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IT Admin "Was Fired" But... Was it a GOOD idea?

By Yowye ·
There was an IT Administrator who had been fired from his Company, do to deliberate mismanagement of the companies network systems in order to acquire new products and software for which they proposed - was the best solution in order to fix the problem, however, A.S.A.V.M operates an internal investigation department... one which no employee had been aware of.

They found in there investigation, that this IT Admin, deliberately mismanaged the net work to obtain software and hardware for both personal use and for personal private transactions.

Now there is a new IT Admin running the show, which just became a circus... The old IT Admin, apparently created personal encrypted passwords which have locked in all essential files, and has been unsuccessfully decoded... now the company has become paralyzed by and Admin who no longer is with them.

The first question is... If you were this new IT Admin, what course of action would you take?

And the second question is... Do the companies you work for have back up plans for the unexpected... what ever the unexpected may be?

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Warning? No Back up?

by duct_Tape101 In reply to They sacked him

Before Canning him did they give talk to him giving a warning to stop this type of activity? I agree that there needs to be a backup system. This should be the First thing when seting up any system Back-up. Maybe they Did the man a favor by canning him. Like Tony said go work for some with a brain Cell or 1/2 half one

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Talk to him?

by 2MANYCERTS In reply to Warning? No Back up?

"Hey could you not mismanage our network and steal from us? That would be nice. Um, oh and by the way, can you decrypt everything and give us your passwords? Thanks"


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If he did what the guy said

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Warning? No Back up?

it's gross misconduct that's instant sack and potential prosecution for fraud.
However a bent admin is not the problem, the real problem is he was the only one with the passwords.
What if he'd got dead, or even hospitalised, what did they do when he was on holiday ?.
This situation reeks of unprofessionalism on all sides.

Ignorance is not an excuse it's a reason.

However they get out of this, if it was me taking responsibility for sorting this situation, I'd make a definite point of doing it right. Someone above this admin, either had his head in the sand or someone's ***.

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I would ask

by jdmercha In reply to They sacked him

Who in their right mind has only one person in the company with admin access. Never mind being fired, what if he/she got hit by a bus on the way to wowrk? You'd still have the same problem.

The admins boss should have the same level access. Even if the boss is not an IT person, they can at least hire a consultant to do the work with the boss's account.

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president, evp, ceo. et. al.

by jeremiah2911 In reply to I would ask

jdmercha u'r right, president,evp should have same level access even if he/she is not an IT person, anything can happen to those gurus... maybe hit by an ambulance! ... : )

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et al? I don't agree

by jforan In reply to president, evp, ceo. et. ...

You do NOT want anyone having any more access than is absolutely needed. If you have the staff, you shouldn't even have more than a pair of "enterprise admins" (for lack of a better term, not necessarily the MS group name) per region. It's a bad idea to give the right to accidentally destroy any and all systems to a guy who may be great with numbers, great with "closing the deal", and great with managing people, but clueless about the ramifications of trying out the latest tip from his high-school-age kid.

The best executives I've worked with understood their roles, and they understood that this most often means they don't need admin level acces. Why would you risk it, especially if you have compliance issues to worry about?

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They don't need access

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to et al? I don't agree

They need to know where to access the access, so they can pass it on in the event of an interuption in service. They'd have had the same problem if this guy was underneath a house in Kashmir, or visting his relatives in New Orleans not so long back.

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Password Override

by toad464 In reply to president, evp, ceo. et. ...

When setting up computer a password that subseads all other passwords and can unlock all and any part of the computer and software this password can also change or remove all passwords bar its own this password is used only by the ceo or full owner of the company and if its dune right you don't even need to be an IT Pro to do it when other people use a system that can be tamped with or when a person whom could be fired or just leave for what ever reasos should not I repeat should not have access to the main control password they all should use secondary and third passwords depending on the needs and the persons job fuction.

Thomas the Toad

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due diligence

by davidvangelder In reply to I would ask

In my position I keep a spreadsheet of all my vendor contacts complete with account numbers and passwords, all the software CD keys, and every single thing that reuires a logon name/password. I also keep my Administrator password here, and my personal password as a Domain Admin in it. About every month I give a copy to our Business Administrator 'just in case'. I owe them this as part of my responsibility to be the caretaker of the network and their data.

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I agree

by dryflies In reply to due diligence

Each time I go through a password cycle, I record all of the passwords, software keys, license details, and computer inventories on a CD. The CD is sealed in a jewel case and put in the Lead administration office Safe Just in case I win the lottery. (It's much more fun than being hit by an ambulance :-)

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