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Is this a "Slippery Slope" ?

By Mickster269 ·

"A new state law says internet predators no longer have to make physical contact with their victims for it to be a crime."

"Unlike years past, police didn't have to wait for him to make physical contact. A new law which took effect in July makes communicating with a minor in an attempt to engage in sex-- illegal."

Ok, obviously, I am all for taking child predators off the streets, offline, and away from society. That's not what is troubling me.

What I can't quite come to terms with is that the man was arrested for talking about potentially committing a crime. What worries me is that while the current law is understandable, and probably to be lauded- does this start us down the infamous "slippery slope"?

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that was four lines, not one......

by jdclyde In reply to I have some concerns with ...

I really do not understand where there is really an advantage to this, especially if they have several preditors plan on showing up on the same day. Getting someone on video is hard to defend against, and not have to deal with the challenges to new laws. To have someone get off on a technicality is never good.

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Preemptive Attack

by yobtaf In reply to Is this a "Slippery Slope ...

Our current administration would call it a preemptive attacks,
hold the perpetrators indefinitely in secret prisons and
legally torture them until they confess to anything.

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