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IT Career... an oxymoron???

By Benjamin ·
Hello everyone. I have returned to the US after being in the UK for 8 years. While there, I was able to successfully join the world of IT and progress my career quite nicely. I was fortunate to get started in 1999, the year Y2K mania struck fear into most corporations everywhere. As such, I was able to work for several consultancies as we prepared major corporations for the "devastating" effects of January 1st 2000. Because of this I was able to obtain invaluable experience as I worked with and upgraded computer systems.

We all know what happened AFTER the cities of the world welcomed the new millennium so I won't talk about that. Fortunately for me, I was still able to obtain consulting work for other IT projects with some of these companies because I actually ended up saving them a LOT of money. I would take directors aside, go to the time and date settings of their PC, change them to a date in the year 2000 and ask them to work as they normally do. When asked why I did this, I commented that this is all you need to know about how your systems will be affected when January 1st rolls around. Because of this, I was called back to do legitimate projects. And I did this until last year when I finally decided it was time to return home.

Now, that I am home I have come to realize that IT work has all but dried up in my part of the country (Arizona) and the prospects don't look any better in other parts of the US. So, here I am providing phone tech support for a shipping company. Hmmmm. This can't be right. I keep hearing horror stories about how recent college graduates with a degree in IT can't even find a job! I'm sure a lot of you out there can remember the days when there were actually more jobs available than there were people to fill them. Not any more!

So, here I stand, (well sit actually) with 5 years of job related experience in everything from front end software and hardware support to running things and administrating from the back end. I can configure and troubleshoot just about anything out there and I can't even find a job in my field of expertise. The market is saturated with guys like me. Granted I don't have any letters after my name and have not actually taken the time to pursue such things as MCSE, CNA, etc. because I have the hands on experience. Now I am beginning to wonder where I go from here.

I am not asking for advice or anything. I would however be interested to know how many of you (and I am sure there are a lot of you) who have similar stories to tell and what you are doing about it. Supposedly with all the outsourcing that is happening, there "SHOULD" be more opportunities opening up for more technical jobs. Yeah, right! I'm thinking that if one of my friends who is an awesome software developer can't find a job, what chance in **** do I have?
I look forward to any and all posts to this discussion. Thanks for reading and all the best to all of you!

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IT Job search......

by fernbowers In reply to IT Career... an oxymoron? ...

Getting a security clearance will help you.
You could do consulting work for Government agencies in the Washington DC area. Of course, you would need to relocate.
Need a lot of IT workers.

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Where are the opportunities?

by 2nd time with IT In reply to IT Career... an oxymoron? ...

Fortunately I managed to obtain a good steady IT job just before the market tanked. I had taken a 10 year hiatus doing social work which was very rewarding but the pay was not enough to support my family.

Paradoxically I re-entered the IT field to earn more money and take advantage of future opportunities. These opportunities have since vanished. I find my current position boring but the few other IT jobs I have managed to interview for pay less than my current position.

From this message board - if I want to continue to grow in IT I will need to make my own opportunities. My current belief that I could just continue to send in resumes like in the past is not going to work.

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You are correct

by hgordon In reply to IT Career... an oxymoron? ...

"IT career" is often an oxymoron. The nation is spending a tremendous amount of money on what is described as defense, security, war on terror etc. Add to that the dollars spent in areas that are frequently held to low standards of value in return to money spent, such as government, teaching, colleges, much of medicine, etc, and the result is if you in a truly competitive field such as IT, jobs are going to be scarce. However there are alternatives. You might consider currently favored fields such as accounting, attorneys, financial planners, politician, professional sports and pornography (don't laugh, it's legal and lucrative). This is what the nation regards as important, not technology. Don't expect IT to return to "glory days" (say like it was 5 years ago) unless you are sure the Conestoga Wagon will return as the primary means of transportation.

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Well not exactly.......Maybe porn though.....

by dafe2 In reply to You are correct

"The nation is spending a tremendous amount of money on what is described as defense, security, war on terror etc"

All of what you describe runs on an IT infrastructure. The only thing that's changed in IT today are its "Core Values" and its "Ownership".

