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It's getting scary out there...

By Maevinn ·
Overzealous campus and state police officers arrested a college student for suspicious behavior.

Damn the command line!

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by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to The B.C. operating system ...
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by arjaym In reply to It's getting scary out th ...

Are they crazy???!! Or their police enforcer don't know how to use computers. I guess not.

BC Operating System? hmmm I think its a Unix based OS created by them. :)

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I'm glad I don't live in Boston

by JackOfAllTech In reply to It's getting scary out th ...

I almost alway have a cmd window open in windows and I use Telnet a puTTY to admin all the *nix servers where I work.

We have come so very far from what our founding fathers put into place. Heavy Sigh!

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Works fine

by The 'G-Man.' In reply to It's getting scary out th ...
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Police Press Release:

by dixon In reply to It's getting scary out th ...

"We are, at this time, currently investigating a particular individual who was reported to be engaged in suspicious computer related activities of an unknown nature. Other particular individuals report that the particular individual under investigation was seen utilizing a suspicious operating system comprised of a threatening black screen with white letters on it, similar to what we've seen in the films "Firewall" and "The Matrix". He also used another operating system technically known regular good kind like everybody else uses. Our in-house experts have informed us that particular individuals often utilize that black-screen thingy to commit nefarious activities like IP renew, ping, and even worse, disk check. Our current investigation continues at this time."

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I wonder

by Shellbot In reply to Police Press Release:

what the consequenses of IPCONFIG are???

Maybe this is part of M$ master plan???
Criminal NOT to use windows..


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by Shellbot In reply to It's getting scary out th ...

In this day and age I think if a police officer is going to be doing that kind of duty, they need to be educated.

Thats just ****ing ridiculous. I hope they eventually feel ashamed of themselves for being idiots. Not saying they idiots because they don't "know" about command prompt..I'm saying thiey are idiots because they haven't educated themselves to do the type of work they are doing.

A bigger question:
At what stage do you need to be retrained for your job, or fired? Just that I work with people who have all moved over to the pc for at min 5 years now, and they STILL can't figure out how to do the most minute thing on it..and this is after a lot of expensive user training. At what stage does an employer say "well sorry darling, but you can't seem to grasp the fact that all your work is done on the pc now and frankly your lack of knowledge despite trianing now means you are no longer qualified for the job..get out"

Sorry..bit of a rant there..

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Wasn't there...

by Ed Woychowsky In reply to Wow

Wasn't there a similar case a year or two ago where someone was arrested for software piracy, because they were distributing copies of Firefox? It seems that rather than keeping up with technology some in law enforcement have taken the stance, "If I don?t understand it, it must be illegal."

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by Jellimonsta In reply to Wasn't there...

You could be right in your assumption of the law enforcement stance.
Maybe that is why the police officer divorce rate is so high? They kept arresting their spouses as they didn't understand them. ;\

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How long until 'darling' retires?

by Maevinn In reply to Wow

I worked with a woman who'd been a secretary all of her professional life. One of her jobs was to compile a monthly report based on emails from 30+ people. All she should have had to do was copy and paste their text into her template.

Instead, she printed out the emails and re-typed them into a single document. Every month. Despite being shown how to copy and paste several times.

Management decided it was easier to wait until she retired on her own than to document enough reasons to fire her.

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