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ITIL Documents - Past Papers

By wansford ·
I'm studyin for my ITL and there are plenty of past papers for free here if anyone is also in need!

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ITIL Managers' Exams not about knowledge

by fredsmithy In reply to ITIL Documents - Past Pap ...

Remember, the ITIL Managers' Exams are not strictly about knowledge. If they were just about your ITIL knowledge, then:
a) There would be enough time to answer all the questions. There isn't; except for a small proportion of exam entrants who are very good at quickly condensing their thoughts into written English. So this is an speed-English test first, and an ITIL test second, not a real world scenario.
What you will find, is that as soon as you get into your stride, you will have run out of time to answer the question. And that's not forgetting the unclear questions.
b) There would be no cryptic questions. I have sat the double-exam twice. The first time, I did little revision, and scored 6 marks less than a pass in both Service Support and Service Delivery. In fact, for Delivery, I missed a question, and just blagged another, and the other 3 subjects (that I actually revised), I must have skimmed through in a weekend. The second time, I narrowly passed the Support paper, and failed the Delivery by 8 marks, despite taking 2 weeks off work and spending 8 weekends learning the subject-matter inside out.

I read 20 or so sample questions from Ebay, and learned every process and set of relationships off by heart, I had nemonics for everything, and they all came up in questions.

The examiners will make you feel that you failed through lack of knowledge, but it's not that, unless you really can't answer the questions.

E.G. Describe a cost model and justify it for the case study. *WTF DOES THIS MEAN?* Describe? Even justify is a bit more tedious than it should be.

This question should say whether they want words, pictures, and what emphasis is required. One shouldn't be left sat in an Exam hall, full of adrenaline thinking, "I know this subject", but haven't a clue what this question means.

And when you get you feedback, don't be surprised to find that you 'misinterpreted the question', or the examiner 'couldn't read writing'.

Well if there was enough time, then the writing wouldn't be a scribbled haze, then would it?

And as for mis-interpreted question, they should refund the exam fee. Simply because they failed to be clear about what they wanted, thus wasting weeks of study and over ?150 in exam costs.

I wouldn't say ITIL Managers Exams are a scam, but they do give that impression, probably due to the priorities of the question setter being more bent towards being 'clever' as opposed to straightforward.

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ITIL Manager's Exam require both Knowledge and Experience

by ITSM Consultant In reply to ITIL Managers' Exams not ...

As a certified Service Manager, Consultant and Instructor for over 5 years, I disagree with the poster regarding the requirements for passing the SM exam. The exam is not simply about memorizing facts from the guide books. They are, after all, reference books. They are not meant to be quoted from word for word. The idea is that you can refer to them when necessary.

The purpose of the exam is to test the understanding and ability to apply this knowledge and understanding to practical situations. It is not an exam for those who are down in the trenches of IT but one for those whose primary role is creating an overall program based on best practice. This is the reason why the exam is focused toward consultants. The exam tests ones ability to devise a service management strategy that is based on best practice but one that is also based many other organizational factors (provided in the case study.)

One does not get to this level of knowledge and understnading by simply reading a book. This comes from a deeper level of practical experience. Consultants tend to be most of the people who have gained enough experience within different organizations to develop the insight necessary to be successful on this exam.

This also holds true in practice. You find today that most people who have recently become certified lack sufficient experience and insight necessary to devise an effective Service Management program.

I have a lot of experience in this arena and could go on for several more pages regarding what I've noticed in this field over the past few years. But I'll stop here.

For those of you who would like to read further, check out

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Very good Information

by OLeevi In reply to ITIL Documents - Past Pap ...

This site as well as are amazing sites for FREE itil info. Thanks to wansford

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A Concise ITIL Guide for Busy Executives

by thejendra In reply to ITIL Documents - Past Pap ...


Some self promotion by a techie author:-)

Visit my web cave to buy this popular book used by several organizations worldwide to understand how to successfully implement ITIL.

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Sample Exam Paper

by geoktinkoh In reply to ITIL Documents - Past Pap ...

Hi, I am unable to locate this url
Any chance anyone has more links to sample exam papers to download for practitioner exams?

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