IT is valued MORE today by Business, Industry and Government. For that reason alone the face is changing. Along with a solid IT backround (Certs, Degree and/or Experience ) you are now expected to have other skills. New "IT Skills" today include specialties like: Asset Management, Security, Process Management and Project Management and many others. One company I know of outsourced all of it's IT. 300 IT staff were not laid off but liaised & managed the outsource project. They then focused all effort on IT projects instead of firefighting all day. Overtime went down, quality of life up.

Now, WE know these aren't new in IT. We use them every day of life in this business. They are the valued skills the new owners of Business Information Technology. FINANCE. So I ask you, if your resume today highlights your programming knowledge and mentions PM only in passing while being inteviewed by a Bean guessed it.
(Simple example, but you get the idea)

IT is alive & well and more important than it ever has been. It does however have a diferent face and a new "owner". I'm reasonably sure the porn industry has a a Server Room somewhere accounting & un-accounting for all that cash too. :-)

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Truth & Fact IT are for the few lucky

by georgep In reply to IT Career... an oxymoron? ...

First of all I have a BS MCSE, MCSA and almost all the other certs. What good has it done me NONE!! I've sent out hundreds of resumes all over the country. Haven't received "One" response. That just shows you what the markets like. I've WASTED my life, money and time for nothing! Oh and as for you "SOB" that are working your don't know your head from your ***!!! You better go kiss your bosses *** "AGAIN" and thank him for letting you still be employed. Because if you LOST your job your *** would just like the rest of us "OUY OF WORK"!! So keep you kiss *** and degrading remarks to yourself!! Your the ones that people call lazy and lucky. I call you kiss asses. I know your not. I bet when your in a meeting and your dumb *** boss makes a suggestion or wants something done that's totally STUPID your the first ones to say "Oh that's a good idea and smile. As you walk out or go home your saying what an ***. I have allot of friends that have been out of work for 3 years just like I have. And were NOT lazy, stupid or uneducated. Most of you are right the IT jobs are going if not gone except for the LUCKY few that find one. For the lucky ones that are working life is great, so why are crying we can't get work. Don't let those "SOB" get to you. Face reality and go into something else. Just as I have to face it myself. I loved working with PC's. I have no idea what I can do. Hmmm maybe I'll try networking with the kiss asses in here that have a job. You think they'll help me? HA that's a joke! The problem we have is we don't or can't face reality that were NOT going to find a job in IT again. I'm sure all of you are feeling the same way, you love IT and can't imagine doing anything else, Neither can I! I wonder if a Paki or Arab would hire us??Ya that's a joke!! I wish all of you luck that AREN'T working. For you "SOB" that made smart *** remarks I hope you loose your jobs and see how it feels. I hope I've expressed what other people wanted to say or feel.

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You've go issues there.....

by dafe2 In reply to Truth & Fact IT are for t ...

You expressed at least one of your credentials quite well?. the BS. AKA Bull S.hit

Also, when you refer to nationalities in the manner you have, you also express your IQ quite well too.

I?d submit the reason for your current employment status is quite evident in this post.

I'll express how I feel after reading this in your terms (and for all 'Pakis')

Go F.U.C.* yourself & have a great day.

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by apotheon In reply to You've go issues there... ...

This guy doesn't just have issues. He's got subscriptions.

Ooh, is that a Linux Journal I see?

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Right next to Jolly Roger I think

by dafe2 In reply to Issues?

But that was a 'cookbook'.........I guess. Oh well.

I have a few guys working for me from other 'Nationalities' I just haven't heard those 'terms' in awhile..........

Anyway, just stirring the pot a bit. Thought this clown or clownette should get a kick in the ***.

This guy can either be a member of the fortunate few (With his skills he should be) or continue with his anger and become one of the filthy few. His choice of course.

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his choice

by apotheon In reply to Right next to Jolly Roger ...

You're right. I think the guy needs a nice, long meditation, or a talk with a good minister, or simply a little sleep in a warm bed after drinking some cocoa with a relative he likes. He seems to be suffering some pretty awful stress, and seems to tend to take it out on others.

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Not his choice

by Too Old For IT In reply to Right next to Jolly Roger ...

He is 100% correct in one respect: Bad/mediocre managers prefer to hire kiss-asses.

And before you warm up your flame-thrower, I too am looking outside of IT for my next job. Transferable skills, and all that.

I guess it's all about self respect. Protracted job searches, combined with working for "IT consulting firms" that are little removed from temp agencies helps little with self respect.

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