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It's getting scary out there...

By Maevinn ·
Overzealous campus and state police officers arrested a college student for suspicious behavior.

Damn the command line!

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by Shellbot In reply to How long until 'darling' ...

its one thing if someone is 60 and is going to be retiring in a while..fair enough it migh tbe easier to wait..

But i'm talking about a group of 40-50 year olds.. Can't have 20 people taking 10 hours each to do things they should be doing in 5 mins. Plus..the time for the helpdesk to support them constantly for every little thing.

My mother in law is like 78 and does her banking online, email, and lots of other things. she's a bit hesitant at times..but she's getting there.

So I reckon there's no excuse for some people. In a small business with a couple staff, it may not matter as much, but for larger places where time is excuse.

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A copy of the affadavit

by LocoLobo In reply to It's getting scary out th ...

is here:

After reading the section titled "Basis of Probable Cause" I'm not sure. The allegations are more like setting up a fake profile to embarrass the victim. It sounds to me more like a beef between college room mates. NOT the crime of the century.

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Complete Search Warrant

by marie.truman In reply to It's getting scary out th ...

Interestingly enough EFF put the complete search warrant on their website:

The part quoted in the article is the portion of the warrant the was quoting what another person was stating not the officer. I'd read the whole warrant before making a judgment based on only a couple sentences from a 18 page document.

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I have read the Complete Warrant......Still.....

by jpesadilla In reply to Complete Search Warrant

First thing that comes to mind....

If Mr. Calixte did actually post the "outing" e-mail about his roommate, then might all this "witnessed" evidence from said roommate just be retaliation?

How many people here get asked to "Help fix my computer..." Come on you know who you are. I have brought home many a company computer to fix as I usually have better repair tools at home..... I have yet to be arrested for said action, although I have received a few bonuses for saving the VPs laptop after he spilled coffee on it... But it wasn't his fault.

I still think the Police in this case are being over zealous in their actions, and obviously have a very basic understanding of Computers. I think further investigation and consultation with IT experts is in order.

Including a more thorough "interview" with the Complaintant.

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The worst part is

by IC-IT In reply to I have read the Complete ...

all the time and resources being wasted on this.
The kid will likely be prosecuted though because of the cyber-stalking laws of Mass.
His biggest downfall is the DNS logs showing his computer going to the adam4adam site. The It head already turned over those logs, the rest is pretty much a roomie vs roomie deal, until they allowed him to act as a trusted informer (pretty weak when your involved). That could be the technicality that gets it thrown out.

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Here locally there was a school superintendent

by robo_dev In reply to The worst part is

who was on a school-related trip.

In the hotel at night he had a few drinks and used the school-issued blackberry to visit a naughty porn web site.

Next day the LAN admin guy sees the "porn alert" on the BES server and reports it.

The following day the school board votes 5-0 and this $165K a year superintendent is without a job.

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I read it too...

by dixon In reply to I have read the Complete ...

...and got a real kick out of this 'hi tech' expert explaining how 'Microsoft Explorer' uses things called cookies. I wouldn't want any part of my fate in this guy's hands.

It would simply be stupid kiddie dorm-room crap gone way out of hand, if it weren't for the disturbing 4th Amendment implications.

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And a couple of other things...

by dixon In reply to It's getting scary out th ...

If the kid in question works in the school's IT department, it seems likely that he has been given the info necessary to access the network. In what way is this 'hacking'? And, why can't the head of the school's IT department determine who's accessed and/or changed information in the grading database? Seems like pretty simple stuff to me, and shouldn't involve the confiscation of anybody's property.

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