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It's Captain Kirk's Birthday!

By oneamazingwriter ·
William Shatner, Actor / Writer

Born: 22 March 1931
Birthplace: Montreal, Canada
Best Known As: Captain James T. Kirk of the Starship Enterprise

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Tiberius, as in shark...

by oromis In reply to It's Captain Kirk's Birth ...

What about the birthdate of the actor who played Captain Christopher Pike in the original pilot?

I was there in '66, and I'm still following the sci fi spinoffs StarTrek created.

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More than you asked...

by oneamazingwriter In reply to Tiberius, as in shark...

Jeffrey Hunter
Born: Nov 25, 1926 in New Orleans, Louisiana
Died: May 27, 1969
Occupation: Actor
Active: '50s-'60s
Major Genres: Drama, Western
Career Highlights: The Last Hurrah, Sailor of the King, No Man Is an Island
First Major Screen Credit: The Frogmen (1951)
Christopher Pike is a fictional character in Star Trek. He appeared in the pilot episode The Cage as captain of the USS Enterprise, and was then played by Jeffrey Hunter. This pilot was rejected; another was made, and the character of Pike was dropped after Hunter decided that he did not want to continue with the franchise.

Thanks to 1-Click Answers.

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by Deejay54 In reply to Tiberius, as in shark...

Captain Pike was played by actor Jeffrey Hunter.
Unfortunately he stopped having birthdays a long time ago when he fell down his stairs at home and broke his neck.

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Two Words

by maxwell edison In reply to It's Captain Kirk's Birth ...

Denny Crane

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Denny Crane

by elee In reply to It's Captain Kirk's Birth ...

Yeah. I agree with all the above.
But you gotta catch "Boston Legal".
He's a hoot as Denny Crane suffering from mad cow disease.

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Denny Crane indeed

by JeffDeWitt In reply to Denny Crane

I was hoping someone would mention "Boston Legal", it's a great show and Shatner is obviously having a ball doing it.

He does what he does best, plays a pompous arrogant guy who is throughly enjoying life... which I expect is what Shatner is like in real life these days.

The man is a ham, and isn't much of an actor, and not only does he know that he's taking advantage of it. He's also not afraid to laugh at himself.

Now if they could just get Nemoy on an episode or two of "Boston Legal".

Jeff DeWitt

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Shatner's work

by easyrdr50 In reply to It's Captain Kirk's Birth ...

Why has not anyone mentioned his work on Twilight Zone. Nightmare at 24,000(?) Feet scared the XOXX out of me as a kid watching the first broadcasts. Nimoy and other Trekkers can be seen on different episodes.

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What about the westerns?

by AlanGeek In reply to Shatner's work

I remember seeing him in some westerns on TV, though I don't remember if they were movies or series reruns.

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This was all I could find, Alan

by oneamazingwriter In reply to What about the westerns?

How the West Was Won (197 (miniseries)

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Busy guy!

by JeffDeWitt In reply to This was all I could find ...

I don't know if this is all of them but I picked these westerns out from Mr. Shatners filmography from the IMDB.

Our Captian Kirk has been a busy guy!

Jeff DeWitt

"How the West Was Won" (197 (mini) TV Series .... Capt. Harrison
"The Oregon Trail"
- The Scarlet Ribbon (1977) TV Episode

"Kung Fu"
- A Small Beheading (1974) TV Episode .... Capt. Brandywine Gage

Pioneer Woman (1973) (TV) .... John Sergeant

"Cade's County"
- The Armageddon Contract (1971) TV Episode .... Jack Pilgrim

"The Virginian"
... aka The Men from Shiloh (new title)
- Black Jade (1969) TV Episode .... Henry Swann
- The Claim (1965) TV Episode .... Luke Milford

Comanche blanco (196 .... Johnny Moon/Notah
... aka Hour of Vengeance
... aka White Comanche

... aka Gun Law (UK)
... aka Marshal Dillon (USA: rerun title)
- Quaker Girl (1966) TV Episode .... Fred Bateman

"The Big Valley"
- A Time to Kill (1966) TV Episode .... Brett Skyler

- Starfall: Part 2 (1960) TV Episode .... Wayne Gorham
- Starfall: Part 1 (1960) TV Episode .... Wayne Gorham

"The United States Steel Hour"
... aka The U.S. Steel Hour (USA: alternative title)
- Old Marshals Never Die (195 TV Episode .... Con Purvis
- A Man in Hiding (195 TV Episode
- Walk with a Stranger (195 TV Episode .... Fred Corry

... aka Climax Mystery Theater (USA)
- Time of the Hanging (195 TV Episode .... Ben tate

Billy Budd (1955) (TV)
"Howdy Doody" (1954) TV Series .... Ranger Bob (1954

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