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IT Admin "Was Fired" But... Was it a GOOD idea?

By Yowye ·
There was an IT Administrator who had been fired from his Company, do to deliberate mismanagement of the companies network systems in order to acquire new products and software for which they proposed - was the best solution in order to fix the problem, however, A.S.A.V.M operates an internal investigation department... one which no employee had been aware of.

They found in there investigation, that this IT Admin, deliberately mismanaged the net work to obtain software and hardware for both personal use and for personal private transactions.

Now there is a new IT Admin running the show, which just became a circus... The old IT Admin, apparently created personal encrypted passwords which have locked in all essential files, and has been unsuccessfully decoded... now the company has become paralyzed by and Admin who no longer is with them.

The first question is... If you were this new IT Admin, what course of action would you take?

And the second question is... Do the companies you work for have back up plans for the unexpected... what ever the unexpected may be?

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Three deep...

by Just Watching Now In reply to Rule of Two

Heartily agree with the rule of two, but it's a minimum. Back (in ought eight) when times were flush, management tried to keep all skills in the hands of three people.

In today's world, one deep suffices. So this one admin was a 24/7/365 one-man show? May have been a little bitter, too.

Do a simple cost benefit on all three proposed fixes above. The hacking company won't come cheap. Rebuilding the system won't result in the same system. I'll bet the old admin would give you the passwords for a few thousand bucks.

Take it out of the education budget.

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Management dropped the ball

by abrannon In reply to Three deep...

Management should have documented everything before the fired him. There are plenty of reasons why you would need password/server builds/network setup documented. After they fired this guy they should have forced password changed company wide. My current employer had a similar situation occur and they did exactly what I suggested. When one person didn?t change his password the ex-IT guy logged in and sent some bad email to a few people. End result is Document Document before you get rid of the guy that runs the show. When he leaves make sure you?re now the only one with access. Management should swallow their pride shell out the $$ to get a legitimate password cracking service to open things up.

As far as the current IT guy goes, I would help this company get their IT in shape then leave for better waters.

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Importance of documentation

by DFNet In reply to Management dropped the ba ...

I agree the importance of documentation. This should be part of IT management to ensure the continuity of business. What happend if the only "know all" guy had a misfortunte and cannot come back to work? With proper documentation the company can ensure smooth transtition with minimum disruption to business. Although it is tedious to maintain good documentation of everything but at the minimum there should be a good disaster recovery plan, and this is what a "disaster" can do to company....

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Rule of two is correct

by john In reply to Rule of Two

When I started with my company, it was a one-man IT shop before me. I spent the first year wrangling with management and the admin to get a full set of passwords for everything, and the admin guy made it real difficult. It took pressure from the top, but as soon as I got them I made up a spreadsheet and gave a copy to each of the owners of the company. I told them that these passwords are your property, along with the data and systems that they protect. I feel lucky that I was able to do this before any real need for it surfaced.

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I wish my company that was that intelligent

by ssampier In reply to Rule of Two

We have the same problem in my company. The IT staff is fairly role specific (system admin, network adminstrator, etc), so anytime someone is gone on vacation or sick, we are stuck; we have no one else to turn to. I would even be willing to shoulder some IT burden with only a slight increase in pay (2% should do it).

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he's not drinkin!

by davidvangelder In reply to Rule of Two

He works for Booz! Wayne you MUST work for Booz Allen, that is textbook BAH...and you are right of's also a great way to build team unity and share successes.

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Why was he sacked?

by sheiba In reply to They sacked him

The company must have checked the admin out before he was hired. Obviously he was OK. Did they sack him for being inefficient, incapable or was he doing something illegal? If the latter call the police, you may get the passwords that way. If he was sacked for other reasons then have a good look at your hiring policy!

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Re Read the Original Post

by WhiteKnight_ In reply to Why was he sacked?

Sheiba, the original post stated
"They found in there investigation, that this IT Admin, deliberately mismanaged the net work to obtain software and hardware for both personal use and for personal private transactions."

Is this not sufficient reason for you?

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Read the post, MAN!

by code4life In reply to Why was he sacked?

The original post explained he was fired for illegally downloading software using company network. What part of *ILLEGAL* don't you understand?

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by pickleman In reply to Read the post, MAN!

Uhh, no.
Actually, the original post says no such thing.
At no point was there any mention of anybody downloading software illegally.

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