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IT Admin "Was Fired" But... Was it a GOOD idea?

By Yowye ·
There was an IT Administrator who had been fired from his Company, do to deliberate mismanagement of the companies network systems in order to acquire new products and software for which they proposed - was the best solution in order to fix the problem, however, A.S.A.V.M operates an internal investigation department... one which no employee had been aware of.

They found in there investigation, that this IT Admin, deliberately mismanaged the net work to obtain software and hardware for both personal use and for personal private transactions.

Now there is a new IT Admin running the show, which just became a circus... The old IT Admin, apparently created personal encrypted passwords which have locked in all essential files, and has been unsuccessfully decoded... now the company has become paralyzed by and Admin who no longer is with them.

The first question is... If you were this new IT Admin, what course of action would you take?

And the second question is... Do the companies you work for have back up plans for the unexpected... what ever the unexpected may be?

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what if they don't ask the business manager

by jeffersnet In reply to due diligence

OK, depending on the company size and other factors the business manager may not have been asked for the password in your situation when you get fired (not that it will really happen)and so now there are a bunch of people suggesting coming after you. Now, if the company is run by a jerk who doesn't want to look bad in front of the County Attorney then this business manager may have been told to keep his mouth shut when they finally figure out that the old IT manager wasn't such a bad guy after all.
This kind of crap really does happen. Make backup plans for backup plans for backup plans for CYA purposes.

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He was the Guru?

by ozi Eagle In reply to They sacked him

If he was the Guru of IT at the company, the rest probably didn't have a clue to what danger they were in. I mean if one truck driver "dies" you just hire another, don't you.
They obviously have no appreciation of IT and its traps.

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Now there'e a scenario

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to He was the Guru?

we have no experience with in IT.
All my colleagues agree with me.
Mr Spanner, Mr Driver and even Miss Hammer.

Sounds like a classic case of no management let him get on with it followed by an executive extremity and then what's known in technical circles as a cluster****.

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Crazy and Lazy way to do business

by teajay9001 In reply to Now there'e a scenario

Actually managment should have took a hit on this one. To entrust a single admin with you entire network/business infastructure is a **** poor manangment/security practice. ALL passwords should be documented and locked in a safe with dual control access. A company policy with full manangement involvement should be developed and carried out to the tee. I agree with Tony the company should lick thier wounds and hire his *** back. Then develope and administer the policy have him sign it then give him a permanent layoff.
(just keepin it legal).

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Hire his *** back?

by 2MANYCERTS In reply to Crazy and Lazy way to do ...

"Sorry we fired you for STEALING. Gosh, can you come back and decrypt everything? And give us your passwords? Thanks"

Seriously? The guy is a THIEF. Do you think he would ever do this?

"Um...why do we need it decrypted? Uhhhh... special reasons... No, we would NEVER fire you. Oh yeah. Okay, we would never fire you AGAIN"

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by lsmith1989 In reply to Hire his ass back?

HAHAHAHA... This sounds like a line that came out of Office Space the movie.

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Don't bring him or her back!!!

by TheTech In reply to Hire his ass back?

I must say what he did is ever funny, as for removing the password. Well I see some of you mention going to a data recovery lab that?s will work if you willing to send upward of 20,000. Or more. You can always try other Ideas here are some site I have seen.

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I did n't say hire him !

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Crazy and Lazy way to do ...

If he was defrauding the company I'd prosecute his ***. Part of his show of guilt for it would have been the professional way he helped pass over his reponsibilities.

When I said ask I meant.
Stage 1
As a fellow professional ...
Stage 2
We are initiating legal proceedings ...
Final Stage
Give me the passwords or you get a visit from my friend Critical Bill.

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Rule of Two

by Wayne M. In reply to He was the Guru?

I can't really tell from the description whether firing was justified or not. The issue people should take away from this, though, is the risk associated with relying on a single individual.

One rule I enforce on every project I run is to have at least two people involved in every task. In addition to redundancy, this provides some side benefits. This is an excellent way to train someone in a new technology or task; the expert can serve as a mentor. This also allows the expert to work on his leadership and communication skills. Lastly, because the work is shared, the expert now has time to learn a new skill in a different aspect of the project.

This is not an IT issue or reflect a lack of knowledge of IT. Every position in the company from CEO to worker on the loading dock needs to have someone who can step and fulfil his responsibilities. Yes, I really mean all the way down, because I have seen major projects and proposals nearly come unhinged because no one knew how to send an overnight package. Duplicate all job roles.

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Can I work for you?

by bwohl In reply to Rule of Two

Wow...that budget must be awesome - 2 people where only 1 is required?

You work at GM or Microsoft?

(Can I bring my need two?)

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