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IT Staffing agencies and recruiters are the worst!

By raycaldwell73 ·
I don't know how some of you guys feel, but I think these IT staffing and recruiting agencies and the most pathetic bunch of people I've ever dealt with. I don't understand how some of these people can call you about a job offer or a "great opporunity" and say you are interested and go through the whole process of giving them your resume and then all of sudden, you no longer hear from them, what the **** is that all about? I have dealt with these guys in the past and when you try to do a follow-up to find what is going with job, they give a bunch of lame excuses or they claim to have "no clue" and give you the "check back with me" or "give a me call in a week or so". Why can't they just be honest and straight up with you. If you can't deliver, then don't bother calling people for a job offer. It's sad that the days of when a company called you direct for job is gone. It seems like these recruiters are the only people left to deal with, and I haven't ran across a good IT job fair in over 2 years. This is getting very discoraging.
Has anyone else had any bad experiences with recruiters?

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IT Staffing agencies and recruiters are the worst!

by voodoochile In reply to IT Staffing agencies and ...

Yeah, brother! Everything you said 100%!
And one other thing, at first I was ethical about recruiters, meaning if I/They contacted I would stick with them when another recruiter called about the same job. I took the higher ground because I thought it was right and wanted to avoid conflicts because I didn't want to appear to be a *****. But when they call and have different rates for the same position, ya get to wondering where they are coming from. Several times I have get recruiters now that give me hourly rates that are very different. I had one that quoted me
$13/hr, another $16/hr and another $22/hr!! !!


I've had another offer $14/hr and a coworker of hers called and offered me $16/hr, same job! They sit across from each other!! Talk about a lack of communication, huh?

I know they sub and sub and sub but is $13/hr worth getting a seasoned, certified and experienced tech out of bed in the morning? NOT THIS ONE!

I know we all gotta eat, but I ain't eating
cat chow! I'll go back to working for the government first (and I left them after 24 years).
OK, I've vented. I hope someone else comments, please!

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Absolutely Spot ON - IT Recruiters suck ...

by ramnet In reply to IT Staffing agencies and ...

I have yet to win a decent job from ANY IT recruitment agency in Victoria. They are mostly staffed by under 25 year old dollies who ask things like ' whats an MCP or CNA .. is that important ? and then tell you they will get back to you once they find you are not their idea of boyfriend/marriage material. They never do of course and frankly the level of help , advice and capacity to add value to me is useless. I know they mainly work for employers but I am sure employers would like to think they could better outcomes with wider and more detailed searching and follow through efforts.

I am not wasting my time with them anymore as they have proved useless to me.

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Absolutely Spot ON ramnet@ ...

by NOW LEFT TR In reply to Absolutely Spot ON - IT R ...

I would not waste my time with them anymore either as you clearly don't know much about IT. Windows 2003 Server???

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Beware - Recruiting Scam

by Smudger_in_UK In reply to IT Staffing agencies and ...

One very bad experience I had I would like to share with you.

I applied for a job via a web based advert, a senior position with a medium sized company. The agent called and explained he nearly didn't call because my CV didn't look right. After a short discussion he agreed he would include me in his short list to the client, but I would stand a better chance of getting the job if I could make my CV look more "professional". He then said he knew of a CV writing company that has a good reputation that could help me. After a couple of minutes waiting for him to "find" the details, he said they offer a 24hr service, and if I could get him a good CV within 2 days I'd be well placed with the client.

Even though I checked out the T&C's and the web site, my need and the pressure to find a job outweighed my rational thinking so I contacted the CV writer and agreed the 24hr service at a cost of ?350 (on a credit card).

I received the CV, it looked very different to my previous CV's but it lacked any real detail of my skills. I forwarded the CV to the recruiter who said it was much better for this senior position and he would use this version.

Part of the CV writer's service is to provide 3 variants to the CV during the 12 months following, and to spend time discussing the original CV to make it into something I was happy with.

As you've probably guessed by now, I have heard nothing back from the recruiter, I have chased several times but he doesn't bother to respond.

I arranged two phone calls with the CV writer who has missed both appointments. I eventually tracked him down by phone and discussed the variants I need to the CV and sent him further details.

That was three weeks a go. I cannot get hold of him by phone (he employs an answering service) and he doesn't respond to e.mails.

I realise I've been taken hook, line and sinker by these two who are clearly colluding. ?350 to transpose my original CV onto a template and spend 15 mins (30 max) messing with the words is not my idea of value for money.

I urge you all to be aware of this scam.

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?350 for a resume???

by DC_GUY In reply to Beware - Recruiting Scam

I've lost track of the sterling/dollar exchange rate since the advent of the Euro, but I'm sure it's still > 1:1. In the U.S., a person with a degree in English and a post-graduate degree in business is lucky to earn $30 per hour doing this type of work. They're either under 25 in their first job after college, or retired and looking to supplement a pension.

It takes no more than two hours to completely rewrite a resume (or curriculum vitae as you people call it whose schools still teach Latin instead of Chinese), proofread it, submit a draft to the client, and deliver the final document.

That means that the resume writer is being billed out at more than six times her hourly rate. Even if the paltry auxiliary services you described were actually provided, this is way beyond the "factor of three" rule for maximum billing out of employees.


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Convert Your Skills Today!

by BFilmFan In reply to ?350 for a resume???

