...

I actually thought of going into 3D animation. Thought it would a good move for me... since I love that world! I'm the kind who likes to dream. Have a lot of imagination. However, don't have any "drawing" skills and competition is hard as **** in that field... takes A LOT of practice hours... how to keep up! What to do... what to do. So confuse

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