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Jay, Smorty, SOMEONE! enough is enough

By jdclyde ·
It is finally too much.

I am not a fan of moderating, but this is beyond anything that belongs here, to the extent that underage has gone.

banishment would be appropreate as well as pulling his discuusions.

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by rob mekel In reply to We're on it


Life is to short to not enjoy it

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Block his service provider's IP address

by Jessie In reply to We're on it

For those posters who are repeatedly heinous, my hubby (who also runs a free public forum) blocks the users ISP's IP block. That usually puts a stop to all of it.

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Or better yet, Smorty

by jdclyde In reply to Block his service provide ...

report him to his ISP.

You know he was just as bad if not worse on the last board he got kicked off of, and this is just the kind of person an ISP will boot.

Now THAT would be justice served!

You would be doing the WORLD a favor!

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Opportunity wasted

by amcol In reply to Jay, Smorty, SOMEONE! e ...

I have significantly reduced my participation in TR forums and am considering leaving the community altogether for precisely this reason. Between this nonsense, the incessant odd news postings by Jaqui (no one's been responding, Jaqui...does this not tell you something?), and the wide variety of other meaningless posts on meaningless topics that have nothing whatever to do with a technical forum, what's the point. I have better things to do with my time, even if others apparently do not.

And I'll indulge my admitted high-mindedness and self-righteous sanctimony one last's extremely unfortunate that TR, as the operator of this space, and the contributing community, as ALLEGED technical professionals, do not realize their collective responsibility to the younger generation just coming into this profession. Is this the kind of example we wish to set? Is this what we want people considering a career in Information Technology to think, that the profession is populated with the stereotypical anti-social one dimensional nerds everyone thinks we are? All of you, including TR, who continue to perpetuate the technician-as-outsider fiction by participating in or enabling these types of discussions should be ashamed of yourselves.

TR isn't the only forum for technical professionals, nor is it the only forum for those of us who manage and/or lead those professionals. My time is too valuable for nonsense. I'd hate to have to take my business elsewhere.

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Good luck and

by Old Guy In reply to Opportunity wasted

I hope you find what you want. (in all seriousness)

I'm staying here because I've learn quite a bit about some things and I have had some fun along with it.

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I agree and disagree

by M_a_r_k In reply to Opportunity wasted

About Jaqui's "odd news" postings... I kinda like them. As a matter of fact, less than 12 hours ago I asked Jaqui how in the world he finds all of those interesting stories and he was kind enough to provide me with his source. :)

On the other hand, who's to say that all discussions in the Miscellaneous section should be tech-related? I understand your concerns about the "younger generation" and our influence on them. There has been some talk in the past about changing the Miscellaneous forum name or creating a new forum so people will know beforehand that they are NOT tech-related and will know what to expect. I agree that some of the threads within discussions do get a bit tawdry and may offend some people (meaning you probably wouldn't want your 12-yr old child to read some threads). And sometimes people overreact to others' opinions. And a lot of times post irrelevant nonsense (I suppose just to see their name out there). Can't really control those things. But the rest of it about politics and general interest aren't very offensive and shouldn't be a problem to most people. I've learned a lot just from participating in some of these discussions and interacting with others to hear their opinions.

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The social interaction

by DMambo In reply to I agree and disagree

I value TR for the friendships as much as for the tech info. Honestly, I've had better luck elsewhere getting solutions to problems, but I really enjoy the banter here. Several among this community I count as friends even though I've never met them.

I recall Amcol (A Misc. Collection Of Letters - love that) posted quite a while ago his disgust with another totally obnoxious poster. I agreed with him that that guy should be reported to the TR powers. But that makes 2 such low-lifes in about a year. That's a tolerable percentage in my view, probably a better percentage than in the real world. And a much better percentage than my brothers-in-law

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by Jaqui In reply to The social interaction

Amcol has posted comments saying I'm an annoyance before, about a year ago.
If he doesn't like non tech discussions then don't read the misc section, seems simple enough.

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By the way, Jaqui

by M_a_r_k In reply to DM,

Your new's probably one of the things that "A Miscellaneous Collection of Letters" was referring to. LOL that avatar...which one is you? Yellow or blue? The whipper or the whippee? haha

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why, the

by Jaqui In reply to By the way, Jaqui

yellow of course. ]:)

watch the Showcase show kink, I'm in the background a few times during their filming..playing with a few different people. ]:)

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