At that bill rate, we need to change careers DC. I am sure that writing resumes cannot be as complex as architectural documentation.

So today's special, B and D's Resume Rewriter's Special Resume Makeover for Recruiting Scammers! We use all the special keywords in resumes so you don't have to read them! Guaranteed word scanning friendly! Hurry offer won't last long!

And for $19.95 an hour more, we will even teach ya to use email so ya can spam potential employers and candidates!


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names, please

by john_wills In reply to Beware - Recruiting Scam

of both the recruiter and the CV firm. Let the rest of us know who not to do business with. And maybe you should mention this to the police; they'll probably do nothing, but sometimes they do take an interest in their work. And there may just be somethng you can do through civil court, although an unemployed person may be too busy for that, and collection might be impractical.

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Bad Apples and Dollar $ign$

by LuckyLeatherneck In reply to IT Staffing agencies and ...

I was a dedicated IT Professional for 18 years as an employee and sneered at the contract programmers & consultants as "Mercenary Programmers". Then, because of companies bought and sold, I became an In-House Consultant and finally joined the ranks of "Mercenary Programmers" for a very productive and experience broadening ten years working for IT Consulting firms. The Consulting Sales people we called "Pimps". Because of helping lots of friends get hooked up with contracts or employment positions, the last consulting firm I contracted though (TEAM PIMP) hired me as their new Management Recruiter (Pimp de jour). Boy, was I ready to burn up the field with my IT knowledge, experience, people skills, and joy of fitting great people to great jobs. Well, folks ... its a numbers game run by sales weenies who only know that 50% of contacts, give 50% of resumes, of which 50% come in, etc. The recruiters topping sales (they are selling YOU) are the ones who run the most bodies through the system and, although they learn the buzz words to fake out you and the client with gloss, they really don't know (and REALLY DON'T CARE) how to spell C, C++, VB, VBA, SQL, SUN, IBM, or even COBOL. Their Management are high sales achievers ... super pimps. Some recruiters, very few I've found, are genuinely interested in your long-term employment future and every person they take on is a valuable asset to be matched up with quality employers or long-term contracts. Most are cold focusing on the input-processing-output of IT Professionals with speed, minimal handling, and moving on like a duck being sucked through a jetliner's turbofan. If you don't have what these pimps need for their clients, you are termed "dirt" or "junk". Nothing personal of course, it's just the way they sort people out for maximum efficiency. This one associate of mine at TEAM PIMP, Mr. No-Brain-Computer-Klutz, would advocate to terminate every consultant when their contract ended, especially when their skill set made them "dirt". Now, keep in mind that TEAM PIMP actually hired the consultants with good to great wages, great benefits, and a committment to their productivity, skills development, and marketability. While you're laughing, let me tell you that Mr. No-Brain-Computer-Klutz was later moved up to Regional Management. I am no longer a recruiter but still receive calls and e-mails from some very good people.
Ok, so some recuriters actually are good. But the best way is to network with your friends, associates, and professional organizations.
Many IT jobs are actually and truely gone, due to corporate mergers, bankrupcies, outsourcing, and relocation to foreign shores. So, you find yourself in the flood of those looking for the very few jobs available. When you go jump at the "good opportunity" and it doesn't jump back, it is very discouraging. But companies can't say WHY they didn't pick you or call you in for that important first interview because their lawyers have shown the personnel snobs where other companies got their pants sued off just for being honest in the employee candidate process. I've had people go through three levels of long interviews that went fantastic and he next interview just died. We never did find out why but someone in the last interview didn't get excited about the candidate -- and that was the end. Just gotta keep trying those good opportunities, give each one your best, and keep your head.

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Recruiters wasted my time!

by NoLoneRangers In reply to IT Staffing agencies and ...

I've tried to use I.T. recruiters, Monster, and Dice, to land jobs with the last company I worked for and with my current company. I finally got the first job via a friend referral. My current company has a huge military contract, and I've been trying to get on board for the past 9 months. I was unemployed and these recruiters where saying that I was underqualified most of the available I.T. jobs and they couldn't place me. Very discouraging for an I.T. pro, with 10 years experience, to hear.

Well, guess who hired me...the target company and they put me on the project I wanted to work on. The one I was trying so hard to have the "headhunters" place me with. I used the company's website to apply directly, I got a phone interview two weeks later, a formal the next, and a job offer the next day. So, networking and applying directly with the company still works!

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Mixed specs

by RLoski In reply to IT Staffing agencies and ...

I find that the recruiters have trouble managing multiple requirements for a job. I interviewed yesterday for a contract position. They approached the consulting firm on Wed or Thurs for a SQL Server and ASP.Net position. Strong on stored procs and They need to finish a project by May 15 or June 1 (tough to do). They won't start until April 5 at the earliest (it was March 26). I was the only one interviewed yesterday.

I was called because I am available and I'm strong in SQL Server and also do a little Asp.Net.

I learned in the interview that the Asp.Net needed to be very strong, and SQL Server ok.

The recruiter is going to bust his buns trying to find a SQL Server guy who can also do Asp.Net. If he would ignore the SQL Server (Asp.Net guy who can do SQL Server) he has a chance.

I think that given the hole this company has dug itself, I am still hopeful of getting this contract (at more than what I asked before). I am sure that the recruiter won't find a strong SQL Server and strong in the next week to two weeks that is available.

I'm just glad I have a little work here and there.


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