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Is this the beginning of the end for MS?

By TimMitchell ·
I can't help but think that Windows XP will be the catalyst that topples Microsoft from its industry-leading throne. After all, people are fed up with Microsoft! The Justice Dept. is all over them (and rightly so), and the battle has just begun inthe courts. And in the fat middle of that mess, Microsoft concocts a Communist-like product activation scheme which assumes guilt and makes each and every end user prove that he/she may legally be using the software that has already been bought andpaid for ($$$$).

Their last OS was released only 14 months ago, and office suites are appearing just as fast. Public opinion of Microsoft is at an all-time low. Even with their Product Activation scam, their products keep rising in price (Mr.Gates, are you doing that to keep prices down or to satisfy Wall Street?). They continue to promise that the NBT will be much better than the last, with more user-friendly features and workgroup collaberation (whatever that means); all of which is meaningless to me, considering that most of my end users can't send an email attachment without supervision.

Contrary to what many people think, there are alternatives out there. Although its hardware is proprietary, Macintosh makes a very stable, user-friendly product. Linux will run on almost any PC, and it's free. Sun has a free office suite that is well worth what you pay for it.... and Corel has an Office 2000-compatible suite that is as good or better than its Microsoft counterpart (at half the price, product activation not required).

I really think Microsoft has screwed up. Bill won't admit it; he has never backed down on a product release before and will bet the farm on this one, too. I just hope that those thousands ofprogrammers will find new jobs.....

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Elitist Snob.

by epepke In reply to STICK TO THE TOPIC!!!!

Hey, I'm much more of an elitist snob than Generalist is!

Personally, I think the Nederlands guy was just blowing off some steam, which is quite understandable, especially as it's even harder to get hold of Microsoft from Europe. Deliver unto him a break.

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Steam and second languages

by generalist In reply to STICK TO THE TOPIC!!!!

For somebody who is using a non-native language to **** off steam, the Nederlands person did quite well. If you eliminated the implied expletive I wouldn't have anything to complain about in terms of content.

The fact is, if I had been in the right mood I would have added on to the "Future News" since that is a good way to deal with a topic. You can create a scenario of what would happen if things continued as projected.

There some things I am curious about though.

For example, I suspect that MS products have a lot of documentation in American English and a lot less in other languages. Does being able to read American English give people a major advantage in those areas where English isn't the native language? And are the translations from one language to another accurate enough to be useful?

I also wonder about product lag time too. I have heard some people say that IT departments in their countries are at a disadvantage because they are a cycle or so behind the latest and greatest software and/or hardware. Can anybody confirm this and provide a lag time range?

It might be that non-English speaking countries might be able to avoid certain problems by being slightly offset in the product deployment cycle.

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Expletives and language

by epepke In reply to STICK TO THE TOPIC!!!!

That particular expletive is unique to English. It derives its strength from the fact that the Normans conquered England in 1066. One of the first things they did was start a shame campaign, according to which the old Saxon/Germanic terms were badbecause they the people spoke them, while the rulers spoke Norman French. Prior to that, kings and commoners alike used the so-called four-letter words. After that, they were considered "vulgar" (lit. "of the people.") This is why "copulating Microsoft," although it means exactly the same thing, has no strength. (And, no, it isn't related to German "ficken" but to medieval German "fucken" which is to plant a seed in the soil by pushing it in with a stick.)

Apart from that, Europeans havea lot of extra problems with Microsoft.

1) There isn't even the pretense of a toll-free number.

2) People in Europe remember World War II and have laws about privacy and information collection. (People in the Netherlands *really* remember World War II. A lot.)

3) Like Disney and Coca-Cola, Microsoft is a symbol not only of corporate imperialism but national imperialism.

4) Microsoft's sad little attempts at internationalization bite the big weenie. I remember an article by someone in Quebec who wrote in English but couldn't get the English spell checker because he had a French Canadian keyboard.

5) As you mentioned, there is a language barrier. Most documentation is barely in proper American English, let alone a dialect that L2 speakers can understand.

On the other hand, Linux and lots of other good stuff has come out of Helsinki, so they must be doing something right.

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Hmmmm . . . 14-year-old

by Pandadude In reply to Hmmmm . . . possibly

He's pretty pissed about M$ robbing $$$ from people...but no 14-yr-old I know pay for software.

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try to translate.

by w04525 In reply to Hmmmm . . . 14-year-old

Ik ben echt niet 14 !! sukkels. maarja dan moet je het zelf maar weten.

(That is the language I speak) ok ok,

Brief: I'm not 14 years old.

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'Tone' of voice

by generalist In reply to try to translate.

I think it was the tone of voice you were using that triggered the '14' year old comments. Beginning with implied profanity isn't professional.

Personally I'd begin a rant like that with something like the following:

"Those quarter wit idiotsat (fill in the blank) have done it again."

More words but much more impressive in my way of thinking.

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quod erat demonstrandum

by amedee In reply to try to translate.

We hebben vorige week weer gewonnen in 10 voor taal...

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Going Dutch

by amedee In reply to Netherlands?

It is common knowledge (at least in Flanders) that the average language skills of the Dutch have just hit Neanderthal level. (Sorry, that's an insult to **** Neanderthalensis)
After all, we win most of the times in "10 voor Taal", don't we? :-D

For those on the other side of the Atlantic: mock-arguments like these date back to the siege of Antwerp by the Spanish. Check your history books... :)

By the way, English is my *third* language, after Dutch and French.

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Thank You!!

by RDSchaefer In reply to A brief dictionary for yo ...

I usually get flamed when I complain about grammar. I wouldn't say anything to a normal adult (I correct the kids I associate with) but the people who use this site should be above normal. If you are going to express your opinion here, at LEAST run it through a spell-checker before you hit that [Send] button. If you know you're English is poor, start up Word or something and use a Grammar-checker as well.


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by RDSchaefer In reply to Thank You!!

Speaking of mistakes, I just noticed I missed one. My apologies to all.


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