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By priyamanojkv ·
i m a student doing my BE(CS),i wnt to knw hw cn have a good career IN IT .I wnt to knw what jobs are available,n hw to knw about it.i wnt to knw what is sap,its benifits as a student.hw can learn it.

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by Jaqui In reply to Hey JPL

I post links to just about anything.

even to some content that is really questionable.
I've never been reprimanded for it, since the links are usually on topic.

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But Jaqui, dear one

by Tig2 In reply to huh

I have seen this vid and know like I know my name that the least that will happen is that it be edited. The last person to post it was kicked.

You always stay on topic. This video cannot be even remotely considered to be on topic. And some of the content is extremely emotionally charged and not in a good way.

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Yes, I've seen the video and if it were legal to kill people...

by ManiacMan In reply to I don't know if I can pos ...

I'd be the first to shoot off a few rounds into that *******.

Message was edited by: beth.blakely@...

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Wouldn't throw you a lifesaver

by jdclyde In reply to IT field

As IT jobs are being leached out of the US, to places like India, I would never do anything that would help in the future drain.

Anyone that DOES give a "valid" response should think about when THEIR job will be next to go overseas to the lowest bidder regardless of quality or customer satisfaction.

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No worries on that score, JD

by Tig2 In reply to Wouldn't throw you a life ...

Just trying to keep the discussion from devolving into anything harsh.

It's the Mama Tigger complex...

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Message has been deleted.

by fox_iacmnf In reply to No worries on that score, ...

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