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It's Waitangi Day! It's Waitangi Day!!

By DMambo ·
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According to my Far Side calendar (today's cartoon - Aerobics in ****) today is Waiangi Day in New Zealand. I think that's just great. Now I could google it, but I'd rather have an explanation direct from someone who knows about it.

Other interesting international (read English-speaking world) holidays that I noticed from a cursory glance are:
8-Mar - International Woman's Day (that's everyday in my house )
12-Mar - 8-Hours day (AU)
18-Mar - Mothering Sunday (UK)
25-Apr - Anzac Day (AU,NZ)
7-May - Early May Bank Holiday (UK)
28-May - Spring Bank Holiday (UK)
4-June - Queen's Birthday (NZ)
11-June - Queen's Birthday (AU except WA)
12-July - Battle of the Boyne Day (NIre) (I get the feeling there are some people who take this one VERY seriously)
6-Aug - Picnic Day (AU-NT)
27-Aug - Summer Bank Holiday (UK) (Those British bankers are lazy bastards!)
1-Oct - Queen's Birthday (AU-WA) (must be a different queen. When's JD's birthday?)
24-Oct - United Nation's Day (Maxwell's favorite, no doubt.)
10-Dec - Human Rights Day
26-Dec Proclamation Day (AU-SA)

Please offer explantions for any of the above or other notable celebration days in your locale.

Makes me wonder why other countries don't have normal holidays like Groundhog Day, Administrative Professionals Day, April Fools Day and National Boss Day like we have here.

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Close but no cigar

by JamesRL In reply to Bank holidays

In Canada, we don't celebrate the Queen's birthday, we celebrate Victoria Day; Victoria was born on May 24th.

Not many people take the time to think about the grand old dame, they usually think of it as the first long weekend of the summer. Traditionally its nicknamed the "24" weekend, which somehow coincides with how many beer are in the most popular package of beer. Its the time to open up the cottage and get away.

My current employer actually gives us extra "floater" holidays to make up for the fact that some provinces get more statutory holidays than we do in Ontario - thats the first time I've had that.

We get New Years Day, Good Friday, Victoria Day (May 24), Canada Day (July 1), Simcoe Day (Ontario, first Monday in August), Labour Day, Thankgiving (2nd Monday in October), Christmas and Boxing day.

Bankers and school kids also get Rememberence day (Novemeber 11th), and Easter Monday.

In Quebec they celebrate St Jean Baptiste day, though the moderniste try to paint it as Fete Nationale....


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It is a great day of old people standing next to couples rubbing noses.

by daveo2000 In reply to It's Waitangi Day! It's W ...

All you could want to know can be found here:

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