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java is best open source technology

By infoprism ·
java is more easy to customize

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no disagreement from me on that one -nt

by Deadly Ernest In reply to Ah so you can program wit ...
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Deadly Menace

by lehnerus2000 In reply to java is best open source ...

I regularly see Security Advisories stating that a new flaw has been found in Java.

IIRC, Java is more of a menace to Windows users than Flash is!
It takes a lot of effort to "outperform" Adobe.

They also suggest that it is an "equal opportunity destroyer".
It doesn't care which OS it screws up.

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That's correct...

by wizard57m-cnet Moderator In reply to Deadly Menace

malware authors can write their malware once and run it anywhere that
a Java virtual machine is installed.

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by tmuhlen In reply to java is best open source ...

It's obvious that this is just troll baiting... the comments show that the argument or 'polling' that is taking place in this discussion are for the ignorant. Java is a tool. Works great if you know anything about OO design or implementation, especially in enterprise computing. The number of 'malware' issues that have come up have been purely FUD and Fodder for those who won't step out of their box. The only Java malware incident is because of browser plug-ins, it has nothing to do with enterprise, desktop, or even mobile Java. How many Security Advisories have been out for MS? ... Thousands. It's ironic, but I'll side with IBM, Oracle, Google, Apple, Red Had, Ubuntu and many other companies about open standards AND open source implementations.

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Seems to have hooked you as well....

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Bait

None of the posters is against open source as far as I'm aware least of all me. "Java is the best opens source technology" now that I have a problem with.
Especially with no definition of best and knowing at least enough that anyone who believes a tool is good for everything is at best too incompetent for their opinion to have any value.

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