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IT Department staffing issue

By sbnc ·
I work as the IT Manager in a 100 person office. My co-workrer was put into the department becuase of her friendship with the HR manager at the time. This person has no technical background or skills other that training and basic application support as this person was the Word Processing Supervisor previously. As they have no formal training, I have to write everyhting down step-by-step for them and as they have no real interest in this area (other than for money), I get counteless calls when away from the office wanting me to walk her through problems as she doesn't have the ability to reseach simple issues on their own. As examples, she was asked to restart a serice on the Exchange server and instead of logging off when finished, restarted the server mid-day when she was done. Also she does not respond to email notifications of network failures as she does not understand the messages. Why not call someone if you don't know. The best part is that she feels that she works just as much as I do yet she refuses to come in at 3:00am or on weekends to perform maintenance. Anyways, enough venting...I have been asked by the Executive Committee to put a business case together to hire an additional staff member to help in the department as finally, in a past meeting, she admitted to the EC that she lacks the ability to cover/assist me in the way that is required after I brought them a list of prerequesites (very basic tasks) for anyone working in an IT Department. Are there any free resources out there or any advice that you can offer ? I have some notes that I have made but just can't seem to put it all together. As she has been with the company for 10 years, they may use this to move her out of the department or as a way to justify letting her go.


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Bottom Line

by jaytm401 In reply to Manage JD and perfomance ...

You are a nice guy. And nice guys are said to finish last. Your job is at stake due to lack of training of your co-worker. You either have to find her a new position in the company via HR or Get her training (the nice way). The not so nice way is via documentation and force her out. There are many IT professionals looking for work that could fill that position. They have paid for their training and dues in the time spent studying/hacking for something that they want and love to do. Give the job to an IT person. It grips me to find such issues when I have problems getting a job because some person that is not qualified or trained to do the job is in the position ! IT people are out there struggling for a job. Look out for your fellow IT person.

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by WearsManyHats In reply to Manage JD and perfomance ...

RogerSD, this is a great reply. I appreciate the detail.

I'm not familiar with the SMART system so I did a Google search. I take it this is not what you were refering to?: "The SMART system helps community corrections officers become aware of a person under supervision has been stopped for another offense and indicates if they have violated their supervisory conditions." :)

Can you provide any links or further information on the SMART system?

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She's Fired

by numarx1 In reply to IT Department staffing is ...

I would go back to the HR department a communicate
to the friend that promoted this person to have a serious
talk with her in the direction of getting properly trined
with in a 4-6 month period and if that is not possible,
that same HR person would be reposible for moving
her to a position that she is appropriately qualified for.
And if there is no happy medium, she's fired with a
severance package for 6-12 weeks.

Let's just place this blame on the HR person that
neglected to fill the position with a quality candidate.
So this HR person would have to be receiving a written
warning for her actions.

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HR = Human Remains

by greggmo In reply to She's Fired

It's one thing for HR to screen resumes, and perform intial interview. However, hiring manager needs to have a voice in the process and to a lesser extent, the supervisor. HR manager can advocate for diversity, but the diverse people need to be qualified. If training is needed, does the training come out of IT funds or HR funds? IT training funds are usually used for emerging technology, not the basics.

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HR, the last stop

by Too Old For IT In reply to HR = Human Remains

HR should be the last stop on the interview train, not the first. After the team lead, supervisors, managers and so forth have had thier shot, and the candidate has asked questions AND an offer has been made and accepted, then and only then should you involve HR.

They can quickly explain benfits, determine if the candidate has been an axe murderer in the past 24 months, and get them on board as quickly and humanely as possible.

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Try using spellcheck

by jim.elsesser In reply to IT Department staffing is ...

I bet the Word Processing Supervisor can show you how.

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The litigation free approach

by Golfloon In reply to IT Department staffing is ...

As many people have said the job description is the key. Draft one for the new role listing duties, core competencies, qualifications etc.

Hire against that. When the competent incumbent is compared it will rapidly become obvious to all what is needed to do the role and the non-performer will either leave / apply for a transfer, if they are sensible, or the matter will be dealt with at a higher level than yourself.

I have had to go through a similar spring cleaning process having taken over an IT Department with similar problems of staff who have been promoted beyond their abilities.

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by opatzg In reply to The litigation free appro ...

I'm the manager of a programming staff and my programmers have come from all over the company. Most anyone can be trained if they want the job and hiring from within has been a real savings in retention for my staff. I say have a good sit down chat with her and get her motivated on her job, get her the training you need her to have, and both of you wil be better off. In the interim look into hiring a temp while she trains or continue covering for her like you do today. I have managers of data centers who loaded tapes and organized people, statisticians and underwriters working for me, and programming wise I've had quicker but business understanding wise I have not had finer employees.

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How much do you value the employee?

by eaglet3d In reply to Training???

I agree with opatzg on the training suggestion. Too many times, we tend to forget that employees are people that can be trained if properly motivated. Technology is ever changing with new ways of doing things around every corner. Without training, it wouldn't be long before even a new hire would fall into the same category. In my case, it was possible to get the team to take part in helping those who were struggling become successful. As the team raised up individuals who were underperforming, they became better able to work together, accomplishing much more than we thought was initially possible.

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"You have to accentuate the positives, eliminate the negatives..."

by Phil Carr In reply to IT Department staffing is ...

There are probably a few techs out there, older and younger that could show you a thing or two. Help your ?co-coworker;? 10 years on the job, and in this economy is no time to kick someone out, regardless. She was a supervisor so I am sure she must have something going for her, else it says very little about how your company chooses the people it puts in "charge", including managers; and as one yourself, I am sure out of 100 people you could find her a mentor, because as a tech, with numerous certifications myself, I am sure someone complained, and thought the same thing about you, and me once.

A grammar check would not hurt either? no one is perfect.

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