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IT Career... an oxymoron???

By Benjamin ·
Hello everyone. I have returned to the US after being in the UK for 8 years. While there, I was able to successfully join the world of IT and progress my career quite nicely. I was fortunate to get started in 1999, the year Y2K mania struck fear into most corporations everywhere. As such, I was able to work for several consultancies as we prepared major corporations for the "devastating" effects of January 1st 2000. Because of this I was able to obtain invaluable experience as I worked with and upgraded computer systems.

We all know what happened AFTER the cities of the world welcomed the new millennium so I won't talk about that. Fortunately for me, I was still able to obtain consulting work for other IT projects with some of these companies because I actually ended up saving them a LOT of money. I would take directors aside, go to the time and date settings of their PC, change them to a date in the year 2000 and ask them to work as they normally do. When asked why I did this, I commented that this is all you need to know about how your systems will be affected when January 1st rolls around. Because of this, I was called back to do legitimate projects. And I did this until last year when I finally decided it was time to return home.

Now, that I am home I have come to realize that IT work has all but dried up in my part of the country (Arizona) and the prospects don't look any better in other parts of the US. So, here I am providing phone tech support for a shipping company. Hmmmm. This can't be right. I keep hearing horror stories about how recent college graduates with a degree in IT can't even find a job! I'm sure a lot of you out there can remember the days when there were actually more jobs available than there were people to fill them. Not any more!

So, here I stand, (well sit actually) with 5 years of job related experience in everything from front end software and hardware support to running things and administrating from the back end. I can configure and troubleshoot just about anything out there and I can't even find a job in my field of expertise. The market is saturated with guys like me. Granted I don't have any letters after my name and have not actually taken the time to pursue such things as MCSE, CNA, etc. because I have the hands on experience. Now I am beginning to wonder where I go from here.

I am not asking for advice or anything. I would however be interested to know how many of you (and I am sure there are a lot of you) who have similar stories to tell and what you are doing about it. Supposedly with all the outsourcing that is happening, there "SHOULD" be more opportunities opening up for more technical jobs. Yeah, right! I'm thinking that if one of my friends who is an awesome software developer can't find a job, what chance in **** do I have?
I look forward to any and all posts to this discussion. Thanks for reading and all the best to all of you!

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same in here

by youssifm In reply to IT Career... an oxymoron? ...

after 5 years of readings, practicing, and working, getting A+, working as technical support, then manager, and now setting at home, because anyone can hold a screw in hardidsk is really working as technical, and any problem to face, the first solution and easy one , why bother, just format and re-install, that's life

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IT glut??

by raysal In reply to IT Career... an oxymoron? ...

Yes I believe you hit the nail on the head on this one. I am still a student and I can see that. There is no way for the IT market to give jobs to all the ITs being graduated. The only way for a lot of IT graduates to find jobs is to bump existing ITs out of their jobs. China alone will outstrip the US in the near future. That is a shame cause the US is on it way to being a 3rd world country.

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Out source yourself

by alamgir21 In reply to IT Career... an oxymoron? ...

We are hearing soo much of IT business outsourcing to India and Pak.. So y dont you outsource yourself to such place and trust me you can get a good monetary benefit out of it plus the cross culture experience.. People here would be wanting your type of experience here for sure.. keep in mind that life in these countries is king like

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Kiss It Goodbye

by Iis In reply to IT Career... an oxymoron? ...

Kiss your ideas about job stability and career goodby. YOUR OWN GOVERNMENT is conspiring to take our country down, create a worldwide depression, and destroy at least two thirds of the US population. This may sound terribly weird and "conspiratorial", but face facts: the people that run our "government" are basically pawns of the super rich.
In case you havent noticed, while our government is hastilly passing "laws" that no one has read (Patriot bs) and that are robbing us of all our freedoms, they are opening the borders to lawbreakers from south of the border (who may also be terrorists), letting REAL terrorists alone by claiming that we cant "profile", forcing American women to undress and submit to having their private parts and breasts fondled at Airports while REAL terrorists are waved on throught, giving our tax dollars away to people who did not work for "social security", spending like there is no tomorrow on things that have nothing to do with us, waging needless wars while inflatting the dollar until there is no more value in it (essentially, deceitful taxation) while claiming to give us "tax cuts", unfairly favoring the super rich and the corporations, allowing our environment, food and water to continue to be poisoned by a shitload of toxins including fluoride, pesticides, rocket fuel, radioactive waste, msg, aspartame, do some research and I'm sure you will find many more.
Meanwhile, all these super rich are hyped up on creating a WORLD SOCIALIST STATE ("New world order")! Thats the plan. In order for this plan to succeed, WE THE PEOPLE OF THIS ONCE FREE LAND must be put down and submerged into third world status. We must be made to operate just like MEXICO is today! Thats why Bush is giving everthing away to Mexico. And thats why IT jobs and other specialized high end work is being shipped overseas. WE MUST BE RELEGATED TO THIRD WORLD STATUS! Can anything be any plainer?

