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IT Staffing Issue

By eddie_is_okay ·
I work in a 2 man IT department. We do all support calls. Level 1, 2, and 3. The other guy has been working there much longer than me.

The senior guy refuses to do any Level 1 or 2 calls. Hey also usually doesn't do any level 3 calls. He never picks up his phone. People want work done right away. He always makes sure he takes a very long time - I wind up doing the work. I keep having to do all the work while he just slacks off. I don't think thats fair. He gets paid much more than me.

There is some server work to be done. I know he will try to get out of it and make me do it. I think this work is level 3 work and supposed to be done by the senior guy.

I want to approach our manager and tell him I don't want to do it because I think the more senior guy should do the work because a) I do all the lower level calls and it's not fair for him to make me do his job for him, b) I am not senior guy and I don't have his salary - he should do something for his pay as well. We are also in a union - and I want to tell our manager that I will go to the union and tell them that they are making me do work that is not in my job descripton.

Is this a good idea? If I do it - what is a professional and good way of how to go about it?


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I concur :)

by sablake234 In reply to documentation

You said it all :)
In my opinion, yes, the diary can also be used as a tool for higher salary negotiations. It is proof that you are showing what your worth and if the Sr can get paid more, then you can also. But I would wait for that later and stick to the current issue. Who knows, your manager may look at it and be impressed and offer you more money or even a promotion if the budget allows.
Where I used to work, i would have to keep a diary of my accomplishments that were used for our yearly reviews.

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I suggest you do it

by west_d00r In reply to IT Staffing Issue

It is a good time to show your value, the key is how to present your value and capability to your manager.
My suggestion is before you do it, work out a plan and discuss it with your manager; once you finish the job, work out a summary share with your manager. If your manager is an open-mind, technical manager, he will be happy to see that. If your manager is an idiot, change a job ASAP

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