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IT careers for introverts

By computerguy124 ·
This might be a weird question, but does anyone know of any IT careers that are generally geared towards introverts? I work at a help desk, which has turned out to be quite an extraverted job. I'm willing to get more certifications if necessary, but I really need to move to an IT job that doesn't require a customer service personality. I'm finding the social aspect of my job to be more than I can handle. Any ideas out there?

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Why our world's as it is.

by haywoodwhy In reply to great assessment tagmarkm ...

Being an introvert is obviously easy, just ignore as much of the world as you can. You are also ignoring your own self-improvement. Look at how wonderful you are at going it alone with your own information. Something the world seems to specialize in these days, and the more we ignore one another, the worse the world becomes. You are the world,you create it by observing it, and what you ignore in the world is what is most needed; communications skills.
Thank you

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Re: why our world's as it is

by warnerit In reply to Why our world's as it is.

Being introverted is not about "ignoring the world" as you put it. Being extroverted or introverted is not a learned or a chosen thing. People are born one way or the other. It's something that is hardwired. I used to have a great document from one of my university sociology classes of some time ago that went over the differences between introverts and extroverts, how they perceive and process stimuli, etc., and I really wish I could find it right now.

For introverts, extended social interaction is very draining, while for extroverts it is exhilarating. So introverts prefer less amounts of social interaction. Like I mentioned above, it has to do with how the brain receives and interprets data/stimuli from our surroundings, to put it oversimplistically. It has nothing to do with whether someone wants to be helpful to others.

Being a salesperson would be very draining for an introvert while for an extrovert it gets the blood pumping. One type is not wrong and the other right, one is not better than the other. There are plenty of careers for both types, and frankly we need both types for the world to function.

We aren't talking about communication skills here, we are talking about jobs that don't require a high level of social interaction. Communication skills and levels of social interaction are 2 completely different things.

I know plenty of introverts who have excellent communication skills. Just because they don't want to have to use those skills constantly all day long doesn't mean there is something wrong with them or that they are the problem with the world.

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tagmarkman is right

by Jaqui In reply to IT careers for introverts

and not just for it.
all positions now require you to interact with people.

but you would probably find the programming or system admin positions more suitable.
no dealing with brain dead end users there.. other than the brain dead co-workers that ruin perfectly stable systems by installing addon toolbars.

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Is that so? :)

by honu95 In reply to tagmarkman is right

Very funny statement with the toolbars. It's such a common thing, it's just ridiculous. "Oh, it even gives me my weather in a popup window!"

I have to say that if it's in a small org., even a sys admin needs to deal with people. It all depends on the situation and org. Good luck! Set some time for yourself for rejuvenation/recuperation from the daily load.

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No interaction?

by MSwanberg In reply to tagmarkman is right

Wow! What programming job do YOU have where you don't have to deal with end users?

In my experience, particularly if you move up the programming ranks, you have to interact with users all the time.

I lead a one-man (including me) team that produces statements for a regional bank. Yes, I am THE programmer, but I am also the LEAD programmer. I interact with users all the time... Marketing, Rendering, Customer Service, etc.

As well, I find that I have to interact a lot, even with non-users. Business Analysts, Managers, Senior Managers, System Owners, etc.

FWIW, if you want zero interaction, the only way to do it is... well, I don't know how to accomplish that. But I guess being a junior programmer in the right organization (I have even had to meet with users, up to and including the CEO, when I was a junior programmer) might reduce your interactivity with others to an acceptable level.

I became a programmer to try and limit my interaction with other people (I find computers to be more loyal and intelligent). But in the end, I had to make adjustements because it seems like that position doesn't exist.

One more thing... do NOT become the go-to guy. If people find that you are adept at getting things done, then they'll beat down your door... well, the imaginary door indicated by the tape on the floor at your cubicle's doorway. ;-)


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I do a job requiring nearly no end users....

by CampbellsMan In reply to No interaction?

Around 99% of my communications come through email or MSN, I work for a small company as a programmer....

The only person I ever need to approach is my immediate boss who's been a good friend since leaving school (13 years ago) although I?ve only recently started working for him a few years ago....

From time to time I will need to attend a meeting which will usually be with the owner of the company, a sales person who's sold the project and potentially a member of the call centre... In these meetings my input is usually minimal, I will sit there and take in what is required and what the plan is analysing everything and making my own plans. If something comes up with isn't possible or I see a problem with then I will mention it, but literally that's it!

All in all everybody in the company understands the way I am and understand that I do a very good job but I am not conformable surrounded by lots of people unless I know them well. Because of this they just let me get on with it and leave me alone....

In my previous experience, my first job was programming (I loved it), then moved on for more money into telephone tech support, I got a lot of respect and was one of the best in the company but I hated it... Moving on from there I decided to work for myself but again didn't like all the end users, went working in a shop as a tech repairs when people bring in broken PC?s, not too bad but felt that I could do better!!!

So here I am again programming and I love it!!!

Definitely the job for me!

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by NEES In reply to I do a job requiring near ...

Discover your purpose in life and be happy. Whatever gifts, talents and abilities to serve others are yours will make you happiest when you use them. Depending on your talents, an IT job for you might be in a Think Tank type company where you are paid to come up with new ideas or especially something designing new games if you can design some uplifting ones! : ) What do you think?

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Sounds great? where?

by CampbellsMan In reply to YOUR PURPOSE IN LIFE

That sounds like something I'd loved to do and something that I do on a regular basis anyway....

One thing that I intend on doing at some point is producing my own games, I currently produce my own music and game ideas anyway, and I love playing and picking faults with games?


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But, yeah I completely agree

by CampbellsMan In reply to YOUR PURPOSE IN LIFE

Can't agree with you more, you hit the nail on the head, everybody is different and it's not just int/ext that defines what sort of job you should do... find your purpose in life! spot on!

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Here's a weird answer

by amcol In reply to IT careers for introverts

Maybe you should change your approach. Rather than seeking a career that's in line with your introverted personality and in pursuit of that picking up an ever increasing number of letters after your name, how about going for the training and guidance and reinforcement necessary to come out of your shell?

Don't think it's impossible. I was the shyest of shy kids. In my high school yearbook, under my picture is the caption "We are all so curious...what makes you so serious?".

Then I got lucky. I met and married an extroverted woman, who helped me greatly in terms of developing social graces (that was 30 years ago and she still thinks I'm the cat's meow...go figure). I also joined a consulting firm two years out of college, which forced me to develop necessary communication skills. It was excruciating, and at the time I hated it, but in the long run I've had a far more satisfying career and life as a result.

Don't sit at your desk and be alone. People suck, but not all of them and not too badly. Give a little of yourself and you'll be amazed at the return.

Join an organization called Toastmasters International. They'll teach you how to be comfortable doing public speaking, the one thing every survey says people would rather die than do. Push yourself to be more open...the next time you're at any kind of business gathering pick someone in the room at random, go up to him/her and introduce yourself, then quickly start asking questions about him/her (without being aggressive and obnoxious about it). Go to places where social activity happens and get socially active, no matter how alien and uncomfortable it feels. Make your interactions with others more about them than about you...people love to talk about themselves, and when you enable them to do so you'll be amazed at the return you'll get.

This is a skill, and like any other it takes practice and more practice. And then a lot more practice after that. At first you'll suck at it...don't give up, don't get frustrated with yourself, and don't give yourself any kind of constraints such as getting socially adept by a certain date or else. Believe me, you'll be a more well rounded and much happier person just by getting more open minded about yourself.

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