You better start thinking for yourself instead of believing the lying US Media (All major news networks).

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by DC_GUY In reply to Kiss It Goodbye

I've got no problem with just about everything you said. Perhaps I disagree with you on the degree to which some of these things are happening, but basically you're describing a Paradigm Shift and yours is one of many perfectly valid perspectives on it.

But a "world socialist state?" Give me a break! The Bilderberg Group is orchestrating this. Their leaders are not by any stretch of the imagination "leftist" in their economic policies. They may be socially liberal because they came of age in the civil rights era, but when it comes to economics they are hard-nosed capitalists. In fact, socially liberal plus economically conservative is a textbook (albeit shorthand and somewhat oversimplified) definition of "libertarian." What we used to call "classic liberal" before the American/European leftists stole our name.

The only problem with the Bilderberg model of the world is that it is incredibly statist -- strong central governments with tight control over everything. That pretty well blows the libertarian model, in which the government has the duty to maintain internal order with police and international order with a defense-only military force, and the citizens are trusted to have enough sense to take care of everything else.

What we are facing is not so much a world socialist state as simply a world-state. The nation-state was bad enough. The world-state really sucks.

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by pickleman In reply to Kiss It Goodbye

Would you like a hanky for your weeping, bleeding, oh-so-Liberal heart?

Give me a break.

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What happened to IT careers

by terry In reply to IT Career... an oxymoron? ...

As a lot of us have found, companies are going to outsourcing. Just as technology evolves and changes, our jobs change too. Like it or not we live in a business world now where outsourcing seems to be the way most major companies want to go.

Now, we as IT professionals are forced to make decisions. Do we try to fight for what the few jobs left in the market, or do we change too? I have an analogy that helped me to answer that question for me. Lets face it, If you were manufacturing buggies in the early 1900's, Detroit saw to it that you didn't last long. You got on the automobile bandwagon or you were left behind.

That is basically what I was faced with about 5 years ago when the company I was working for was purchased by a New York investment company and my job as an MIS manager was eliminated. My decision was to move into the consulting sector and provide outsourced IT Services to those companies who don't want to spend the money to staff their own IT department. Since then, I have grown and have a small staff helping me and have continue to evolve. We have followed the demand of the industry and began to move into the network security field. These types of positions won't be farmed out to foreign countries. Companies will always need someone to help them with their day to day needs, network infrastructure design and setup etc.

Anyway, I've been having problems finding good qualified networking engineers / technicians in my area. We just picked up two large contracts and need some additional help.

Most of our clientel is in Ventura County and Northern Los Angeles County. Anyone interested, I'd love to hear from you.

Terry Schladetzky
(805) 388-8441

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The ages

by herrmanso In reply to IT Career... an oxymoron? ...

when you are a young-IT you haven?t enough experience, when you have a lot you are overcalificated!!, where is the balance or
the golden measure?.
I have the same problem, Overcalificated, in Proyect Management. The answer, erase some habilities of your r?sum?, enough to rise the job.
Good hunt.

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Unfortunately I think we all know the answer

by binomial In reply to IT Career... an oxymoron? ...

This might have come up already in a post but, my experience regarding this matter is plain and simple. In today?s market, it is all in who you know. I like a lot of us was laid off back in 2001 due to the stock market and dot com crashes that left me doing contract work which later led me outside of the industry. I was outside of the industry for 2 years, (not by choice mind you) and then and associate referred my to a job posting, I sent him my resume that he had delivered to management and HR, set up the interview and BAM, hired. Were there others that were more qualified than me? Defiantly! Do managers respect the opinion of their employees? Yes!! So as sad and political as it may seem, keep the lines of networking open with all those you know and get to the point where someone hand delivers a resume to a decision maker, it made the difference for me, and I know that I will do that in return when a position becomes available for someone else. Again, and this is coming from management, they would rather chance the opinion of a loyal employee, than take a chance on a shot in the dark with words on paper.

Just my option,
Good luck!!

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it's a cycle, not a trend...

by sgt_shultz In reply to IT Career... an oxymoron? ...

don't let the glass get half empty my friend. it is filling up to overflowing, can't you see? get some letters after your name. one server, one network and a security cert ought to do it.
you can't dip in your net and pull out several prospects like in the golden days, i agree. but it is not hopeless. count blesssing, do good work, do golden rule, have fun...banks and dr's offices have more it needs right now due to new laws. have you tried there. defense companies crying for help. have you tried there.

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