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It is Friday! Help write the story

By jdclyde ·
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The rules are simply keep each post fairly short.

Someone makes a post, adding to the story. Everyone keeps adding more at the end.
Wonder where this would end up?

yes, story was started elsewhere....

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JD, you forgot about

by Tig2 In reply to [b]- Story correction -[/ ...

The comfortable shoes. Every gun toting, guitar playing, FORD driving woman knows that comfortable shoes are a classic element!

Beth, no self respecting gun toting woman would ever drive anything not made in America. But Ford is better...

Although if you're saving up for an F250 dually, I understand.

Incidentally... I DON'T play the guitar! Just in case, dontchaknow!!!

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TT, then it must be

by rob mekel In reply to [b]- Story correction -[/ ...

the first violin that you're playing. Now the most important question ... is it here at TR or at home

Must admit that it's not at home that I play the first violin ... we do that together hopefully they all understand that we play it together :) (my gf and me)lets see what comes out of that


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To her horror

by onbliss In reply to Running to the Chevy

.....Ginny finds the gun missing from the truck.

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Her horror quickly

by maecuff In reply to To her horror

turns to surprise as she realizes that it ISN'T a yeti chasing them. It's Anne Heche. It seems that Anne had been visiting her home planet, a strange planet that has no razor blades. She hadn't shaved her arms, legs or back for weeks, thus giving the appearance of a yeti. Unfortunately for Ginny and the gun toting chick, Anne Heche can be even more dangerous because..

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they all knew

by gadgetgirl In reply to Her horror quickly

that she had a supercharged battery in her lady shaver..........


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And could see

by Tig2 In reply to Her horror quickly

... how desperately she needed it.

Menacing expression in her eyes, she turned toward Ginny and the gun toting chick...

"I need you," she crooned in an under-tone. "I need you to..."

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....before the crooning could stop....

by onbliss In reply to Her horror quickly

Before Anne Heche could complete her crooning (?), the good-ole-boy's brother suddenly jumps before Anne and Ginny, with the missing shotgun ,and crows Not so fast, Anne!!!

for those who do not know the good-ole-boy brother and his need to jump in this scene, refer these threads :-)

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Yeti Heche looks admiringly at the Chevy pick-up...

by DMambo In reply to "It's quiet. Too quiet... ...

"I hear there's a four-banger in this baby" she says with a wink.

Ginny and the gun-toter look at each other with fear and desperation, and, yes, a certain longing in their eyes.

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So the gun toting good ole boy jumps in and...

by Tig2 In reply to It is Friday! Help write ...

Sorry y'all- had to get back to the roots of this...

Besides, we were all getting a bit out of hand there for a minute...

Stop Anne! Stop or I will drop you where you stand!

The women- none too pleased by this intrusion, make a seriously major discovery...

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The gun is no longer loaded.

by NickNielsen In reply to So the gun toting good ol ...

The good-ole-boy's brother gets bashed by three shotgun-sharing women.

Aside: Are the ladies happy now?

As the good-ole-boy's brother picks himself up off the ground...

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