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I've been fired twice

By carmen2003tg ·
I just read article posted about retailiation in the work place. I've been fired twice. The first time I never complained and was harassed constantly for fraternizing with an another employee even after their leaving the company for another job. My second job I was constantly harassed told I was too fat and subjected to sexual harassment, couldn't even conduct myself appropriately on the job. Picked on about even the slightest mistake that I make. Watched constantly and then after reporting an incident after a year of employment was repeatly called a "*****" in the office because I was not terminated for being reprimanded in a manner other employees deemed appropriate. I was humiliated on my first job by these people about vibrators and sex toys and then went to the second job to be humiliated about not having sex. I filed a complaint with EEOC and now I'm having trouble finding a lawyer in the state of FL to represent me because I was accused of sexual relations with an office worker, and after 16+ years in the industry, that I never did any work on my own. Adjust my luck my past AVP was my future Director of the company that I was hired from the second time. These idiots were trying to catch me being a ***** out in the streets by following me too. And now I'm on depression medication over a complete myth and lie from within that company. I got violent on the first job, and the second job, all I said was "God damnit" and some religious fanatic overheard it and whoa, no more job. This was following my previous reprimand, in which I conducted myself appropriately by not having any contact with the employee I was accused of threatening. She actually mentioned that I threatened her AND her whole team. She was the whole team, in her eyes. Someone I was suppose to see Jesus in all of that stuff at the workplace, so yes religious harassment too.

I may be just venting pretty strongly now

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and just because they're out to get you..

by TechniquePhreak In reply to Persecution Complex?

doesn't mean you don't deserve it. she got violent bro. nuff said.

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Just move on

by RNR1995 In reply to I've been fired twice

I worked for a small copier company where the dispatcher accused me of harrasing her or
whatever, disagreeing is more like it. See I really did not like driving back and forth when a better route was available. So just move on, I did and I am so much happier now, this is the first time in a long time I even thought about that crappy place!

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Yes, Moving on....

by MobyMud In reply to Just move on

It is said that you know what you want in your life by looking around and seeing what is there. You are pulling these strange situations into your life. Yes, things "happen" from time to time but when they do we move on, not sit around waiting for things to get progressivly worse.
Too many people in the world know exactly what they DON'T want, but don't have a clue as to what they do want.
BE the kind of person who KNOWS what they want! Pick some direction that motivates you and focus on it. You will find that as you focus on something good, and new direction, suddenly things will change and you will have new choices, at least something new and motivating to focus on. Life is about choices, make some new ones, and good ones, and you will find your happiness again.

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Another Yes, Move one...

by e_akhras In reply to Yes, Moving on....

Focus on your work, Do the very best you can, and go proud.

If you think you're doing the right, don't bother then.

Never underestimate your potential... on the contrary, Enjoy it. Only then they will hush.

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That happened to me too!!!

by stress junkie In reply to I've been fired twice

Hey kindred spirit. Did you bring an assault rifle into the office like I did? Man. People just get all bent out of shape when you point one of those at them. Well if they can't take a joke then who needs them?

For some strange reason I think that clarifying details are missing from your account of these injustices.

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What do you want from life?

by Tig2 In reply to I've been fired twice

And what are you willing to do to get it?

When bad things happen to good people, we are challenged in two specific way (others too, but these are the biggies).

The first challenge is functional- what do I do? The answer is surprisingly simple. You do the next logical thing. First and foremost, you need to survive.

The second challenge is emotional- how do I get on with things when I am feeling vulnerable, scared, sh*t kicked, and generally beat up? The answer is, again, surprisingly simple. You do it.

I've been there, albeit in a different way. I went from being a valued employee to laid off to homeless and in major need of major surgery and treatment to survive. I spent a lot of time learning to pick my battles.

It is amazing what you are capable of when you become willing to let certain things go. One of the things I see you needing to let go of is "This isn't fair". You're right- it isn't. And that is about all the time you can spend on the subject.

Every single second that you spend on the issue validates THEM. And let's face it, the best revenge is living well.

Do not try to get justice in this from the courts. no matter how good your case is, in the end, you will pay. You will become poison to any other company you apply to. Should it work that way? No. Does it? You bet.

LET IT GO. That is the greatest gift that you can give yourself. Let go of the things that are not contributing to your success. Live well and be proud of yourself for doing so.

In the end of my situation, I was able to survive the disease, find work, and get on with the business of living. And living well.

Choose to live fully. Choose to let go of the past and concentrate on what new adventure awaits you. Choose the best revenge- Live well!

You are in my prayers and I hope to see you post again- that you are past the nonsense that has plagued you and are moving forward.

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easier said than done

by carmen2003tg In reply to What do you want from lif ...

This place is as about as unforgiving and selfish as anything could be. I left to get away from all that crap and just wasn't far away enough. I don't think any place is far away enough. My new job, I didn't even mention anything that happened at my old job and this was after not being bothered for 9 months while here. I get another job in another state and the only place I get bothered about religion and my "so-called" freakish and *****-ish past is in my new place of employment. "Freak in a sideshow".

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And perhaps it is.

by Tig2 In reply to easier said than done

But that doesn't mean that you don't need to do it.

I have one breast. I will lose the remaining breast early next year. If you don't think I FEEL like a side show freak, think again.

People will not always treat you with the respect you deserve. I don't know any way to change that but by choosing to not be drawn in. By simply refusing to acknowledge it. Is that hard to do? Oh yes. But it can be done.

I know a woman who was in a similar position. The company screwed her over. But she was walked out based on her response to being screwed over- the company was willing to give her the opportunity for a graceful exit. Was the company wrong? Hard call. They made the call they felt they had to make but she compounded the problem. In my view, they were both wrong.

You are putting a LOT of emotional energy into what the perception of a lot of valueless people is. Why bother? They aren't living your life. They know nothing about you. How can their opinion of you mean anything?

What is happening is that it is damaging you. Stop that process, any way you reasonably can. Simply refuse to give it head space. Why should you let them hurt you like that?

I found out that I could spend the rest of my life being a freak or I could spend it happy. I choose happy. I choose that every single day. It is always a choice.

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You're a wonderful person

by carmen2003tg In reply to And perhaps it is.

I commmend you on your attitude, and do not let that bother you. But no one can see by ever looking at you that you have one breast. They can see the other things about you and that's why people undergo the scrutiny that is prevelent in this society.

I commend you on your strong will and determination, but I don't have any intent for coworkers to drive my relationship life like it was in a shambles before I met any of them.

Cheers to you.. TiggerTwo.

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Wait wait. Stop right there. Yours is a rare post.

by alameh In reply to And perhaps it is.

You said, "I have one breast. I will lose the remaining breast early next year. If you don't think I FEEL like a side show freak, think again."

Since you started it, during my short time of stumbling around this website I feel that have to ask you a question or two.

Do your breasts define who you are as a person? Why? They're mostly fatty tissue aren't they?

Why will you "FEEL like a side show freak"? Isn't that a choice to feel that way? Meaning no disrespect but I'm curious as to why you'd WANT to feel that way.

It seems to me that you are making a courageous decision that doesn't arise out of a medical emergency.

If it was an emergency you and the doctors wouldn't wait to have it taken off.

So my last question to you is is it vanity or as respectfully as possible just WTF is going on with you?

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