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IT Staffing agencies and recruiters are the worst!

By raycaldwell73 ·
I don't know how some of you guys feel, but I think these IT staffing and recruiting agencies and the most pathetic bunch of people I've ever dealt with. I don't understand how some of these people can call you about a job offer or a "great opporunity" and say you are interested and go through the whole process of giving them your resume and then all of sudden, you no longer hear from them, what the **** is that all about? I have dealt with these guys in the past and when you try to do a follow-up to find what is going with job, they give a bunch of lame excuses or they claim to have "no clue" and give you the "check back with me" or "give a me call in a week or so". Why can't they just be honest and straight up with you. If you can't deliver, then don't bother calling people for a job offer. It's sad that the days of when a company called you direct for job is gone. It seems like these recruiters are the only people left to deal with, and I haven't ran across a good IT job fair in over 2 years. This is getting very discoraging.
Has anyone else had any bad experiences with recruiters?

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by TheNDN In reply to This is what it is about

I for one feel like a total grub. Although I must admit that the scheme is quite clever. Never once did look at the recruiter situation as you had described. Live and learn I suppose. I need to be more deligent in my quest. Thank you very much for your insight.

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I agree

by dennis_merola In reply to This is what it is about

Its all about networking....the last recruiter I worked with, in the past had worked with my former employer.

I had to drive about 40 miles to meet with them to discuss a great opportunity for me.

As it turns out, they were fishing for information on my former employer. Wanting to know who my boss was and where the company stood on hiring more tech types.

Its all about networking!

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Its not the recruiters

by ahickman In reply to IT Staffing agencies and ...

It's not's the begining of the Death Knell for Technology in the US.

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There are 2 main problems I see...

by con.kambouroudis In reply to Its not the recruiters


IT Agencies are ALL competing with each other to simply get IT pros at the cheapest price. And most employers would listen to that. So this is why I believe the average salary or hourly rate has dropped.


There is a need for an organisation similar to a union or like the medical association??? We need to have someone to speak with in such discussions like this, and know that they have some sort of power to resolve such issues?

I feel that I am at the mercy of most agencies to get a job, as more employees are using them to find them the most skilled person at the cheapest price. It's simple as that.

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Heck, why not?

by TheNDN In reply to There are 2 main problems ...

Unionization looks like the way to go.

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IT Recruiters: Disgusting practice....

by l.barbetti In reply to There are 2 main problems ...

I totally agree with that point. I find this to be a very disgusting practice that only deserves to be treated on the same lines IT pros are treated. I therefore think that the only way to put all this to an end is by making their search endless. Once the employers realize that they will no longer find a suitable IT professional because they have simply disappeared, they will surely stop this?. One way to achieve this goal is by simply refusing any job offers with an unsatisfactory salary figure (come on IT guys, you really think you are at the mercy of all those employers? If you are at their mercy is because YOu WANT TO BE AT THEIR MERCY...). If all IT pros on the planet act like that, the employers will be forced to change tactics as no business can effectively run without ....people working on it! And PLEASE STOP SENDING CVs to unknown people!!!!

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Re: Disgusting Practice

by pmwpaul In reply to IT Recruiters: Disgusting ...

When the employer doesn't know what they really need, they will always go with the lowest price. If the headhunter is dealing directly with the IT department and understand what the IT department needs, it's easier and more accurate to identify who fits what shoes.

If the headhunter is just doing a "shot-gun" of any and every IT person for an IT job, then they will make it seem like you are "da man!" in DEMAND for the position, along with every other person who's resume they have submitted. But the employers are brushing them off just as much as they are brushing you off.

So don't deal with IT recruiters or headhunters who don't know the difference between C++ and cobol in programing languages. Or Netbios and Netbeui for networking positions.

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by ctaylor In reply to Its not the recruiters

Personally, I don't think its the Death Knell for Tech in the US. But....the industry is going to have to recognize that the people that make it up are skilled labor. And that this profession cannot be done by just any old primate.
Solutions provided for companies that keep their infrastructure running, so they can continue doing business, are not pulled casually from orafices where the sun don't shine. These solutions are the product of real world experience, training and good old fashioned dedication on the part of the Technician. (Nowadays all but udercut by recruiting agencies and their clients that want to lowball everyones salaries beyond the level of livable standards.) McTechnicians? Hey Mr. Recruiter! Next time you're feeling ill, why not go visit a McDoctor. Hey, no skill in that profession either huh?

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Recent Revelation

by Wonder Warthog In reply to Its not the recruiters

Until I had it pointed out to me recently, I hadn't realized it: the 90's saw the adoption of "just-in-time" inventory management, with the needed equipment and raw materials being ordered only when absolutly needed, with very tight deadlines, and never stockpiled.
The 2000's have seen the start of the just-in-time employee - recruited for a specific project with a very limited timeframe and released immediately afterwards...allowing me to begin the employment process all over again.

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IT Recruiters never reply to a failed "resume"

by delboy69 In reply to IT Staffing agencies and ...

I have been looking for work in the UK for the last few months, I have found that we have agencies that are all "great thats what we want", but the moment your resume fails to get your foot in the door, the recruiter has lost any chance of a "sale", so why bother to tell you. When the next resume may be the one he or she wants to make that "sale".
In the UK we have some good websites for vancancies (like jobserve,cwjobs), there are several problems here
1) is that often the jobs do not exist and the recruiter is doing a resume collection
2) the information about the job is wrong
3) the recruiter does not know simple facts about the industry e.g. "SQL" and "Sequel" is generally considered to mean the same thing, and there is a difference between C++ and C#

Is there any hope left

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