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ITIL - What did it do for you

By Hockeyist ·
I am completing a subject at Uni this coming semester which covers two of the ITIL foundation exams.
I spoke to our IT Director last year about ITIL and she said that "we won't use it because it's too cumbersome". She later indicated that we can use parts of the ITIL. The company I was with at the time was worldwide with 14,000 employees. There was no IT operations manual at all for us to follow. All of us Regional and Country IT Managers had to wing it and use our experience to manage problems. As they say; The rot sets in from the top (even in IT).
I am wondering if people have completed these ITIL courses/exams and what the new knowledge meant to the management of your IT department/service delivery.
Did it allow an introduction of good practices to the department or did it introduce problems?

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Merc chg mgmt

by Dr Dij In reply to ITIL - What did it do for ...

mercury software seems to have a bunch of itil software which is supposed to be alot easier to use than the freeware versions. (

looks like they are big on preventing network problems with config mgmt, sw testing, etc. I've attended a bunch of their webinars to keep up with automation trends but haven't used any of their products.

there is no way that doing this kind of thing could not save your company money, but you have to output some money to save money, and be more disciplined in changes, documentation, etc. and someplaces not ready for that or spending the money.

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But wait. There is more............

by FPahor In reply to ITIL - What did it do for ...

After going through the ITIL Foundation and some of the service delivery / management courses we started to implement components of ITIL in phases. This was and worked great from a service delivery viewpoint and allowed us to measure components that we previously couldn't.

However, from a Technology Support / Services viewpoint I was left wondering if there was more. Well there is. The latest iteration of ITIL, yes even it has versions and releases, contains the ITIL ICT Infrastructure Managers Cert. This is the missing bit for all those technologists out there. It fills the gap and discusses how technology teams can deliver on those services. (Open to interpretation obviously).

Have a read and enjoy.

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ITIL is good

by rpaton In reply to ITIL - What did it do for ...

Our enterprise implemented ITIL change management just on a year ago. It has been a big success and we are now implementing incident and problem management along with the CMDB. It has really aided us and I love it as it has stopped our rogue network admin from consistently making changes and not telling anyone. Sounds like your IT exec is not into best practise management skills.

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ITIL Awareness

by ITILfriend In reply to ITIL - What did it do for ...

Hi There,
What your manager needs is the ITIL Foundation Certificate or at least an awareness session. Probably good for all your IT mgt.
We are implementing a regimen of all IT staff gainig the Foundations at least. I am the only one here with the Manager's certificate and this knowledge has allowed me to put forward a better way of doing things and back it up as well.
I work for a State Governemnt dept IT branch and we started with the Incident Mgt and Change functions. I look after the Change side of things.
The one major thing we found was that people were thinking their changes through more than they did before and this in itself stopped a lot of unnecessary downtime and regressions.
Whatever framework you use, there will be a lot of work documenting your procedures and processes because, again, they have to be thought through from one end to the other. Maybe the cost is something she is not willing to contemplate, but in the long run, it is worth every penny.
Our next stage is a CMDB to keep track of everything better than we are now. Our systems are becoming more complex as time goes on and we can't afford not to implement something to track it all, neither can you.
If she doesn't listen, maybe you should find somewhere else that is using ITIL or one of it's related frameworks, for your own peace of mind.

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