it says i'm connected but i can't use the internet

By favi_rietti ·
I need your help! I'm not computer literate at all... so detailed responses would be great.
We have a wireless internet connection(WPA) set up, and it has always worked before. one of the people living here just hooked their laptop onto the network.. and ever since she hooked her laptop on, it wouldn't let me be on. it says i'm connected to the network with excellent strength but when i try to use a browser it won't work. the other laptop in the house does work, but mine doesn't ever since that one was hooked up. there is also a desktop that is connected through an ethernet cord and that works fine too.

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by shady108 In reply to it says i'm connected but ...

is the router setup to DHCP ? or do the computers have static IP addresses?

if they are static addresses change yours by going into control panel - network connections - right click the wireless connection and click properties, go to tcpip and click properties...

now setup your ip.... it should either be -

192.168.0. (choose anything between 150 and 250)


192.168.1. (choose anything between 150 and 250)

depends what the ip of your router is as to which you use, but the first 3 set of numbers must match your router...

ALSO if you cant connect then it means your WPA key is incorrect, reconnect to the network and reenter your WPA key if it still doesnt work, log onto the router and change it

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by shady108 In reply to it says i'm connected but ...

sounds more like the WPA key is incorrect , reenter it or change it on router :)

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by favi_rietti In reply to actually

thanks for the quick response!
well, i double checked the key, and re-entered it... it says i'm connected to the wireless network, full strength.
but when i try to use the browser or anything else, it won't do it.

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can you

by shady108 In reply to Re:

can you ping the router??

open up a command prompt and ping the ip address of the router -

ping (or whatever the ip is)

if that works then your problem is DNS related

if it doesnt work then your WPA key must be wrong?

for testing i would manually enter an ip address or which ever ip range your on

default gateway of , *whichever is the address of your router)

and put the DNS in as

try that

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Check browser is NOT set to 'Work Offline' ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Re:

Check 'File' > 'Work Offline' isn't invoked.

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