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By wesley.chin ·
When you do something to a company computer, are you required to let the user of the computer know what was done? Do you leave a note of what was done if the user is absent?

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No and No

by retro77 In reply to IT policy

It really depends on your companies policies but I dont let people know I am changing something unless it effects them. Its not open for discussion with a user.

I would never leave a note when I have a multi-thousand dollar email system in place.

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Sometimes, Usually depends

by IC-IT In reply to IT policy

on if it was a hands on or remote administration.
For hands I leave a note reminding them to change from the local computer to the domain (logon). Even then it may be the generic "IT was working on your computer in the local administrators mode please remember to change blah, blah". Or if it was a software installation I will inform them.

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by wesley.chin In reply to Sometimes, Usually depend ...

Every user account here is a administrator account. But users here all have customizations set up, and changes are not welcome.

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Your kidding right

by zlitocook In reply to Hm

All users have an administrators account? Even with customization it is a no no, it leaves your network, the computer itself and a way for any one into your network.
All users should have limited accounts controlled by log on scripts even the admin?s.
One group monitors and watches for flags for inappropet activity and if some thing is found it is sent to a person monitoring the NOC and a page is sent to the Black Berry or other device.
Sorry I went off in to security land.
Do what you want with your network.

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by wesley.chin In reply to Your kidding right

People here want to be able to install software on their own here. They do not like restrictions.

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Are you #&^%*( me? You're asking for a world of trouble

by ManiacMan In reply to Hm

Who in their right mind gives all users admin access? If they trash the network due to their own stupidity, you only have yourself to blame because you granted them the permissions to do so. I suggest you seriously educate yourself in what group policy is and apply them accordingly to your AD environment.

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It depends

by zlitocook In reply to IT policy

On your company policy and how the users are trained in computer usage. It is a good idea if your company has the last known log in to be seen, to leave a note to tell the user to change the log in name.
I let the users know that updates may clear user names and other things and to watch what they do as they log in.

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If the user needs something

by AshishS In reply to IT policy

done on their computer, they call us because we don't make standard users admins of their PCs. We do however make directors, managers and their immediate staff admins but it depends on case by case. If we do something to a machine remotely, then we don't tell them but if a change is going to affect the user, then we do.

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