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Hello Experts,
I want to sugest to my IT Boss about us shifting to Wireless Networking in our entire Company so as to scrap off all these cabels in our offices. Can you please advice me if that's the best way to go and what are the merits and demerits of wireless networking over cabled network. Plus on
its ease to implement it. Your comments will be highly appriciated.

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give wireless a break - it's actually secure these days

by wild__bill In reply to IS WIRELESS NETWORKING BE ...

sure, a wired network is always a level of security higher than wireless, but wireless can be VERY secure if you force a very long passphrase (say 24+ characters that have numbers & symbols & letters) and you specify WPA2-AES only.

Any of y'all that wants to tell me that's not CIA-style secure, then please cite where this level of security has been broken by hackers (maybe if they have a Cray super computer and a couple of years to work on it in their "war driving " vehicle!)

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Reponse To Answer

by jlholmes21 In reply to give wireless a break - i ...

You are indeed correct my techno friend. You can get that type of security on even the worst of wireless routers... my wireless router ahs that and its G+ and is about 4-5 years old

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Cables do help

by jlholmes21 In reply to IS WIRELESS NETWORKING BE ...

Yes wireless is better as you need less cables.

However you then have to make sure all your companies PCs have wireless support. For a small company with only 30 desktop PCs this might be easy as its only 30 wireless network cards you ahve to go and buy, but if, for example, you had 200 desktop PCs, you have to be 200 wireless netowrking cards for these PCs. So if they cost, lets say, ??20 each, thats 20x200, which is, ??4000. You then have to install the drivers on every single PC. and if you ahve some on windows xp and some on windows 7 that makes it more of a challenge as well.

As for the cables... one wireless router won't be enough for an entire company and if you have a large office/building the single will start to drop out for people who work further away. You can, however, turn some wireless routers into access points and these work like this: PC/Laptop --> Access Point --> Your companies server --> internet...... and thats it.. even with cables you will have access points as if you ahve 200 wired PCs thats a lot of cables going into one server, so instead tis maybe 5-10 cables on to the wired access point and then a cable to the other access points.

Wireless is secure and a total stranger won't be able to just get in range of one of your wireless access points, click, click, click and start messing around with your entire companies network.

In my opinion I would keep with the cables. Cables generally have higher bandwith and they aren't effected by the weather so you won't loose single or drop out over long distances. Wireless is good in home or if you work in a small office with a company of about 15-20 people maximum as its easy to setup in that kind of environment

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