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Jay, Smorty, SOMEONE! enough is enough

By jdclyde ·
It is finally too much.

I am not a fan of moderating, but this is beyond anything that belongs here, to the extent that underage has gone.

banishment would be appropreate as well as pulling his discuusions.

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by M_a_r_k In reply to why, the

Why am I not surprised that you're in a show called Kink? :^O You seem to be not surprising alot of people today:


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Oh, that is soooo timely of you!

by jdclyde In reply to DM,

I just LOVE the avitar! (even if it IS off-topic!)

Oh wait, we were talking about Amcol.

Bugger off! X-(

ok, now about that avitar...... ;\

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off topic?

by Jaqui In reply to Oh, that is soooo timely ...

actually, it fits the topic ]:)

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by jdclyde In reply to I agree and disagree

from other regions are usually interesting to hear as MOST will even have a logical reason for the opinions. On the other hand, some are not quite as logical about it and it is all GWB's fault that it snowed last night.

And yes, lets show the younger generations that if they join the tech work force that we are all boring stiffs with little propellers on our hats that have no life other than waiting for the next release of the latest gizmo. That will bring them in! </sarcasm>

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Hey, I like my propeller hat.

by faradhi In reply to opinions

In fact, We should have a smilie with one. :)

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And I would never take it away

by jdclyde In reply to Hey, I like my propeller ...

Just said that there is more to you than JUST that hat!

(enjoy the hat!)

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I think you are only

by stargazerr In reply to Opportunity wasted

talking about the Miscellaneous section. There are loads of other pure technical sections as well as Tech Q&A yo can stick to, if you dont want to talk about other ... "stuff"

If we stick to only talking about technical stuff, the site will become boring as **** in no time. Its the fun and the jokes and the friendships that make those discussions fun. Dont tell me you work 24 hours a day with no lunch or dinner break. If you take timeout from work .. why not take time out from discussing only the serious side of things??

Besides, the best thing about TR is the people on it ... I have never had so much fun and learnt so much on any other forum.


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What should we do?

by sMoRTy71 In reply to Opportunity wasted

So what are suggesting that we do? Have *you* approve which members can join and which ones can post?

The great thing (and the sometimes not-so-great thing) about a forum is that there will always be differing viewpoints and different types of people.

As in the real world, either you can deal with these differences or you can't.

We let this forum (for the most part) police itself. Everyone here is an adult and we treat you that way.

Are things some times off topic? Sure. That is what the Miscellaneous category is for.

One of our newest features (and one we will be updating in the next couple of weeks) is the Workspace. It allows you to set up "Projects" based on keywords you specify. If you want to stick to the strictly technical discussions, you may want to try setting up a project or two around the technologies that interest you most. Just a thought.

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Everyone's missing my point

by amcol In reply to What should we do?

Which is my own fault for not being clearer.

I've no problem with the Miscellaneous section, do not think membership on TR requires any approval, do NOT believe in censorship in any form, and am perfectly comfortable with off topic discussions. Not the issue.

To me, the postings that were the original subject of why this particular thread was started were offensive. I don't know why anyone would engage that poster in any way, which only served to encourage him (exactly what he wanted), and I don't know why TR took so long to do something about it. That's my opinion. I'm entitled to it.

Others took a different approach. That's their opinion. They're entitled to it.

I take myself, my work, and my responsibility to my employer seriously. Perhaps too seriously. That's my problem. I'm entitled to do things the way I want. I justify my use of TR as a way of contributing to the profession that I've enjoyed practicing for almost 35 years, and as a way of learning something useful I can bring to bear to make myself a better professional and by so doing provide better value to my employer.

Others use TR as a forum for electronic chit chat, as a virtual water cooler. They do so, clearly, during business hours, in many cases proudly trumpeting the fact that they're goofing off at their employer's expense. That's their problem, and they're entitled to do things the way THEY want.

I choose to limit my involvement on TR to only those sections that provide professional fulfillment and value. That's my perogative, and I'm entitled to exercise it.

If others wish to waste their time, and that of their employers, go right ahead. It's not for me to say. It's your perogative.

I reserve the right, from time to time at my own discretion, to take TR and everyone herein to task for engaging in public behavior that is not in the best interest of our profession. If I don't like what you post, I'll ignore you. If you don't like what I post, ignore me.

Just don't take me to task because I hold up a mirror and you don't like the image reflected back at you. You're shooting the messenger, and you're focused on the wrong problem.

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Sorry, but I don't think

by Old Guy In reply to Everyone's missing my poi ...

anyone is missing your point. You were very explicit:

Once again, if you don't like this site for whatever reason please find one you do. It doesn't matter what someone is doing on their job. It's none of your business. If you are a manager at your company then by all means crack down on time not well spent for the company. You don't know what we are doing while we are posting.

Main thing is if you want to go then go. If you want to stay then stay. If you don't want to read certain posts or threads then don't.

And, quite frankly, you don't have the right to take anyone to "task" except yourself!

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