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JD's had a name change folks

By Shellbot ·
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Yes, after all this time the awfull truth has finally come out.

So, thanks to CuteElf, JD is now going to have to change his name.

He shall be now known as Mr Quicky.

Sorry JD, this just has to be done
(GG made me do it ]:) )

Check it out for the full details:

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ahh, i see

by Shellbot In reply to watching..... waiting.... ...

ah, you know we just messing with ya :)

Us girls just need to have a bit of fun now and then.

Forgives me? :_|

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to ahh, i see

When I was much younger I was told by my father that there was no such thing as a Good Girl there are only Bad Girls and those Better at Being BAD! Guess which type my Daddy told me to look for.

I should have listened to him as the perks would have been far more interesting.

Col ]:)

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Mr. Quicky??

by maecuff In reply to JD's had a name change fo ...

Ohh..that's too bad. His boyfriend will be very disappointed.


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Not only

by rob mekel In reply to Mr. Quicky??

that ... what will the (older)sister of his son's girlfriend think of this ... all ]:)

heya Mae may I duck with you? :)

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by NOW LEFT TR In reply to JD's had a name change fo ...

JD secretly loves all this - makes him look as if he actually got / gets some (from whoever, er).

Pam and her 5 sisters will be most annoyed.

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How things look

by jdclyde In reply to Hmmm....

Actually, after the divorce discussion, I would say there are very few here that are not fully aware that I am not getting "some". Thanks anyways.

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The more

by maecuff In reply to Hmmm....

you spend your time pointing out that JD needs attention, the more needy YOU look.

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Everything is fine here in Eurma.

by NOW LEFT TR In reply to The more

But thanks for the point.

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Thank God it was only his name

by AV . In reply to JD's had a name change fo ...

For a minute there, I had a bad feeling. Mr. Quicky is not a good choice. I have a mop called Mr. Quicky. Its a great mop, but still . . .

Thank you Shellbot, I think you really made a difference for JD because his posts are back to JDClyde now.

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Was having to explain the change too much

by jdclyde In reply to Thank God it was only his ...

was easier to get some meds to extend the time. Had plenty to choose from out of my email coming in as I have been on the limp list for over a year it seems..... :0

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