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IT Staffing agencies and recruiters are the worst!

By raycaldwell73 ·
I don't know how some of you guys feel, but I think these IT staffing and recruiting agencies and the most pathetic bunch of people I've ever dealt with. I don't understand how some of these people can call you about a job offer or a "great opporunity" and say you are interested and go through the whole process of giving them your resume and then all of sudden, you no longer hear from them, what the **** is that all about? I have dealt with these guys in the past and when you try to do a follow-up to find what is going with job, they give a bunch of lame excuses or they claim to have "no clue" and give you the "check back with me" or "give a me call in a week or so". Why can't they just be honest and straight up with you. If you can't deliver, then don't bother calling people for a job offer. It's sad that the days of when a company called you direct for job is gone. It seems like these recruiters are the only people left to deal with, and I haven't ran across a good IT job fair in over 2 years. This is getting very discoraging.
Has anyone else had any bad experiences with recruiters?

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Thank you, Thank you, thank you

by julie.davis In reply to Turn the tables on them!

This is the best advice I have received to date. I am a recent college graduate with 3 IT degress, 7 academic certifications and I have received 3 job offers so far for $10-13 /hr. Give me a break!! I did not spend all of that time to work for less than a housekeeper makes! I have cross trained in Unix, Project management, Network Security, IT Systems Support and Help Desk Development. The recruiters have no idea what half of my certifications are or how valuable I am to be so cross functional and multitask capable. They haven't got a clue! This is more frustrating than trying to reason with a teenager.

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KForce? arguably ...but RHI is the worst

by Web Guru In reply to Bad experiences aplenty

....oh, and RHI Consulting is the worst! gone are the days when there was active communication with the consultant who'd be making the company phone calls to let you know theres an opportunity and definately no follow-up calls... though there are plenty of companies out there, it's my advice you stay away from this one...

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Try this download

by Jay Garmon Contributor In reply to IT Staffing agencies and ...

Recruiter comparison checklist

(Watch out for spaces in the URL)

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Auto Response

by ScribeIDK In reply to Try this download

I stepped out of the business (tech writer at R&amp level) for 18-months. Relocated to Vancouver BC from Toronto. First time in 20-years I had to use a recruiter; many of whom propagate the slogan, "We're here for you".

I don't get to see or speak to a human. Auto responses clog my daily e-mail.

If I go to a head hunter's office the Barbie-dot-com at reception accepts my resume, hands me a business card, and requests I submit it electronically. Can I speak with someone now? Sorry, they're in a meeting, on the road, somewhere but not available.

I send the resume via e-mail and I'm inundated with a multiple page questionnaire that my resume aptly addresses but ... sorry, must fill out the form. One company uploaded my resume and placed the data in their selected fields (for ease of use, they claimed). I spent an hour re-inputting the data into the correct fields.

Auto responses and input tasks are not limited to head hunters. They're just as prevalent with IT companies.

So what do we do about it?

Are we so relieved getting a job or a contract that we forget the process we just went through and say nothing to the recruiter or company HR head?

Or, do we equate the lifecycle of job-hunting and dealing with recruiters to that of being a citizen and the politicans who are "here for us"?

The quest continues ...
(in beautiful downtown Canada)

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I don't do inputing

by jw_mchugh In reply to Auto Response

I don't do input drudge work for free. If they want me to do data entry work then they can damn well pay me.

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This is what it is about

by worker bee In reply to IT Staffing agencies and ...

After wasting your time for half a day or so they now know:

1. What places you worked.

2. What technologies they use.

3. The managers name and phone number.

4. How much they pay.

They can now add your former employer to the list of companies they call once a month or so to discuss their "staffing needs". They got sales leads, you got nothing.

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by john_wills In reply to This is what it is about

These people are in the business for money, so they must sometimes place someone. But it doesn't need to be a lot of people: 3 times a month for a recruiter would give him a very high salary, even though there is overhead. But some people are getting through. I have had 14 jobs, 1 via a head-hunter and 3 via contract agents.

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by care In reply to profit

You are one of the few people to actually get a job. I agree with the 1st person. They are full of crap.

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there are good ones and bad

by bpday In reply to profit

As an independent consultant, I work with a lot of recruiting agencies all the I understand a lot of the frustration. I think that in the last 8 years that probably 75% of my jobs have been through recruiters or contract agents.

For those of us with only a so-so professional network, recruiters are a nessesary evil. Think of all the leg work that they do for us! Do you really want to cold call 80 zillion employers? As a tech person, do you really think you have that kind of sales/social skills?

I'll give it to you that they usually don't really understand much past the buzz words on our resumes but they try.

Granted, there are some really sucky recruiters out there. You'll get a feel for who's a total yahoo and who's good pretty quickly. If the person is a moron, be nice to them anyway. If you make the recruiters like you, they'll work harder and more effectively for you.

Remember, if you don't get the's probably not the recruiter's fault. Nobody OWES you a job and recruiters are not superhuman. The market is better but it's still not 1999. Keep your skills sharp.

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The good the bad and the pathectic!!

by capabel In reply to there are good ones and b ...

I agree some recruiters are REALLY horrible at follow ups etc, but it's only because most of them juggle a few hundred clients at once. I found e-mail follow ups often you sort of brand your name in their mind so that when a position does come up they remember your name over the other few hundred out there. Bottom line is your in direct competition with hundreds of people so don't be afraid to compete!!

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