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I've got a great idea!

By advancedgeek ·
work makes me carry this INFERNAL blackberry around for emergencies and all. So I'm sleeping and all of a sudden all **** breaks loose in my bedroom. Earthquake? no. Was I getting mortared/carbombed/nuked? no.

It was the INFERNAL EMAIL FROM TECHRUPUBLIC AT 5:15 IN THE MORNING!!! BAH! I never did get back to sleep...I don't mind getting them...but maybe at a decent hour for the 0800 or something. :)

*note: this is mostly a joke...those who flame me will be sacked, and those who jokingly flame me--- will also be sacked (any monty python fans out there?)

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by advancedgeek In reply to I've got a great idea!

That's what I like to see...a nice noonish email...

/me initiates a slow clap

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auto on/off

by Cactus Pete In reply to I've got a great idea!

I didn't read to see if anyone else already suggested it, but the blackberry options include an auto off feature... comes in handy :)

you can set it to turn back on about the time you want to wake up...

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Or use level 1 messages

by zaferus In reply to auto on/off

I have a BB too, but instead of auto on off I have all messages set to silent, and level 1 messages set to vibrate.

Under desktop manager you can set that messages from certain domains/addresses forward to your unit as level 1 messages - everything else is ignored except for legitimate messages.

For myself any messages from our monitoring server or a few select people get treated as level 1. Helps me sleep at night!


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by Hockeyist In reply to I've got a great idea!

Those who sent the e-mail have been sacked.
The people hired to replace the people who were sacked have been sacked.
Those responsible for carrying the e-mail through the ether - sacked.
Your partner for not turning the alarm off before it woke you - sacked.
Those responsible for not supplying you earplugs - sacked.
The person responsible for this post - sacked.

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by advancedgeek In reply to Sacked...

Glad to see i'm not the only geek out there...

The person responsible for sacking...has been sacked.

*note: Please go rent "Monty Python: The quest for the Holy Grail" if you have not seen it...or risk being sacked.

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by Info-Safety, LLC In reply to I've got a great idea!

Sounds remarkably like BRD, a very treatable malady.

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