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I've been fired twice

By carmen2003tg ·
I just read article posted about retailiation in the work place. I've been fired twice. The first time I never complained and was harassed constantly for fraternizing with an another employee even after their leaving the company for another job. My second job I was constantly harassed told I was too fat and subjected to sexual harassment, couldn't even conduct myself appropriately on the job. Picked on about even the slightest mistake that I make. Watched constantly and then after reporting an incident after a year of employment was repeatly called a "*****" in the office because I was not terminated for being reprimanded in a manner other employees deemed appropriate. I was humiliated on my first job by these people about vibrators and sex toys and then went to the second job to be humiliated about not having sex. I filed a complaint with EEOC and now I'm having trouble finding a lawyer in the state of FL to represent me because I was accused of sexual relations with an office worker, and after 16+ years in the industry, that I never did any work on my own. Adjust my luck my past AVP was my future Director of the company that I was hired from the second time. These idiots were trying to catch me being a ***** out in the streets by following me too. And now I'm on depression medication over a complete myth and lie from within that company. I got violent on the first job, and the second job, all I said was "God damnit" and some religious fanatic overheard it and whoa, no more job. This was following my previous reprimand, in which I conducted myself appropriately by not having any contact with the employee I was accused of threatening. She actually mentioned that I threatened her AND her whole team. She was the whole team, in her eyes. Someone I was suppose to see Jesus in all of that stuff at the workplace, so yes religious harassment too.

I may be just venting pretty strongly now

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Hey Techdeck, because you haven't been here that long

by Deadly Ernest In reply to Wait wait. Stop right the ...

you may not know that TT has breast cancer, one breast removed, the other scheduled (by the doctor) to be removed at a time that suits him and the current medical treatments. In many cases they have to change drugs to avoid problems with those needed for the operation. This takes time to change over and settle down, also doctors have waiting lists for non-immediate life threatening surgery.

She doesn't feel like a freak show, just that some people are stupid (or tactless) enough to look at her as if she is, and that's not nice.

If you'd bothered to check out what her Avatar stood for, it would have been a bit obvious, the Pink Ribbon is to do with Breast Cancer support.

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I understood it wrong then.

by alameh In reply to Hey Techdeck, because you ...

I haven't ever knowingly met anyone who looks at a cancer survivor as if they're a "freak show". I know the type though. I don't give those kind of people headspace either.

I know next to nothing about breast cancer and treatment. I can imagine that waiting that long for a surgery would be a difficult ordeal. I'd need counseling because I'd probably dwell on it and be full of self-pity and anger until it was over and done, if not longer. My hat's off to anyone who can face that kind of thing and still function.

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Good Points

by Tig2 In reply to Wait wait. Stop right the ...

I try very hard to NOT feel awkward or freakish. But I live in a society that has a specific idea of what constitutes standard equipment on women. I have to be very careful of what I wear because the scarring does show- even if the surgery isn't readily apparent. And realistically, even though they don't define me, I have had to work through a lot of times when I felt a whole lot less feminine. Like when I had to tell my partner that one had gone missing. Surgery pre-dated the relationship and that is just not an easy conversation.

The upcoming surgery is part prophylactic, part required. It isn't avoidable. Yes, there has been some decision making involved and we considered timing as well.

The point I was trying to make to Carmen is that she has choices about how she is going to let other people's actions and attitudes affect her. I know this because I have had to live it for awhile. I have learned to choose my perspective.

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Thank's for replying.

by alameh In reply to Good Points

I wasn't sure what was going on.

You make very good points too.

You are very bold and strong to deal with your situation in this forum. I don't think I could do it.

Kudo's to you for your attitude and good luck to you in the future.

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that's why you left?

by TechniquePhreak In reply to easier said than done

wow. i thought you said you got fired? twice...

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Watch out for bigots...

by Ibanezoo In reply to I've been fired twice too. I made a post completely unrelated to religion but because I wrote the word "god" in it, some nutcases freaked out about it. In this day and age where everyone is afraid of getting blown up by Muslims, I am more afraid of the whacko Christians.... and considering their track record, you know with the whole Salem thing, the Crusades, etc etc.

Back to your post...If you lived here in the Peoples Republik of Kalifornia you could have easily sued the crap out of both companies and won.

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My wife's been there too...

by artist@work In reply to I've been fired twice

Dear Carmen,
fully sympathizing with what happened to you, my wife lost her job as Associate Prof. is Psychology in a Greek University, when she was accused (during her promotion assessment to permanent Associate Prof.) of plagiarism in one of her published books, which was already citing hundreds (literally!) of bibliographical references!!!
That was last year. Ministry of Education returns the decision back to the Univ. as an illegally based allegation, which was formed in her absence and she was never notified of the allegations, prior to the board meeting (where she was conveniently absent, as was on Sabbatical). The board convenes again this year and still decides negatively on the basis of same accusations (only rephrased) and despite evidence (all my wife's books are submitted to each board member separately). My wife is currently under depression medication and, thank God, she is much better nowadays. The way things are in Greece she will never be able to teach at a greek University any more.
Both you and her have to let go and move on with your lives. As one of the people that replies to your initial posting said, "The best revenge is to go on and live well". I pray to God that she will find it in her heart to let go and find happiness in her new job, whatever that may be. I hope you do too, eventually.
Gos bless you

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there's one important difference..

by TechniquePhreak In reply to My wife's been there too. ...

I'm assuming your wife did not get violent with them? Carmen isn't being harassed or persecuted, she is reaping the consequences of her unprofessional, violent, temper tantrums. She's not a victim here...

My only sympathy for her is related to her obvious mental illness..

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IT shop - no temperments and emotions - never heard of it

by carmen2003tg In reply to there's one important dif ...

I've been working in an IT shop for 16 years. And to lash out at someone in a day care center type of environment where the majority of the 3 out of 10 of the people have been in IT for more than 10+ years is ridiculous. I worked in a day care of young IT professionals bringing their problems and issues to their manager's on a daily basis. My daily problems are not my manager's issues. I'm suppose to go in there to work. My lack or non-lack of an religious affliation is not my management's problem. I don't care how many ways you look at it and turn it around. And the concept that after 12+ years of working in IT that temperments and emotions flair is the most absurd thing I have ever heard in my life. Try not having your paycheck no getting deposited in your checking account during a posting process, you'll experience a whole lot of temperment. I think some people think there mood swings have more validity and PMS syndrome. Unprofessional and violent is a load a crap. Your not going to make me not think I wasn't being lashed out as after all these years. I couldn't have done the things they accused me of. It's absurd to change the reason and person on me when you can't find the evidence. If you didn't find the evidence for the so called bologna that you accused me of, why bring God and Jesus into it, like I'm suppose to forgive you, and change the person to someone in a different state or outside the building. It's a charade of bologna and I can write a thousand sentences, but I had an affair(so-called affair) with someone that my manager did not like. OK. I never had a problem with these crap in my entire IT life. And please don't make me think because of my problem and my mental illness that makes me a lesbian. Bible-belt load of crap. You think Jesus is going to help me with that professionalism problem and mental illness? Then show me the professionalism. I know better.

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by TechniquePhreak In reply to IT shop - no temperments ...

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