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Is this the beginning of the end for MS?

By TimMitchell ·
I can't help but think that Windows XP will be the catalyst that topples Microsoft from its industry-leading throne. After all, people are fed up with Microsoft! The Justice Dept. is all over them (and rightly so), and the battle has just begun inthe courts. And in the fat middle of that mess, Microsoft concocts a Communist-like product activation scheme which assumes guilt and makes each and every end user prove that he/she may legally be using the software that has already been bought andpaid for ($$$$).

Their last OS was released only 14 months ago, and office suites are appearing just as fast. Public opinion of Microsoft is at an all-time low. Even with their Product Activation scam, their products keep rising in price (Mr.Gates, are you doing that to keep prices down or to satisfy Wall Street?). They continue to promise that the NBT will be much better than the last, with more user-friendly features and workgroup collaberation (whatever that means); all of which is meaningless to me, considering that most of my end users can't send an email attachment without supervision.

Contrary to what many people think, there are alternatives out there. Although its hardware is proprietary, Macintosh makes a very stable, user-friendly product. Linux will run on almost any PC, and it's free. Sun has a free office suite that is well worth what you pay for it.... and Corel has an Office 2000-compatible suite that is as good or better than its Microsoft counterpart (at half the price, product activation not required).

I really think Microsoft has screwed up. Bill won't admit it; he has never backed down on a product release before and will bet the farm on this one, too. I just hope that those thousands ofprogrammers will find new jobs.....

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by cuz_n_jed In reply to Oops!

If there are no mistakes, then are we sure that something is even being done??
Mistakes PROVE that at least an effort is being made.


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You know not everyone that posts

by JimHM In reply to Thank You!!

You know not everyone that posts here is American - so many of these posters are utilizing a second or third language. Let us over "Spell Checking" Americans reply to them in their Native langauge and get all the spelling and word selection correct.

So Ralphie - and EMG - I would call you both The "UGLY AMERICAN'S" - And if you really want to look into it - American English is a downgraded Slang of English - the British have better usage of the langauge then us American's.

So - Lets seeyou answer - Answer this poster in his/her native langauge... and we will let them - spell check and gramar check you...

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Missed The Point

by RDSchaefer In reply to You know not everyone tha ...

Sorry, you missed my point. I would not even think of responding in a language I was not fluent in.
Casual conversation is one thing but in a technical discussion, if I absolutely HAD to participate, I would have someone translate for me. This has nothing to do with American 'arrogance', but rather a desire for full understanding.


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What Dutch are you going to use?

by amedee In reply to You know not everyone tha ...

Are you going to use Flemish Dutch or Dutch Dutch? To keep things simple: Dutch Dutch is a downgraded slang of Dutch, though the Dutch would say the same about Flemish Dutch. And they would also be right.

So far for the language discussion.
Backto the original topic, please.

- signing off -

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by GuruOfDos In reply to You know not everyone tha ...

Actually, the English probably have the better command of the 'English' language, rather than the British! You should try to decipher the Gaelic/Celtic languages as used by the Scots, Irish and Welsh!!!

That said, we English do have a tendancy touse (not utilize, and even that word should be spelled 'utilise'!) some grammatical structures or spellings that don't exactly show our correct working knowledge of our own language. We do have that nasty tendency to insist words are spelled correctly and not in US English, as Bill Gates would prefer. It rubs me up the wrong way to see allegedly 'international' software using the word 'color' instead of 'colour', 'disk' instead of 'disc' and the language choice 'US English' instead of 'English'. What happened to 'English (Strine)' for Australia and 'English (Kiwi)' for our antipodean cousins??!

Don't take this the wrong way! Yes, I AM English, but my wife is American so I can't afford any bias, but even she has insisted on using English as opposed to US English and is learning her 'new language' dilligently. God help me if I call my trainers 'sneakers' or refer to the pavement as a 'sidewalk'!

When Microsoft release a truly 'English' version of their software, maybe the Englishwill take more notice. Oh, Uncle Bill, the alternative measurement unit's to Metric aren't 'English'. We call them 'Imperial'!!

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Who give's a rats arse!

by TomSal In reply to English

How's that for language usage ye bastiches!

Seriously, all this talk about language useage all I can say is language was invented to facilitate communication. Communication is to transmit a thought, idea, emotion, concept or repsonse to another person. If the person can understand what it is you are trying to say - even if they have to see through your spelling mistakes or poor grammar useage from time to time..who cares? The goal of communication and language has been accomplished. Now Iam in agreement with some of you, believe it or not I used to have excellent spelling and grammatical ability - but then I slowly succumbed to my use of the computer and between getting lazy with spell checkers and used to seeing others write poorlywell - this post is an example of how low my skills have sunk. To get anger or upset over which form of a language to use is just beyond silly to me. Who cares? I don't. Modern society is getting too **** anymore, we stress about enough I think. I don't know about you but life throws enough at me that I have better things to concern myself with than if "color" is really "colour" or if "ain't ain't a word". Besides the different way everyone talks and communicates is kind of interesting its one of the many many things that make us individuals.

Yes, American English is less refined than British English, yes I use a lot of slang and poor grammar. Yes some will scoff at me as a "what a stupid american", I don't care. I know what I know,I know who I am and as long as I don't dribbling when I talk and think before I speak I'll be just fine. I will admit one thing I wish we Americans did differently -- go to all 100% metrics, oh sorry I mean "Imperial Metric" measurement.

so ciss mye arse ye friggn bastiches!


PS. Purposefully NOT spelle checkede fur yer pleasure

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It was late.

by w04525 In reply to A brief dictionary for yo ...

and English is not my favorite language.

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OK what - is your second language - Emg?

by JimHM In reply to A brief dictionary for yo ...

OK EMG what is your second or third of fourth language you can speak and spell..

I would class you as a Microsoft BIGOT who can't argue the points that have been raised for discussion - but attach the person..

If you noticed the address is NL... Can you figure in that small MS brain of yours - that it is not American - so english is a second language. Lets see your educational skills - and reply to the person in Dutch, or Swiss German, of German - how about an easy one Spanish..

Stickto the Discussion topic ... A FLAME IN RETURN - TO YOU

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by ron_balch In reply to OK what - is your second ...

I cannot believe that this much discussion over spelling and grammar has taken place here. You guys must get real hot and bothered when reading through motherboard manual. :)

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Not really...

by generalist In reply to Unbelievable

Not really. Many of us were 'trained' on IBMese as found in the multi-volume encyclopedias associated with IBM hardware, operating systems and hardware. While they were theoretically written by people who spoke variations of English, then tended to be more than a little confusing.

Besides, if the motherboard manual is too confusing, the parent organization may lose business or pay out a lot in support calls. THAT problems tends to be self correcting in the long run.

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