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Is training still a vital effort today?

By jmottl ·
With budget cuts and staff reductions I'm assuming training is a casualty of today's times -- is that your viewpoint, or have you worked to make sure that training efforts weren't impacted by budgets and staffing issues....
Judy Mottl
CIO Community Editor

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Training lag trap

by generalist In reply to Silly question!!

On the aggregate the field is changing at a rapid rate. But many organizations lag behind the latest and greatest technologies because older technologies do the jobs needed. Those companies often don't do much training because they don't need to keep their people up to date on a nano-second by nano-second basis.

This unfortunately creates a training lag trap. If you want to keep your employability high, you can't really remain with such an organization . But if the organization is a verysolid one with a record of not firing people in IT, you could thrive. Just be prepared for a hard job search if the organization goes under or has a major reorganization of the IT group.

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More, not less--but different

by John Tieso In reply to Is training still a vital ...

From a consultant's point of view, we are asked much more for training time than it the past, but the types of training have changed. Now, we see more training oriented toward management skills, performance management and process engineering than in the past. Working with our clients, we see that they are purchsing training packages (self-taught, CD etc.) for in-house efforts, but relying on the outside trainers and consultants for more help on how to make the budget go father, and how to strategize on maximizing returns.

These types of training opportunities are not just as the board or senior management level either. More and more ,we are working with mid-level management and employee working groups who are actively engaged in strategizing and visioning in the organization.

Training in many forms is till alive and kicking.

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Objection your honor

by morshedy In reply to Is training still a vital ...

Training has many targets and many reasons, to groups and individuals, to beginners and advanced, so? I think it will be a vital effort.
Thank you.
Esmat Morshedy

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