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IT Staffing agencies and recruiters are the worst!

By raycaldwell73 ·
I don't know how some of you guys feel, but I think these IT staffing and recruiting agencies and the most pathetic bunch of people I've ever dealt with. I don't understand how some of these people can call you about a job offer or a "great opporunity" and say you are interested and go through the whole process of giving them your resume and then all of sudden, you no longer hear from them, what the **** is that all about? I have dealt with these guys in the past and when you try to do a follow-up to find what is going with job, they give a bunch of lame excuses or they claim to have "no clue" and give you the "check back with me" or "give a me call in a week or so". Why can't they just be honest and straight up with you. If you can't deliver, then don't bother calling people for a job offer. It's sad that the days of when a company called you direct for job is gone. It seems like these recruiters are the only people left to deal with, and I haven't ran across a good IT job fair in over 2 years. This is getting very discoraging.
Has anyone else had any bad experiences with recruiters?

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Give them face time

by hall6970 In reply to The good the bad and the ...

Whenever possible, get in front of them for a no-pressure interview. Tell them you want to meet if they're local. Even if they have nothing for you. It's great practice! Cultivate a relationship. That's how I got back into web development in Atlanta's slowly recovering economy.

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Absolutely !!

by ISGirl In reply to Give them face time

I have had reasonably good luck with recruiters and if you are unemployed, you definitely should "waste" some time interviewing with recruiters. It's great practice for a "real" interview, they will critique your resume and skill set for you (even if you don't ask)...and they will be able to put a face with the resume.

If you interview well - they will send you before they will send someone who only emailed a resume. If you don't, they will probably tell you what you need to do to fix it.

I've had recruiters call me months after our initial meeting.

The downside to using a recruiter is that they will upcharge you to the employer 20-30%, making you more expensive than if you were in direct contact with the employer.

I accept all interviews and meetins when looking for a new job. Good practice and even an interview for a job that isn't right could lead to an interview for a job that is.

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Sure they will

by mctazman2 In reply to Absolutely !!

I have been working with direct horing and agencies for several months. I do agree that the face to face is nice, but I think that they owe you the consideration of a phone call at least one in a while to see if you are still available. I was workign with one recruting firm who refuses to even communicate with me because I did not want to take a two week position that would have involved a two hour commute. So my theory is once you cannot do EXACTLY what they want, you are blacklisted. I 've been out of work now for 17months. (With 10 years experience)

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by tremere72 In reply to profit

You had 14 jobs, with 1 one of them being via a head-hunter and 3 being from contract agents. Somewhere along the way your math went faulty. As far as I can prove, 1 +3 = 4.

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I definitely agree

by islam In reply to This is what it is about

i agree with worker bee ...
the question now is : with this vast number of unfulfilled claims of thes so-called "companies", what is the proper way and where is the proper place to go with no more illusions to find suitable career for a man who have everything it takes to do the job wherever he is ?!

i have noticed a common phenomena which is that most of the companies advertising careers are themselves not serious enough to hire any....
no one gets hired after lenghy interviews with the world..

we need a solution

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Some luck

by wrlang In reply to I definitely agree

I've had 3 jobs that I've taken found for me by headhunters.
I've had about 6 that were no where near what I was looking for, and cut the interview short. Just trying to place a body somewhere.

I've also applied for 3 local jobs that appeared and disappeared the same week. When I called them up to check, they said it was a premature release, and could not give me a date when it would be rereleased.

Work the headhunters, use several from different angles if possible. ei, recruiters for management, IT, risk.... Know exactly what your looking for, but don't necessarily tell everyone. The headhunter is working for the business unless you pay them, and even if you pay them, they may not be working for you. Treat the headhunter as you would the businesses HR department. Always find out as much as you can about the job before going to the interview so you can get an idea whether the headhunter is good. Never seem desperate to find another job or they will line you up for anything they can find.

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only one problem with that !!

by AnswerMan In reply to Some luck

I agree with you... but the problem is.. Most of us I think go through the mental gymnastics to create these "job search agents" or whatever they happen to be called, and get these "similar jobs matching OUR requirements" to our mailbox. Once there, and dutifully clicked on, you inevitably end up at a recruiters page..... "To send a stored resume, click here"....... So we do.

Now once again, they know everything about us, we know nothing about them, and we never hear about the job, (oh ya, wasn't that the original intention?).

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Never thought of that !!

by AnswerMan In reply to This is what it is about

I never thought of that, but your probably correct !!

Sheeesh..... We should all get together and start a IT recruiter firm. If nothing else, we get some nice job leads.....

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We have created our own recruiting "firm"

by pticali In reply to Never thought of that !!

The recruiter's world is changing.

-IT morale is low
-Employee churn has stopped because of the bad job market.
-The ecomony hasn't helped - companies are still looking for cuts
-This isn't looking good for the recruiter.

The average hiring manager is under the gun. They are forced to consolidate multiple job requirements under one person, and the fees the recruiter charges (although a value) still come out of their funds to hire talent. Most companies have implemented strategies to avoid the recruiter as much as possible.

Employee and networking refferals is truly where the jobs come from. Send in a resume for that post on monster? Do you really expect it to be read? 1 out of 2000? No way.

If a contact personally hands your resume to the hiring manager, its much more likely your phone will ring.

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Just another source of potential clients

by csg In reply to This is what it is about

You are so right!!
I knew this from my experiences from folks who had worked for me - I would often get "confirmation calls" followed immediately with a sales pitch.

This is why I never give reference information until I know I'm on the very short list and have talked with the principal. I'm upfront in telling the recruiter this, and most stumble on this, some respect it. Hey, think of it - its YOUR reference treat it as gold...

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