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James' Rant of the Week "The Olympics"

By JamesRL ·
Somehow the whole world has lost the ideas of sportsmanship, fair play and the idea that the Olympics is about competition, not just winning.

The emphasis on medal count is just one example of this. I think its great that Micheal Phelps can win in the pool. Does that mean the US is better than everyone else? If so, then what about Jamaica, which dominated womens and mens sprints?

The athletes are individuals, and once upon a time, we honored them, instead of what happens today which is essentially making them pariahs if they don't perform as expected.

The nation of China is in shock because a hurdler had an injury - do we wonder why some athletes suffer from nerves when they feel the weight of the whole nations expectations on them?

Canada was laughed at earlier this week when it had zero medals and even Togo had earned one. Does anyone seriously think that Togo has better athletics than Canada? Of course not, but somehow the Olympic fever has turned into an ugly sickness.

Getting to the Olympics is a crap shoot. Its not enough to want to win. Genetics plays a factor, coaching, and even now science - US swimmers had scientists analyze their strokes on custom tweaked them to be more efficient.

But in the end of course, all the genetics, coaching and science can't give someone the drive to win, it can only put them in position. And outside pressure can undo years of training and hard work.

We shouldn't judge our countries and our atheletes solely on medal counts. Canadian swimmers only won one medal in the pool, but a very young team scored a number of personal bests - can we ask for more?

When the Olympics were revived, it was hoped that they would be a place for young people from around the world to gather, meet, compete against each other, learn about each other, and dissolve some of the barriers between them.

It seems to have turned into just another competition for gold.


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Coward's Way Out

by NotSoChiGuy In reply to Bringing shame to the oly ...

That guy will forever be able to say "he didn't beat me, I got DQ'd".

Murder, optical illusions, underage athletes, repression, disinformation, and some certified nutjobs (this guy, the one wrestler)---can I get three cheers for the Olympic spirit in Beijing???

Is it too late to get Pyongyang and Tehran into the running for the 2016 summer games??

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Good News....

by The 'G-Man.' In reply to James' Rant of the Week " ...

The single best Olympian from the (cough) UK (cough) in the last 100-odd years, with a stunning 3 gold medals, happens to be from good old Scotland.

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I'd like to say "thank you" for providing such talent

by neilb@uk In reply to Good News....

It is seriously ticking off the Aussies!

I can even be grateful to a Scot for that result.

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Even Better :-)

by The 'G-Man.' In reply to I'd like to say "thank yo ...
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Found myself watching equestrian events at lunch today

by NickNielsen In reply to James' Rant of the Week " ...

Saw the replay of the individual jumping; that was something. Also caught a few other sports' medal ceremonies as NBC wrapped up their coverage.

For me, the story of Olympic competition could be Eric Lamaze, who came back from drug addiction to help win silver in the team competition and win the individual gold.

My least favorite scene from this year's Olympics? That wrestler.

My favorite scene? Every time a competitor from one country congratulated or comforted a competitor from a different country. And I saw quite a few.

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My favorites...

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to Found myself watching equ ...

Justin Spring (USA) on the highbar.
Chen Yibing (China) on the still rings.

Holy moly. Awesome. Goosebumps.

Didn't catch the full Olympic card, and didn't see anything awful.

oops - add parentheticals

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Women's taekwondo

by neilb@uk In reply to James' Rant of the Week " ...

10:00am Uk time. An absolutely unprecedented bit of Olympics has just happened. The Brit, Sarah Stevenson, was against a Chinese double Olympic gold medallist. Just before the end of the match, trailing by a point, Sarah planted a kick on the Chinese girl's jaw that came close to taking her head off. The judges chose not to score the two points and Sarah lost. Another of many home-slanted judgements. We protested, but without much hope.

Suddenly, an Olympic Committee representative appears and Sarah is in the semi-final. "Justice comes first," says the announcer, and apologises to the Chinese fans (in English and French!).

Extraordinary and unprecedented. And not before time!

Anyway, kick some more *** (or do I mean face), Sarah!


Addn: Weird, though, that there has so far (10:40) not been an announcement in Chinese. Zhong Chen is an absolute Chinese hero and I wonder how the crowd will react if she doesn't appear.

Well, not very well. Anyway, Sarah lost to a Mexican that she has beaten twice previously. Now has a chance of the bronze - Britain's first Olympics medal in Taekwondo - but she's not a happy girl.

Enough! Stop watching this and go out!

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