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I've been fired twice

By carmen2003tg ·
I just read article posted about retailiation in the work place. I've been fired twice. The first time I never complained and was harassed constantly for fraternizing with an another employee even after their leaving the company for another job. My second job I was constantly harassed told I was too fat and subjected to sexual harassment, couldn't even conduct myself appropriately on the job. Picked on about even the slightest mistake that I make. Watched constantly and then after reporting an incident after a year of employment was repeatly called a "*****" in the office because I was not terminated for being reprimanded in a manner other employees deemed appropriate. I was humiliated on my first job by these people about vibrators and sex toys and then went to the second job to be humiliated about not having sex. I filed a complaint with EEOC and now I'm having trouble finding a lawyer in the state of FL to represent me because I was accused of sexual relations with an office worker, and after 16+ years in the industry, that I never did any work on my own. Adjust my luck my past AVP was my future Director of the company that I was hired from the second time. These idiots were trying to catch me being a ***** out in the streets by following me too. And now I'm on depression medication over a complete myth and lie from within that company. I got violent on the first job, and the second job, all I said was "God damnit" and some religious fanatic overheard it and whoa, no more job. This was following my previous reprimand, in which I conducted myself appropriately by not having any contact with the employee I was accused of threatening. She actually mentioned that I threatened her AND her whole team. She was the whole team, in her eyes. Someone I was suppose to see Jesus in all of that stuff at the workplace, so yes religious harassment too.

I may be just venting pretty strongly now

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Holy crap!

by Ibanezoo In reply to Most organisations are wa ...

This kind of thing doesn't do anything to further my faith in the system, thats for sure. Is there no way for you to file harassment against all the false accusations and false evidence? Or were you just happy to be rid of it all?

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The intitial charge was sexual harassment, the final charge

by Deadly Ernest In reply to Holy crap!

was 'conduct unbecoming to an officer of the service' and was based on the 'balance of probability.' Since it was handled 'in house' as an administrative matter, the appeal process required that I go to the agency head first. That's where the final decisions of no permanent record, paid leave but no lose of leave credits, etc. To take it any further would have required law courts, and legal fees. I was glad to get shot of it at that point, it was nearly 18 months old by then. I was already promoted and in another agency, so wasn't to worried about any affect on my career either.

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Nice work

by Benevolence In reply to Most organisations are wa ...

Good work!!! Really nice and thorough. I hope you got some form of apology. I would have sued for defamation!

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by mr_wizard In reply to I've been fired twice

There's a lot more to this story than is represented here - that is blatantly obvious! Sounds like someone has a 'persecution complex.' Carmen will be the last person to come to this realization. It's quite apparent it is driving her life now.

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love your response Mr. Wizard

by carmen2003tg In reply to Whoa!

Mr. Wizard,,
I have been feeling that way for a long time, someone after the "persecution complex". Really from the very beginning, because there are some things about me at 43 that are never going to change. Things just got so drastic to the point of being childishly ridiculous. And your may be right that it could be driving my life right now. There is a whole lot of hurt surrounding all of it.
Thanks for the awaking, it hit the emotional chords. Carmen

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I think...

by Benevolence In reply to love your response Mr. Wi ...

It may help you to write out your experiences in a more thorough way. Your statement seemed to ramble somewhat (and didn't really make too much sense), which does make it quite obvious that you have been traumatized and have no way to deal with it yet.

I hope that this situation improves for you. Have you spoken to someone about it yet... to clear your head etc.?

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pills and therapy - and thanks for the writing support

by carmen2003tg In reply to I think...

I've been walking around with an empty brain and cloudy head for I don't know how long. I think it's crazy the one being bullied is the one that is suppose to show up in therapy. Just noticed that I walk with my head down now. And fighting tooth and nail dealing with anger issues now. I've been great at putting on a piece of paper and rambling confused and bitter thoughts in my car or on paper. The only therapy I have had other than counseling is to get away from it completely. I'm not into shock therapy.

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Yeah. Bullies should be forced into re-education. Problem is...

by Benevolence In reply to pills and therapy - and ...

...that our social structures actually protect and encourage bullies to a certain point.

Research has shown that the people who generally rise to the top of industry and commerce into positions of high authority feature a disturbing aspect: They are either borderline psychopathic or actually psychopathic.

explanation of psychopaths:

This is especially a shame, as the research would also suggest that they are causing a lot of inefficiency in the workplace by creating far too much stress.

I strongly suggest you find someone to talk through the issues with, face to face.

Good Luck.

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Belief: "things about me at 43 that are never going to change"

by MobyMud In reply to love your response Mr. Wi ...

Carmen, I just want to say that this (the subject, your quote) is clearly a belief! And belief gates are what you life is. Think about it: when you believe in Santa Claus, you see life through a certain "filter" that changes after that belief is deleted. If a person believes they are a smoker, they behave one way until that belief changes.
The one important key that we are NEVER told is that we can control our beliefs. They are not stagnant pools but instead a flowing river that changes a little every day. If you MAKE A CHOICE to believe differently, you life will be different. So, how do we do that? Create some beliefs that will help you, life, for example, "I can change" and tell yourself that every day. Sounds simple, but it is also powerful! Find other beliefs about yourself, your body, and your future that you WANT to have and then start installing them by writing them down and looking at them every day: on you bathroom mirror, the back of a cereal box... you get the idea. As you believe, new gates will open to great things, and healing, and old gates will close to time wasting things like past unfair situations. Focus on the future, cause that is where you will live.
-- The best thing about the past is that it is in the past!

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Persecution Complex?

by Smedley54 In reply to Whoa!

Threats to your livelihood are primal and provoke reactions that are primitive, powerful and difficult to deal with. They do begin to drive your life, and even become irrational, but the threats are real.

Remember, just because you're paranoid doesn't mean they aren't out to get you.

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