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It is Friday! Help write the story

By jdclyde ·
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The rules are simply keep each post fairly short.

Someone makes a post, adding to the story. Everyone keeps adding more at the end.
Wonder where this would end up?

yes, story was started elsewhere....

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...he instead reaches...

by DMambo In reply to After managing to open th ...

up to his face. At the very same time, "Mrs. M." reaches toward hers. They each grip and remove the latex mask covering up their true identities.

"Eeeek!" screams the imposter Mambo, "you're not Mrs. Mambo! "You're Gadgetgirl!! I thought you looked kinda short for the statuesque 5'4" Mrs. Mambo"

"Ewwwww!" screams the imposter Mrs. M., "you're not Mambo, you're (wretch) NeilB@"

"So, we finally meet face-to-face" they impurely sneer in unison.....

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...and they together cry....

by onbliss In reply to After managing to open th ...

....Long Live the British Empire!!! They sit down to plot the overthrow of....

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"Now we finally meet face to face"

by neilb@uk In reply to After managing to open th ...

Well, we will if I kneel down...

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at last

by rob mekel In reply to After managing to open th ...

They meet. No standing up any more.
Big question is: Will Neilb go down on his knees, will GG accept his humble kneeling as an apology ... ?

To be continued


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As Neil kneels (!)

by gadgetgirl In reply to After managing to open th ...

GG takes out a thin small rapier from under her long, side split skirt and holds it to Neils throat....

Although she longs to shout "Off with his head!" she restrains herself well.

"Neil, our colonial brothers have need of a United Front against the Yeti and the Demon Heche. They need us. We must show them that the British way will always prevail no matter what they think of our spelling"

Neil gulps, thinks, then states "but I've just got back from there and I still have jet lag....."

After a moments hesitation he agrees to fight the good fight, and rescue our American allies.

And so ...........


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Running to the Chevy

by jdclyde In reply to It was the Himalyan Yeti

<rugged gun-toting woman runs for the truck to retrieve her shotgun>

RRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!<roars the Yeti as he takes a swipe at her. Rugged gun-toting woman dives and rolls by, leaving the Yeti with only a handful of her flannel shirt. The sweat glistens on her midriff in the moonlight, and ginny likes it. She reaches the truck.>

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Errr... JD

by Tig2 In reply to Running to the Chevy

Only Fords. Never a Chevy.

As a gun toting woman, I know this for a fact.

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- Story correction -

by jdclyde In reply to Errr... JD

flannel wearing, gun toting women that spend quiet nights in the woods with other women drive FORDS, not Chevys. :0

Edit - Also, for the record, it was BETH that put the flannel wearing, gun toting woman that was spending a quiet night in the woods with another woman, while playing the guitar. Seems even the flannel wearing women know that chicks dig the guitar players!

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It was a Chevy!

by Beth Blakely In reply to [b]- Story correction -[/ ...

You have to have the backstory!

Ginny's guitar-playin' girlfriend bought the beat up Chevy off a good-ole-boy passing through town just last month. She'd wanted another Ford to replace the one that burned up in her barn after those varmints set her hanging crops on fire, but the good-ole-boy was desperate for dough to get his brother outta the slammer, so... She got a great deal on the Chevy. It'll last long enough for her save up the cash for her new Ford duelly!

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by onbliss In reply to [b]- Story correction -[/ ...

Besides the good-ole-boy's brother was actually Ginny's ex-boyfriend...... the rugged gun-toting woman had to help Ginny....

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